Lots of sun, endless white sand beaches, great cuisine and a vibrant nightlife: these are certainly the activities that await you in caribbean. Increasingly sought after by tourists as it clearly contains one of the most beautiful diving regions in the world, the Caribbean also has a huge diversity of great hotels and resorts.

So, if you want to get to know this wonderful region without spending too much, check out our tips on beaches and islands that, despite being less explored, are not far behind other famous destinations in the region when it comes to natural beauty.

Cheap destinations in the Caribbean

Bocas del Toro – Panama

First, Bocas Del Toro, which is located in the northeast of Panama. The region is very rustic and has no hotel and resort chains. But, the ideal program when you are there is to know the different islands of the archipelago and dive in almost deserted and wonderful beaches.

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Bocas Del Toro - Panama

1. Photo: Disclosure

Isla de la Bahia – Honduras

This set of 3 islands in the Caribbean Sea, called Utila, Roatán and Guanaja, are part of Honduras.

The first two have cheaper rates, both for accommodation and for diving. That's because diving is the strong point of visiting the islands, as the region has an impressive marine life.

Isla de la Bahia - Honduras

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Islas del Maiz – Nicaragua

Comprised of two islands (Grande Isla del Maíz and Pequeña Isla del Maíz), the Islas del Maíz are better known as Corn Islands. The highlight of the place is, without a doubt, the cuisine, filled with lobsters, fish and marine delicacies.

But, if you are looking to isolate yourself for a while, enjoying quieter and deserted beaches, we definitely recommend Ilha Pequena.

Caribbean - Islas del Maiz - Nicaragua

3. Photo: Disclosure

Caye Caulker – Belize

Undoubtedly, it is the preferred destination for surfers and backpackers without much money in their pockets. This is because the island has hotels and inns with super affordable prices.

In addition, the attraction is on account of the famous Belize Barrier Reef, one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The local cuisine also draws attention with different types of fish, lobsters and lots of coconut water.

Caye Caulker - Belize

4. Photo: Disclosure

Punta Gallinas – Colombia

Finally, at the end of South America, heading towards Central America, is the island of Punta Gallinas, at the tip of the Guajira peninsula.

Punta Gallinas has dunes, cliffs and beautiful virgin beaches with calm waters in the Colombian Caribbean. Tourists sleep in small inns, accommodation for indigenous Wayúu people or in beach camps.

Punta Gallinas - Colombia - Caribbean

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