Discover some castles and palaces to visit in Portugal and be sure to include them on your next trip to this country

You castles and palaces to visit in Portugal are just some of the historic buildings that make the country so rich. Many of them date back to the Middle Ages, and it is not difficult to understand why they attract and delight thousands of tourists every year. After all, it is not anywhere that we can see up close the homes of kings and fortresses that still stand today.

There are more than 200 castles and palaces to see in Portugal, including those that are unfortunately in ruins and others that are not open to visitors, but before we present some of the most important, it is worth explaining the difference between them.

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When we talk about castles, we are basically referring to buildings erected as a form of protection and that have elements such as moats and walls. The palaces, on the other hand, had the function of housing noble families, so when visiting some of them we come across the luxury still maintained in architecture and furniture.

Marvão Castle

Photo: Inacio Pires / Wikimedia Commons

The imposing Marvão Castle is located in Alentejo, being considered one of the most beautiful castles in the entire region. Its location, which used to privilege the view of the border between Portugal and Spain, now allows tourists to admire an unparalleled view, in addition to walking along the walls and through impeccable gardens.

Sao Jorge's Castle

The Castelo de São Jorge is undoubtedly among the top castles to visit in Portugal. Located in Lisbon, its construction dates back to the 11th century, when it was intended to serve as a defense against enemy attacks, and today it receives tourists from all over the world, offering various activities and an incredible sunset overlooking the entire city.

Leiria Castle

Leiria was born around the Castle of Leiria, which is one of its main tourist attractions. As it could not be otherwise, the construction is located on a hill, allowing us to see the entire region from its wall.

Almourol Castle

Other castle to visit in Portugal is the Castle of Almourol. Although not so well known, it was essential to protect Tomar and, as it is located on a small island in the Tagus River, it makes the visit even more special.

Palaces to visit in Portugal:

Mafra Palace

Photo: Alvesgaspar

The magnificence of the Mafra Palace is not only found in its beauty, but also in its size, considering that there is an old church and a convent there. Must be visited during a trip to Portugal mainly for those who love books, since it keeps one of the most important libraries in the country.

Pena Palace

The German romantic style used in the construction of Palácio da Pena gave it a unique beauty, as imposing as that found in Parque da Pena, which is located in its surroundings. Among other points that attract tourists is the view of Sintra when visiting the palace.

Ajuda Palace

The Ajuda Palace is among the main palaces to visit in Portugal, having been the residence of the royal family since D. Luís I. Today the space receives several exhibitions, still preserving the decoration and details of the 19th century.

Matthew's house

Although its name may raise doubts, Casa de Mateus is also one of the important portuguese palaces. On a visit, discover the green gardens, cellar and chapel that make up the property. Inside the house, admire the Baroque style and the library, where there is a copy of the first edition of the classic Lusíadas.

Remembering once again that these are just a few castles and palaces to visit in Portugal. The country has hundreds of buildings of this type, in addition to other historically important ones, and on your trip it will be practically impossible not to know at least one of them.

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