Ceará Show rescues popular culture from Ceará through theater, music and dance is a must-see for anyone visiting Fortaleza

Traveling is not just about visiting beautiful places or resting. Even if the initial intention is mere leisure, getting to know a new destination is also an opportunity to expand our cultural background, getting closer to the history and customs of the chosen destination.

It is this rescue of memories, legends, stories and characters that the musical Ceará Show, a production of Beach Park Entertainment Group, gives as a gift to the public that visits Strength in a presentation full of sensitivity and humor. For tourists who want to expand their knowledge about Ceará, in addition to laughing and getting emotional, the show is an unmissable class.

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Ceará Show

theater in Ceará

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The plot presents Moa, a boy from Ceará whose childhood love, Cecilia, is about to move to the Southeast with your family. Deciding to leave with her, the boy ends up revealing the plan to his grandfather, Your Said, who begins to show his grandson all the wonders of Ceará.

In this trajectory, characters such as India Iracema, moacir (the first from Ceará), Sea Dragon, Jovita Feitosa, Your Lunga and Padim Ciço are revealed amidst lots of music, dancing and memorable scenes. The boy Moa rediscovers the value of his land and, together with him, the public is moved on this journey to rescue the faith and strength of the people of Ceará.

Ceará Show

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With an impeccable production, several sets, more than 70 costumes and sensory experiences, the musical also impresses by the team of 20 incredible artists, all from Ceará, who dance and interpret the songs of the talented composer. Rodrigo Maranhao, performed by a live band.

After the show, you'll leave the city with another look, much more empathetic and proud. Ceará Show, made by Fernando Cattony and directed by Silvio Guindane, is on permanent display at the Ceará Show Theater, which is very close to the Feirinha Beira Mar and takes place from Thursday to Saturday at 8 pm and on Sundays at 5 pm.

theater in Ceará

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Ceará Show o Musical
Ceará Show Theater – Av. Abolition, 2323 – Meireles
Phone: (85) 4012 3030
Thursday to Saturday at 20:00 / Sunday at 17:00

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