Ship designed by Celebrity Cruises features an innovative design with platform similar to a magic carpet floating on the sea

THE Celebrity Edge, a modern ship designed by Celebity Cruises, began its journey across the oceans in December. The initial voyage lasted seven days and departed from Fort Lauderdale, in Miami, with visits to Key West, Mayan Coast, cozumel and grand cayman.

The vessel is considered innovative because its installations converge on a concept of “mutation”, as the environments are in a day way and transform at night.

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With 15 floors and capacity for 2908 people, other points of the ship draw attention, such as an exclusive design, technological equipment and the “magic carpet”, a huge platform that resembles a flying carpet and moves through 13 decks providing a view unique to the ocean.

Check out some interesting facts about the Celebrity Edge.

It was designed by great names in architecture

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Tony Wright, the architect who designed the hotel in the shape of a sail Dubai, and the designers Nate Berkus and Kate Hoppen  personally and respectively assumed the architecture, decoration and interior design of the ship.

Features the “Magic Carpet”, a structure that goes up and down through 13 decks

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THE Celebrity Edge has a giant platform called magic carpet, which even resembles a huge flying carpet. The structure moves over 13 decks and has a full bar and space for live music. In addition, guests can enjoy a unique view, especially at sunset.

It has a rooftop with gardens

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Following the concept of nature, there is the Rooftop Garden, a pleasant and ideal environment to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. The garden also has unique attractions such as a giant chess game and live musical performances from treetop sculptures.

Created virtual gastronomic experience

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THE Celebrity Edge it has four main restaurants, two exclusive, seven specialty restaurants, five complimentary and 11 bars and lounges.

In addition, the ship gives life to the Le Petite Chef by Skullmapping – a 3D animated character that appears on guests' plates and presents each meal they are about to eat before their eyes.

Features martini glass-shaped bathtubs

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At the Edge Deck Resort, it is possible to relax and, at the same time, connect to the sea through an asymmetrical pool deck facing the exterior. The space also includes cabins and hot tubs shaped like a martini glass, sun loungers and bars.

Her godmother is Malala Yousafzai

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THE Celebrity Cruises named the 19-year-old, Malala Yousafzar, winner of Nobel Prize of Peace, as the ship's godmother Celebrity Edge.

In recognition of their work, the Celibrity Cruises partnered with the Malala Fund in order to encourage diversity, inclusion and gender equality.

Created an ultra-technological theater with rotating elements

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THE The Theater it has a main stage that extends towards the audience, creating the feeling of an arena theater. A two-way rotating platform rises nearly two meters above the stage to take performances to an innovative level.

Offers a suite with the same view as the captain

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THE Iconic Suite, the largest and most luxurious stateroom, it is positioned at the highest point of the ship, above the bridge, allowing guests to enjoy a view as privileged as the captain's.

THE Celebrity Edge continues its journey in 2019 and you can check the itinerary clicking here. She is the first of the Edge line and will be succeeded by three sister ships, with launches scheduled for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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