We discovered a chalet in the interior of São Paulo with high demand, surrounded by lots of nature, with a private pool in the room, perfect for special celebrations

Looking for a romantic place in the midst of nature and full of comfort to celebrate a special date? we discovered chalets with private pool in the bedroom in the interior of São Paulo that are perfect for those moments. 

The accommodation is located in the city of pity, less than two hours from the capital. Despite the city being a destination still little explored by tourists, the chalets are very popular and, to get a spot, it is necessary to book well in advance. And no less! Want to know why? Let's show you all about this amazing place!

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Discover these romantic chalets in the countryside of São Paulo 

Chalet in the countryside of São Paulo

Photos: Adorai Chalés / Publicity

Imagine staying in charming chalets in the mountains, surrounded by nature, full of comfort and exclusive amenities? so are the I love Chalets, located in the Altos da Serra de Paranapiacaba, in the city of Piedade, in the interior of São Paulo. 

The accommodations, in addition to being very romantic and cozy, offer all comfort and privacy to guests. There are seven chalets in an area of over 30,000 meters, each with an independent entrance and equipped with all the necessary items to make your stay special and unique. 

It's that kind of perfect place to rest and enjoy nature, but without giving up comfort and sophistication. Perfect for that romantic getaway, to celebrate special occasions and even to celebrate the honeymoon, the chalets were designed with a truly exclusive experience in mind. 

Chalet with private pool in the room: days of romance and rest

Chalet in the countryside of São Paulo

Photos: Adorai Chalés / Publicity

But how is the experience of staying in one of the Adorai Chalets? To give you an idea, some of the chalets offer a private heated pool with waterfall, industrial lighting, a gourmet area with a private barbecue, gas fireplace, King Size double bed and two smart TVs to watch your favorite series and movies.

In addition to all this, they are positioned in a safe environment, full of green on all sides - ideal for those who want to escape for a few days from the hustle of the city, relax and enjoy a pleasant landscape. The chalets are also pet friendly, meaning your pets can also enjoy amazing days. 

The accommodations are still equipped with private barbecue, microwave, stove, fridge and basic kitchen utensils so that guests can bring ingredients and prepare their own meal, with complete autonomy. 

For those who prefer, there are delivery options in the region that deliver pizzas, snacks or dishes. If you prefer to plan something more romantic, there is the option of purchasing breakfast baskets to be delivered to the chalets – this must be requested at the time of booking. 

Chalets in SP: learn how to book 

Chalet in the countryside of São Paulo

Photos: Adorai Chalés / Publicity

But, after all, how to book a stay at Adorai Chalés? For all the exclusivity and comfort they offer, the chalets are very popular with tourists and reservations are very popular. Because of this, to guarantee a date, it is necessary to book as far in advance as possible. To give you an idea, there are no more dates for those who want to stay in 2021

Adorai Chalets can be booked directly on the accommodation's website, which shows in detail what each chalet offers, as well as photos of each one. Daily rates start at R$490 and the amounts can be paid in up to four interest-free installments on the card. 

At the Official Chalet Instagram you can also follow more details and better understand everything they offer. 

Chalet in Piedade: how to get there and what to do in the city?

Chalet in the countryside of São Paulo

Photos: Adorai Chalés / Publicity

The city of Piedade is 150 kilometers from São Paulo and only 45 kilometers from Sorocaba. Departing from the capital, the route to the city can be taken along the Castello Branco highway. (SP-280) or by the Raposo Tavares Highway (SP-270), the latter being the fastest and most economical option. 

With a peaceful atmosphere and all the peace that the countryside has in store, the city offers many options for tours for those who appreciate nature. It is possible, for example, take walks and trails through the preserved forest that lead to several waterfalls. During the month of June, however, an attraction catches the attention of visitors: cherry trees from Japan begin to bloom and color the city in shades of pink. 

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I love Chalets
Altos da Serra de Paranapiacaba – Piedade – SP
Highway SP-79, Km 127.5 SP-79, Km 127.5
WhatsApp for reservations: 11 99767- 1844
Site: https://www.adoraichales.com.br/

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