The waterfall is hidden between an imposing canyon, as if it were a secret to be discovered. The water drops from a height of 46 meters forming a huge lake with icy waters.

THE Pedra Caída Complex is the main resort with attractions in Chapada das Mesas. In all, there are 25 waterfalls that can be visited in the space, in addition to swimming pools, accommodation services, a restaurant and adventure activities such as zip lines, riding a cable car and walking along trails to observe the beauties of the region.

Sanctuary Waterfall

THE Sanctuary Waterfall is the main attraction of the complex, to reach it, the tourist needs to walk for 600 meters in a self-guided wooden structure that guarantees safety. On the way, the bravest ones can walk on a suspension bridge that crosses a huge canyon, the less brave ones can have fun at the second stop that contains several waterfalls, which slide over the rock walls that form the canyon.

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In the last part of the way, visitors have to walk between the walls of the canyon with water up to their waist, for a few moments the enormous sound of the water flow is their only reference of the way. The Sanctuary Waterfall is hidden amidst the rocky walls, its huge drop plummets from 50 meters into a pool 1.5 meters deep. The huge splash stream generates a cloud of water through the air all the time, making it practically impossible to take a perfect photo.

Suspension bridge in the Pedra Caida Complex. Photo: Chapada William Miranda

Photo: Flickr – Iet_alberto

Trail that gives access to the Sanctuary Waterfall. Photo: Otávio Nogueira

Photo: Fabian Kron

Sanctuary Waterfall

Trail between the canyons of the region. Photo: Chapada William Miranda

Sanctuary Waterfall

Photo: Otávio Nogueira

Sanctuary Waterfall

Sanctuary Waterfall. Photo: Fabian Kron

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