Located in the Northeast of Goiás, next to Brasilia, a Veadeiros Plateau guards the largest portion of continuous cerrado in the world, guaranteeing the preservation of its special biodiversity. In addition, nestled at the highest point of the Central Plateau, at 1,700 meters of altitude, the plateau is full of waterfalls, natural pools, canyons and streams. Also known as Cradle of Waters, its immense walls sprout the springs of crystalline waters that make up the main basins of South America.

The entire region is located on an immense plate of quartz crystal, the oldest geological heritage on the continent, formed almost 2 billion years ago. The Cerrado biome is a mosaic of plateaus and valleys with several distinct plant formations that have exceptional biological wealth, being considered the savanna with the greatest biodiversity in the world. Certainly, a large number of fruits, plants with medicinal properties and diverse species of animals are found only in these regions.

Where to stay in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Alto Paraíso de Goiás

Firstly, the best known municipality of the chapada is Alto Paraíso de Goiás. 230 km from Brasília and 412 from Goiânia, the city is located at approximately 1,300 meters, located at the highest point of the Central Plateau.

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Alto Paraíso became known at the end of the 20th century, due to the presence of several mystical and esoteric groups, linked to spirituality, as well as practitioners of meditation, yoga, hippies and other movements who chose the place to live, not only because of its immense natural beauty and for being an ecological sanctuary, but also for being the “Heart Chácra of the Earth”, due to the immense underground sheet of crystals that exerts strong energy over the region - which, incidentally, is cut by the 14th parallel, the same of Machu Picchu in Peru. Therefore, the city could not fail to be full of mystique. After all, stories about flying saucers and extraterrestrial beings are common in the place.

The natural beauties of Alto Paraíso, which include gigantic canyons, rocky walls, crystalline rivers, waterfalls, natural pools and quartz mines, also attracted ecotourists, ecologists, scholars, entrepreneurs and adventurers, who started the development of the region that has among its Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, whose only entrance is in the village of São Jorge, located in the municipality of Alto Paraíso.

In addition, the city has an excellent infrastructure aimed at tourism with inns, hotels, farm hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias, handicraft shops, crystals and much more.

village of São Jorge

The village of São Jorge had its settlement started around 1912, by prospectors in search of quartz crystal. As a result, the abundance of the mineral attracted prospectors from various places, mainly from Bahia, who arrived in the region, thus forming a large camp called “Acampamento do Garimpão”.

On the other hand, São Jorge is famous for its sandy streets, the wonderful starry sky and the tranquility of the inhabitants of the small village. Visitation takes place throughout the year, peaking in July (high season), when the Meeting of Traditional Cultures of Chapada dos Veadeiros takes place, where cultural groups from all over Brazil meet.


Differently, Cavalcante has a basic structure of hotels, inns, campsites and restaurants. Tourism, mining and energy generation are its main activities, but without neglecting livestock, which has supported its residents for years. Finally, it is in the city that you will find the beautiful Cachoeira de Santa Bárbara, one of the most sought after in the region, without a doubt.

what to know

With 65,514 hectares, Chapada dos Veadeiros park is practically a Natural Amusement Park for those who love waterfalls, bathing and extreme contact with nature. Therefore, among the dozens of activities that the region offers, we have separated the activities most sought after by travelers.

Valley of the Moon

The name Valley of the Moon comes from the appearance of the place being similar to a lunar landscape. The small craters were excavated over millions of years by the friction of the water current directly on the rocks. Some curves where the rapids are stronger give rise to small eddies and funnels.

Moon Valley - Chapada dos Veadeiros

1. Photo: Comunica Extend

Valley of the Moon

2. Photo: Jorge Santos

Almécegas I and II

Located in Pousada Fazenda São Bento, 9 km from Alto Paraíso.

The Almécegas Stream runs through fields of flowers and buritizais, its most beautiful waterfall, Almécegas I, falls in the form of a bridal veil at 45 meters high into its pool of green waters. The place is perfect for rappelling.

Likewise, the Almécegas II Waterfall has a beautiful drop of 8 meters and a large well perfect for swimming.

Almécegas I - Chapada dos Veadeiros

3. Photo: Jorge Santos

Almécegas II

4. Photo: Gilson Tristan

Rio Preto window

North limit of Chapada dos Veadeiros, with fantastic views of the National Park, from where we have a frontal view of Saltos do Rio Preto, is a place of rare beauty. As a result of this, it is considered one of Chapada's postcards.

Rio Preto window

5. Photo: Gilson Tristan

little monkeys

A wonderful complex of waterfalls and green water wells, the three main waterfalls are: Cânion da Pedra Furada, Cachoeira da Caverna and Cachoeira dos Dois Saltos. Vale do Macaquinho is 50km from Alto Paraíso, and its road passes through the viewpoint of Vai do Paraná, where Chapada ends with a gap of 800m in height, a place, for sure, unforgettable.

little monkeys

6. Photo: Gilson Tristan

Monkeys - Chapada dos Veadeiros

7. Photo: Mayra Azzi

Leather Falls

It is, without a doubt, the most spectacular set of waterfalls, cascades, pools and walls that the region offers. The size of the fall and the volume of the water impress tourists who visit the falls, one of the most beautiful places on the plateau.

Couros Waterfalls - Chapada dos Veadeiros

8. Photo: Gilson Tristan

Santa Barbara

Located in the municipality of Cavalcante, the Santa Bárbara waterfall is 28m high and is considered one of the most beautiful in the region, due to its emerald green water with large pools.

Santa Barbara - Chapada dos Veadeiros

9. Photo: Isabela Nicoletti


Complex of seven wells with falls of unique beauty, characterized by their emerald waters.


10. Photo: Pedro Bonna


11. Photo: Wev's Brown

River Plate

Approximately 50 km from Cavalcante, passing through Chapada da Piteira, the River Prata has a beautiful setting with fields full of buritis and crystal clear waters.

River Plate - Chapada dos Veadeiros

12. Photo: Márcio Cabral

Sertão Zen

A tour suitable for those who are in good physical condition and enjoy sports close to nature. That's because the walk lasts about 7 hours, in a 15 km path through the cerrado of Goiás, passing through the Serra Geral do Paranã, at 300 meters high, to the source of the Macaco River. During the tour, it is possible to appreciate the beautiful landscape typical of the region, overlooking the plateau. Finally, the trail ends at the top of the 150-meter high waterfall, with a view of the giant quartzite walls.

Sertão Zen

13. Photo: Nova Origin

Sertao Zen - Chapada dos Veadeiros

14. Photo: CláudioSR

How to get

The closest airport to Chapada dos Veadeiros is Brasília. To do so, from the federal capital it is necessary to take a car or bus to Alto do Paraíso, 250 kilometers away, at the access to the BR 020. And then continue along the GO-118, the highway that leads to Alto Paraíso and passes through São Gabriel. and São João D'Aliança.

How to get around the park

From Alto Paraíso to Cavalcante, there are 82 kilometers on the paved GO-118 and GO-241. But, to get to know the waterfalls and viewpoints in the surroundings, you still drive a lot on dirt roads. From Alto Paraíso to São Jorge, there are 22 kilometers of asphalt and 14 kilometers of dirt along the GO-239.

In addition, it is possible to travel through the municipalities using daily buses that connect the three cities.

When to go

Finally, there is no single period suitable for tourists to visit the place. Well, you can visit all year round. In the dry season, for example, which runs from April to September, the volume of water in the waterfalls decreases. On the other hand, May is the busiest time of year and July is the busiest.

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