Some destinations are much cheaper depending on the time of year: see which are the places to travel in December and save

The year is almost over, and the month of December is the time when many people are able to take a vacation and, as a result, the prices of tickets and accommodation increase significantly. But don't worry, if you want to rest somewhere outside Brazil, you need to check the list of cheapest international destinations in december. The study was carried out by, taking into account the costs of accommodation, transport and attractions.

At that time, Pomegranate for example, it has 42% cheaper prices when we compare the other months of the year. the city of Harbor, in Portugal, to have a drop of 30% in the values of hotels, hostels and inns.

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Now if your idea is to travel around South America, be sure to visit the magical city of cusco, which also has values that fit the budget. Destinations in countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Bolivia, are usually much cheaper, precisely because they are countries where the cost of living is really low. We have already separated some amazing places worth visiting in South America.

THE Asia it's another really cheap continent, where there are luxury resorts and hotels for less than U$10 a day. Despite having tickets with more expressive values, traveling in the long term through the destination can be more economical. These and many other destinations can be visited in December, without having to blow your budget before the year starts.

Cheap international destinations to travel in December

Rome Italy

Photo: Walkerssk / Pixabay

visit the land of Vatican Christmas season has a special flavor, with decorated streets and a great possibility of seeing snow falling, scenarios like the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain and the beautiful historic Roman buildings gain an extra charm.

In every corner of the city you can see ancient monuments, creating a true living museum and an open-air gallery. There are so many attractions that you will want to come back to see everything the city has to offer. The best of everything? In December the values are much smaller smaller.

Dublin – Ireland

places to travel in december

Photo: ugglemamma / Pixabay

Winter temperatures in Dublin are very characteristic of the Nordic countries: enjoying the pubs, tasting some of the oldest beers in the world and seeing the streets covered in snow is a real delight.

The country's capital is full of attractions, the streets with beautiful gardens, charming shops, shops and bookstores. In addition to a busy bohemian life, the famous irish pubs are also very popular with tourists. Dublin is a relatively cheap European city when compared to other destinations on the old continent. In December, traveling there can guarantee great savings, prices are 40% cheaper compared to the most expensive month of the year.

Porto, Portugal

Cheap destinations in December. Photo: amurca / Pixabay

Harbor is one of main cities in Portugal, and is on the list of the cheapest to visit in December, with a value of 30% cheaper than in high season.

With a well-preserved historic centre, bars on the banks of the Douro River and famous wineries that serve the famous Port wine. These and many other activities will liven up the stay of anyone visiting the city.

Las Vegas – USA

places to travel in december

Photo: Mariamichelle / Pixabay

many think that Las Vegas, the fate of sin as it is popularly known, revolves only around attractions for adults. But what few people know is that all ages can have fun in the city. Enjoy activities at hotels, shows and theme parks. For adults: casinos and nightclubs set the scene for the city that never sleeps.  

At the Month of December, visitors can save up to 36% on Las Vegas hotel and tour costs.

Los Angeles – USA

Cheap international destinations. Photo: Free-Photos / Pixabay

Los Angeles, home to several music and movie stars, full of surprising places, setting for several films and television series. In Beverly Hills and Malibu it is possible to see the huge mansions or shop in the brand stores scattered along the main avenue. With so many things to see and experience, it will be difficult to choose the place that suits you best.

Another cool tip is that in December, Los Angeles is 23% cheaper compared to the most expensive month of the year.

Salta – Argentina

places to travel in december

Places to travel in December. Photo: danielpontin / Pixabay

Salta, is a small Argentine city of colonial heritage, with traditional houses in Northern Argentina. The city is located at an altitude of over 1,000 meters east of the Andes Mountains. Its landscape mixes deserts of red earth, mountains, valleys and much of Argentine tradition. The food, dancing and train ride to the La Puna region attracts even more visitors.

Choosing the month of December to discover these fascinating landscapes is 27% cheaper, according to a Booking survey.

Kanazawa – Japan

Cheap international destinations. Photo: raul1534 / Pixabay

If you love Japanese food and culture, you definitely need to visit Kanazawa, the seafood paradise! Some say that there is the best Sushi of the world. With a rich heritage and history, the city is still little explored by tourists, so when you visit the Ninja-dera Temple, you won't see a huge crowd wanting to take pictures of its magnificent architecture.

The value in this month of December (winter in Japan), can be 19% cheaper than the other months of the year.

Perth – Australia

Places to travel in December. Photograph; YourNewsUktv / Pixabay

With the sun always shining, Perth is one of the perfect places to explore more of the surroundings. From there you can visit the beautiful beaches of the coast, taste a craft beer in Freemantle or if you love good wine, don't miss Margaret River.

As in Brazil, Australia experiences the hot summer days in December, take the opportunity to enjoy the region even better with the high temperatures. In December it is 13% cheaper to travel to Perth compared to the most expensive month of the year.

Cusco – Peru

places to travel in december

Cheap international destinations. Photo: jdbenthien / Pixabay

The capital of the Inca Empire is one of the main destinations in Peru. The city serves as a base for the vast majority of tourists visiting Peruvian tourist attractions such as Macchu Picchu and Ollantaytambo.

Discover the riddles and feel the magic present in every corner of the stone city. With strategic location, 3400 m above sea level, good hotel structure and good restaurants please even travelers who want sophisticated places. Cusco is also very close to other archaeological sites, Machu Picchu it's just one of them. Want another tip? Traveling to Cusco in December is 20% cheaper compared to the most expensive month of the year.

Xi'an – China

Places to travel in December. Photo: XNHZ_681008 / Pixabay

Xi'an is one of those cities full of stories that have been marked in time. It is there that are the terracotta sculptures of millions of soldiers who were buried with the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, with the intention of protecting him from the afterlife. death. Although airfare prices are higher, December is the cheapest month to travel in China. In Xi'an, the difference is a savings of 31% at this time of year.

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