From Europe to America, countries that cost little to study

Doing an exchange is a unique experience, not only to put into practice a new language, but also to get to know new places, cultures and experience the routine in other countries. But it's not always easy, as spending time studying abroad can often come at a high price. That's why we've separated some tips and countries that can fit in your budget, and be one of the alternatives so that the dream of doing an exchange doesn't stay aside.

There are several program options for an exchange program and to save on the trip it is possible to choose destinations with a lower cost of living. Another way is to study in one period and work in the other, so you receive an amount that can help you pay the bills. Several programs and apps bring this experience, such as working at Disney through STB or CI exchange programs.

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Voluntary exchange is another option, they have a cheaper rate, with accommodation included and during the trip, in addition to learning the language, you will be helping those who need it, AIESEC is a specialist in this area.

Check out the list of places that can be cheaper to inspire you to plan your exchange:

St. Julian's – Malta

Photo: DorianPro / Pixabay

The island of Malta is still not the favorite destination for Brazilians, but this resort is one of the most sought after places by Europeans on summer vacations, due to its beautiful beaches and historic attractions. The cost of living in the region, even using the dollar as the official currency, is lower than in other European countries. Malta stands out as a destination that offers a lot of jobs while studying.

Cape Town – South Africa

Aerial View Sea Point

Cape Town is the most populous in the country, very similar to Brazil in terms of food and receptivity of the population. With the currency devalued compared to the real, it guarantees a lower cost of living. The beautiful natural landscapes and beaches, the options for tours are numerous, in addition to a busy nightlife. The English course options also make it easier to travel there, in addition to the country offering several voluntary exchange programs.

Portland – USA

Photo: Tony Webster / Wikimedia Commons

Leaving the most common destinations like Orlando and Los Angeles, even with the high dollar makes the USA a good exchange option. Portland, Oregon is a destination that keeps its cost of living cheap. The city enchants for its landscapes such as the beautiful mountains and gastronomy with the production of artisanal drinks.

Belfast – Northern Ireland

Photo: Andrew Hurley / Wikimedia Commons

The small town of Belfast, in Northern Ireland is a cheap English exchange alternative. With few Brazilians attending the region, immersion in the English language will be total. Daily activities in the region can be done on foot, reducing transport prices.

Playa del Carmen – Mexico

Photo: Carolyn Coles / Wikimedia Commons

Just an hour from Cancún, is the paradisiacal Playa Del Carmen. The destination is very little sought after by Brazilians to take the Spanish course, but Europeans and Americans have already chosen the place as a strong point to practice the language.

Malaga – Spain

Photo: BarbaraPhotoArt / Pixabay

The land of Pablo Picasso, brings students to a real experience with the Spanish language, far from the big urban centers. The advantage of the destination is the lower cost of living than other cities in the country, such as Madrid and Barcelona.

Bogota – Colombia

Photo: Felipe Restrepo Acosta / Wikimedia Commons

Do  exchange in Latin America is another incredible destination, they are cheap countries to travel and with many places to explore. Colombia, for example, is a perfect place to discover historical places and fascinating beaches.

Santiago – Chile

Photo: freejpg / Pixabay

Chile is a popular destination for Brazilians who want to travel cheaply. With incredible beauty, Chile has scenarios ranging from deserts to glacial areas. There will be no shortage of new cultures and surprising places to visit during your time in the country.

Brussels Belgium

Photo: dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay

With French as the official language, Belgium attracts exchange students from all over the world to participate in volunteer programs while attending French classes.

Geneva – Switzerland

Photo: hpgruesen / Pixabay

The city of Geneva, Switzerland, is a great destination for students of French who want to expand their cultural repertoire, as the city is home to museums and historic buildings.


Photo: microspider // FLickr

An archipelago in the Caribbean, Martinique is a French territory, but with a tropical climate, with paradisiacal beaches. In addition to studying the language, travelers can sign up for surfing and diving lessons.

Montreal – Canada

Photo: CC0 / Public Domain

In the same trip to train French and English, this is the proposal of Montreal. The city is the one with the highest concentration of citizens who speak French as their native language. The destination is highly sought after by exchange students, mainly because of the cultural options and due to its proximity to Toronto, it makes it possible to extend the course to also practice English, in Canada's largest city.  

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