Next year's Carnival has changed the dates and it's worth keeping an eye out for the next updates. That's why we've separated great suggestions for destinations to travel to cheap places in 2021

2020 was an unusual year around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic made everyone review travel plans and redo plans for the coming months and even years. For 2021, the news goes to the changes in the events calendar. Carnival, for example, is not scheduled to take place in the first quarter of the year, but in June.

This is a decision that has been taken by several destinations that are interested in eradicating the spread of Covid-19 with the arrival of the vaccine. Only in this way will it be possible to resume those agglomerations that only Carnival knows how to offer. However, those who do not enjoy large crowds may also have new plans to travel far from large urban centers. 

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Many destinations are already being searched for precisely for June, a period that, in addition to this festive period, also involves the beginning of the school holidays, ideal for those who plan to travel with the family to enjoy the best when it comes to more isolated destinations, being able to extend a few more days in your trip. 

A perfect option are trips to relax in nature, which offer, in addition to peace and tranquility, an extensive list of sports activities and natural attractions. 

Cheap places to travel at Carnival

Obviously, after a troubled year like 2020, the financial issue has become even more pronounced. However, it is possible to carry out really cheap tourist itineraries over the next year. And to show that, we've separated ten trips that fit in your pocket and are perfect for escaping the crowds and relaxing in nature. Check out!

handsome (MS)

Photo: Marcel Favery / Wikimedia Commons

With accommodation starting at R$ 77, the city is considered the main floating destination in the country. And, in June, above all, the municipality has lower temperatures and colder water, making the visitation even more exclusive. In addition, with the less constant rains, it is even possible to swim with the fish without the fuss. It's really tempting to enjoy a period of recess floating amidst the green waters of Bonito, isn't it? Over there, the great attraction is to contemplate nature and enjoy all that the vegetation of Bonito has to offer.

Santa Cruz de Cabralia (BA)

Photo: Pxhere

20 kilometers from Porto Seguro, the city is far from the party, precisely because of its more discreet way. The destination, which offers daily rates from R$ 60, has calm water beaches, ideal for a family trip with small children. Praia da Coroa Vermelha, for example, is one of the local highlights, as it is, according to studies, the exact spot where Pedro Álvares Cabral landed in 1500. 

Bulls (RN)

Photo: Fábio Pinheiro WIkimedia Commons

Touros is a well-known city, especially when it comes to combining natural beauty and low cost in Rio Grande do Norte, as it is among the most popular places in the Northeast, including Carnival. With accommodation facilities starting at R$ 86, the municipality is close to another excellent option, São Miguel do Gostoso. There, tourists can complete their itinerary enjoying the long stretches of white sand and its crystalline waters, perfect for a moment of leisure and rest, despite the typical revelry of the season. 

Saquarema (RJ)

Photo: Cleo Fernando Martins Machado / Wikimedia Commons

Very famous for those who love to practice sports, Saquarema is known as the surfing capital in Brazil. But don't believe that the destination is just for surfers. Tourists can take the opportunity to enjoy the region's beaches, watch the sportsmen and still make a cultural tour, passing by the Nossa Senhora de Nazareth church and the Temple of Rock. 

Aracati (CE)

Photo: Victorian Jr. / Wikimedia Commons

Who has never heard of the famous Canoa Quebrada? The destination of Ceará is located in Aracati, coast of the northeastern state. There, visitors have easy access to the diverse local landscapes, including its dunes and cliffs. Its crystalline waters, which extend along the coastline, are perfect for recharging your energies and taking that break from your routine. 

Guarapari (ES)

Photo: Masajualves / Wikimedia Commons

Moqueca Capixaba is the gastronomic image of Espírito Santo. And do you have any idea where you can find one of the best versions of the recipe? In Praia do Meaípe, in Guarapari. The city has 30 beaches to visit and have fun. That's why she not only conquers with her eyes, but also holds visitors by the stomach. 

Barra dos Coqueiros (SE)


15 kilometers from Aracaju is Barra dos Coqueiros, destinations with charming beaches and lush landscapes, including views of the capital of Sergipe during sunset. The destination has a complete structure for tourists and, in June, the destination usually has a less intense flow of visitors, perfect for those who want to escape the crowds during the 2021 Carnival. 

Viscount of Mauá (RJ)

Photo: / Wikimedia Commons

The village in Serra do Mantiqueira is well known, but it still manages to have an air of exclusivity that only it knows how to offer. This is also due to the difficulty in accessing the city, since the itinerary has winding roads and reaches an altitude of 1,300 meters. But don't be scared. The municipality is still warm and welcoming, ideal for more romantic and adventurous couples who do not miss out on a good opportunity to explore the ecotourism of each place. 

Itacaré (BA)

Photo: gustavoboulhosa / Wikimedia Commons

A few kilometers from Ilhéus, the city of about 27,000 inhabitants is perfect for surfers and visitors who love to discover paradisiacal landscapes – which cannot be left out of the posts on social networks. There are incredible beaches, such as Itacarezinho, Havaizinho, Resende, Tiririca and Costa e Ribeira, as well as restaurants and bars, which are responsible for the city's nightlife. 

Jalapão (TO)

Photo: Filipe gonzaga ferreira / Wikimedia Commons

Jalapão is not a city in itself, but a union of five conservation units in Tocantins. Therefore, it is the ideal alternative for those who, in fact, are looking for nature destinations to escape the 2021 Carnival crowds. In June, there is not much rain, which makes the waterfalls and natural pools inviting for a good bath. There are some places that are only accessible by suitable vehicle. Therefore, the advice is to plan the itinerary well and keep an eye on the necessary tools for a perfect trip. 

The tips for cheap places to travel in nature are over, but we believe that the will to travel is not. So, take note of the tips above and plan now to travel during the next Carnival and with the most affordable prices possible. Have a good time!

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