We list several beautiful and cheap destinations to travel in Brazil. So choose yours now and include it in the script!

No matter your travel style, our country certainly beautiful destinations and they manage to please everyone. But when we talk about price or cheap places to travel in Brazil, there is no exact rule. It all depends on the way you travel, what your preferences are, how many people you travel with and even the season you choose.

Anyway, there are destinations where the costs end up being more affordable, much of it, due to the local cost of living. To help those who are looking for cheap destinations to have an amazing experience, but still manage to save money, we have separated a selection of 17 tips for cheap places to visit in Brazil.

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Sao Luis Maranhão
São Luís and Lençóis Maranhenses script

Photo: Secretary of Tourism São Luís

Porta dos Lençóis Maranhenses, this is a really economical and surprising trip for those who want to know a different route in the Northeast of Brazil.

The vibrant island of São Luís, capital of Maranhão, well symbolizes the cultures that mix the beginning of the Northern Region of Brazil, immensely influenced by the Amazon, with the end of the Northeast Region. The island is the last capital of the northeast and in its biome, a mixture of landscapes and beaches, with mangroves and fishing culture bathed in history and curiosities.

The historic center of São Luís shows a little of this past rich in colonial architecture, designed by the Dutch, French and Portuguese. The latter even marked the city with beautiful tiles and mansions that survive to this day. 

Arraial do Cabo – RJ

Photo: Thiago Freitas / MTUR

Much colder, but with a color that refers to the Caribbean. This is undeniable. All this without leaving Brazil, without a doubt, that's how Cable camp. Initially discovered by people who practiced diving, this crystalline sea in different shades of blue and white sand is located in the Lagos Region, in Rio de Janeiro. 

Among the must-see activities are the beaches of Pontal do Atalaia, the small trail to Praia do Forno, Praia dos Anjos, a crossing point where the boats leave and Praia do Farol, on an island, available for those who take the tours. of boat.

To save money, in Arraial do Cabo it is also easy to find vacation homes, Airbnb, hostels and campsites. If the idea is to save even more, another option is to stay in Cabo Frio, which is very close.

Tamandaré - PE

Photo: Luis Lins / Wikimedia Commons

With several options of hotels and apartments for the season, tamandaré, in Pernambuco, is a destination that, for sure, cannot be left out of your itinerary.

With exuberant natural pools, the destination is still close to other wonders of the Northeast, such as the beaches of Carneiros, Campas, Pontal do Lira and Boca da Barra. Finally, tamandaré It is a very accessible destination among the coveted beaches of the region.

Mundaú - CE

Photo: Gustavo Albano

At Mundaú beach, in Ceará, tourists can have fun on the several zip lines spread along the beach or even take a boat ride along the coast enjoying the beautiful reddish dunes along the way.

São Miguel do Gostoso – RN

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr

Practically deserted beaches are some of the unmissable points of São Miguel do Gostoso, in the large northern river. That's because the charming village offers rustic accommodation and an incredible sunset that can be enjoyed on a walk along the beachfront.  

Bento Goncalves – RS

Photo: nathsegato / Pixabay

The Brazilian lives not only from the beach. known as the land of wine and good gastronomy, Bento Gonçalves, in the heart of Serra Gaúcha, certainly enchants all tourists.

So, when you're there, don't forget to visit Vale dos Vinhedos or visit nearby towns such as Gramado.

In addition, the trip from Maria Fumaça to the municipality of Carlos Barbosa is another charming option.

João Pessoa – PB

Photo: Jailsoncoutinho / Wikimedia Commons

THE Paraíba is still little explored by Brazilian tourists. With beautiful beaches and an average price that is more affordable than in other regions of the Northeast, João Pessoa is an alternative to traveling on a budget.

Walk along the boardwalk beaches of Cabo Branco, Tambaú and Manaíra and spending the day in Coqueirinho, on the south coast of Paraíba, are tours that, without a doubt, cannot be missed on your list.  

Florianopolis - SC

Photo: Caio Vilela / MTur

One of the most sought after places in southern Brazil, Florianópolis is also a stronghold for foreigners coming from South America. As it is a city with a vast coastline, there are plenty of options for tours and accommodation. Visiting the famous beaches of Joaquina, Jurerê Internacional and Campeche are mandatory items in the itinerary.

Marajo Island - PA

Photo: Bruna Brandão / MTur

THE largest fluviomarine archipelago in the world, the island located at the mouth of the Amazon River is a stronghold in the middle of nature. Among the activities are the ride on the traditional buffaloes, watching the flock of birds, alligators and venturing out on a walk through the forest that ends with an exciting rafting.

Finally, to reach this paradise it is necessary to carry out a small catamaran trip departing from the capital Belém.

Boipeba Island – BA

Photo: Danielle Pereira / Wikimedia Commons

Strip of white sand with crystal clear water, great for snorkeling and diving among the colorful fish. Boipeba Island is a true rustic and peaceful paradise, perfect to send stress away.

Maceio Alagoas

Photo: Marco Ankosqui / MTur

Maceió offers an excellent structure for tourism and numerous tours to take. Surprisingly, it's a hospitable and affordable destination where warmth is present year-round. The capital of Alagoas has paradisiacal beaches, surrounded by coconut trees and natural pools.

Chapada dos Guimarães – MT

Photo: Flavio André / MTur

THE Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, formed by caves and waterfalls, is ideal for spending time fully immersed in nature. This is because the various ecological trails lead to indescribable attractions such as the viewpoint at the Geodesic Center, the Véu de Noiva Waterfall and the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

Vitória - ES

Photo: Fernando Madeira / MTur

Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, is one of the three capital islands of Brazil. With a lot of history, it is one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1551. As a result, the place still maintains several patrimonies, such as the Anchieta Palace, the Church of São Gonçalo and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Cavalcante – GO

Photo: ndré Azevedo Praude / Wikimedia Commons

One of the most beautiful regions of the Midwest, Cavalcante attracts visitors because of its beautiful waterfalls, such as Cachoeira da Capivara and the Santa Barbara waterfall, located in the Kalunga do Engenho II community. On a trail of approximately 1 km, on the way it is possible to swim in the immense natural pool with green and calm waters of Poço do Peixe Frito.

Manaus – AM

Photo: Ana Claudia Jatahy / MTUR

The feeling of knowing one of the largest biomes in the world, the Amazon Rainforest is a unique experience. Well, when visiting manaus, tourists can have a unique contact with nature and get to know different cultures, in addition to spectacular cuisine.

Arembepe Beach – BA

Photo: Ben Tavener

The beaches of the village of Arembepe are home to a hippie village that survives from the sale of handicrafts and manioc. Its paradisiacal beaches are made up of golden sand dunes, natural pools and crystal clear lagoons.

Tiradentes – MG

photo: Pedro Vilela / MTur

Finally, a small, calm town, with a lot of history and about architectural works. Tiradentes attractions are concentrated in the Historic Center of the city. Therefore, walking through its cobblestone streets is the best option to discover all its tourist attractions, such as the Largo das Forras and Church of Saint Anthony.  

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