Looking for a national destination to travel as a family during the holidays? Check out a list of cheap places to travel with children in Brazil

Holidays are the most awaited time of year for all families, as most of them get together and decide to go on a big trip. If you have children, for sure the destinations need to be animated or at least have some kind of entertainment, the months of July, January and December require special programming.

But often these tours turn out to be much more expensive than expected. Don't worry, we've prepared a guide with tips from Cheapest places to travel with kids in Brazil, where you will be able to choose the place that best pays to spend your vacation, in addition to discovering the destinations that the country has to offer. check a lList of cheap places to travel with kids:

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Photo: Papa Pic / Flickr

Where: Santa Catarina

Why visit?

Most children are very fond of beaches, so Florianopolis is one of the best destinations that fits in your pocket. The place has famous beaches, with boat trips and deep contact with nature, remembering that you can take your family to visit the Tamar project and merge travel with a little education.


Photo: Dan – Lots of Travel

Where: Rio Grande do Norte

Why visit?

In addition to offering beautiful beaches, the great fort of Christmas they are the dune buggy rides. As the entire route is made by buggy, a different style of car that expands the sight of tourists, children will certainly be entertained.


Photo: Marcos Maurilio Ribeiro / Flickr

Where: Alagoas

Why visit?

Other place to travel with children in Brazil It's Maceió. If you and your family are looking for fun but at the same time relaxing places, this is the destination for you. The city offers beaches with super choppy waters, which attract a lot of surfers, but it also has calm waters, almost open-air swimming pools.

Port of Chickens

Cheap places to travel with kids in Brazil

Cheap places to travel with kids in Brazil. Photo: Cleferson Comarela / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Pernambuco

Why visit?

Another destination with beautiful beaches is port of chickens, the place offers a great influence of nature, so some beaches have special tours to see the Sea horses that inhabit the region. If you and your family also like a little more adventure, why not give it a try. buggy rides by the edge?

Cable camp

Cheap national destinations to travel with children in Brazil. Photo: Marinelson Almeida / Flickr

Where: Rio de Janeiro

Why visit?

The city of Cable camp has several benefits in addition to its beautiful beaches. The region is located near Cabo Frio and Búzios, if you are thinking of exploring further the Rio de Janeiro state with your family, why not try a day trip?


Cheap national destinations to travel with children. Photo: Marcelo Braga / Flickr

Where: Sao Paulo

Why visit?

The city of sprouts has a multitude of activities more radicals. If you and your family like a more adventurous approach to your travels, this is the ideal place, as it is possible to visit Adventure Park and explore waterfalls and trails and many other ecoparks Of region.

San Sebastian

Cheap national destinations to travel with children. Photo: Victor Lopes / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Sao Paulo

Why visit?

During the holidays, one of the Cheapest places to travel with kids in Brazil is the city of San Sebastian. The place has a multitude of famous beaches, such as salty sea and Juquehy. In this environment, children can have fun at sea and participate in activities such as the banana split, and who knows, enjoy a jet ski tour.


Photo: nathsegato / Pixabay

Where: Paraná

Why visit?

If on this vacation you intend to give a variety and leave the beaches a little aside, a great destination is the city of Curitiba. The place has one of botanical gardens most famous in Brazil, as well as a touch of history, such as the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Embaú Guard

Cheap places to travel with kids in Brazil. Photo: Vinicius Cruz / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Santa Catarina

Why visit?

one more great family vacation destination It's Embaú Guard, which offers beautiful beaches, some of which can only be found after a trail, as is the case of little beach. Furthermore, the famous Vulture stone, which has a panoramic view of the region, is also accessed by trail.


Cheap places to travel with kids

Photo: Leo Rey / Flickr

Where: Rio de Janeiro

Why visit?

One of the great attractions of Rio de Janeiro in the months of January and December is the region of Búzios. To entertain the children, there is nothing better than visiting some beaches and taking schooner and speedboat rides in the surroundings. The place is also close to the city of Rio, so why not plan your trip with a tour of the state in mind?

green Hill

Cheap places to travel with kids

Cheap national destinations to travel with children. Photo: Msadp06 / Wikimedia Commons

Where: Minas Gerais

Why visit?

the municipality of green Hill is considered one of the highest in all of Brazil, so it's a great place to visit in june vacation, in the cold, with the family. The place offers many activities for children, such as ice skating, walks in quads, zip lines and many adventures in the middle of the woods.

Bento Gonçalves

Cheap places to travel with kids in Brazil. Photo: nathsegato / Pixabay

Where: Rio Grande do Sul

Why visit?

Another destination for those who are tired of beaches is Bento Gonçalves. The region has a more cultural and rustic touch, as it offers the famous Valley of the Vineyards, where it is possible to know a little more about the wine production process since the harvest. Therefore, it is considered one of the Cheap places to travel with children in Brazil, considering the whole educational issue.

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