An ecotourism destination, Ilha do Mel is one of the most sought after spots on the coast of Paraná.

To get to Honey Island it is necessary to take a ferry from Paranaguá with a duration of two hours of crossing. With 35 km of beautiful beaches, the island has 90% of its area under environmental protection and has limited access to five thousand people per day, making it a true paradise for Ecotourism lovers.

Get ready for days of tranquility and peace, in small villages with sandy streets where cars are prohibited, relax on beaches with clear water and discover the dozens of natural attractions that the island offers. Check out these photos of Ilha do Mel and start planning your next vacation:

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Photo: Diego Prado

Photo: Giovani Carneiro

Photo: Glecio Cavaleri

Foo: flickr – jackycpf

Photo: flickr – JR1994

Photo: Kendy Fujita

photo: Luiz Boza

Photo: Marcos Guerra

Photo: Mari Pacheco

Photo: flickr – natanchor

Photo: Sergio Goncalves

Photo: Thiago Kunz

Photo: Vivi Alberton

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