Looking for a destination to enjoy Christmas in Brazil? We separate 8 charming destinations to enjoy the most magical time of the year

Christmas is coming and decorating cities across Brazil. Lights, cribs, parades and presentations take care of some destinations that are even more charming during this time of year. In addition, to accompany the decorations, these places still offer an extensive program to entertain adults and children.

Are you looking for a charming place to enjoy Christmas in Brazil? We have separated 8 cities to enjoy the atmosphere of the most magical time of the year.

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Curitiba - PR


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The capital of Paraná becomes even more beautiful with the arrival of Christmas. Lights decorate the facades of buildings, as well as cribs, garlands and colorful ornaments. Christmas trees can also be found in the city's main tourist attractions, such as the Birigui Park and the Botanical Garden. However, those who go to the city willing to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere must check out the performances of the “Children's Choir of Palácio Avenida”, on the sidewalk of Rua XV. Curitiba's main Christmas attraction, the show brings together more than 100 children who sing Christmas carols with their voices.

Lawn - RS


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There is not the slightest possibility of talking about Natal in Brazil and not mentioning Gramado. To give you an idea, the famous “Christmas Luz” is the biggest celebration of the date in South America. The Brazilian city with European airs receives several decorations, shows, parades and spectacles that enchant visitors for days. The party start date changes every year, but usually happens from December to mid-January. There are free presentations and more elaborate ones restricted to the paying public. However, one thing is certain: everyone will be delighted with this great party.

Campos do Jordão – SP


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Campos do Jordão gains an extra magic during Christmas, when its charming Swiss-style streets are adorned by thousands of little lights. Tourist spots such as Abernéssia, the city's portal, and Praça do Capivari, a trendy neighborhood, receive a special decoration. But beyond the decorations, the city of São Paulo also offers an intense program of cultural events in its “Christmas of Dreams”. There are shows, shows and ceremonies that combine perfectly with the typical chill of Serra da Mantiqueira.

Penedo – RJ


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The only Finnish colony in Brazil, Penedo is the Brazilian home of none other than Santa Claus. Needless to say, Christmas there is special, right? The city, which is already charming at any time of the year, gains a special joy during Christmas celebrations with its most famous resident. In addition, various decorations, giant trees, lights and other decoration items take care of “Little Finland”, as the charming center is known.

Monte Verde – MG



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Amidst the incredible mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira, in Minas Gerais, there is also a city that is among the best for those who want to enjoy Christmas in Brazil. The charming and romantic Monte Verde is all lit up during Christmas celebrations. In addition, the Christmas Festival in the city offers parades on the main avenue on weekends with fireworks. There are also ballet performances and Santa Claus parades, who go by accompanied by other characters.

Petrópolis - RJ


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The city of emperors in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro offers a Christmas celebration full of pomp and fun. The so-called “Imperial Christmas” brings special decorations and lighting that further adorn the historic city center. Those who want can also check out several themed shows and shows that are offered in a special schedule. Don't miss the Palácio de Cristal, which, at this time of year, becomes Santa's house with activities for the whole family.

Blumenau - SC

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In addition to several attractions that rescue its strong German influence, Blumenau offers a separate show for those who love to celebrate Christmas. There are decorations, parades, lights and lots of joy that fill its streets. Playful attractions and Christmas experiences for all ages are offered, especially in Vila Germanica Park, stage of the famous and traditional Oktoberfest. In addition, what is known as “Christmas Magic” is a themed parade where more than 400 characters surprise the public in dozens of allegories. 

Cinnamon - RS


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The charming city of Rio Grande do Sul is not far behind its neighbor Gramado when it comes to celebrating Christmas. This is because the “Canela Christmas Dream” offers more than 250 shows for visitors, including shows, parades, theatrical performances and choirs. Apart from that, the imposing Cathedral of Pedra de Canela with its Gothic style is all lit up during the shows, gaining a special decoration this time of year. Thus, celebrating Canela is a great option to celebrate Christmas in Brazil.

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