A cozy atmosphere, with calm interior airs and a lot, but a lot of charm, this is the perfect combination to describe Lower leg, one of the most sought after cities on the route of Serra Gaúcha, at the Rio Grande do Sul. Facing low temperatures is the favorite attraction of most tourists, who love to visit the place during the winter, to enjoy even more the mountains and the exuberance of nature, which is even more beautiful in the cold.

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Lower leg

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Just 120 km from the capital, Porto Alegre, Lower leg It is one of those destinations that offer a great diversity of tours. As it is next door to Gramado, some options can take you to places in both cities, as is the case with BusTour, a hop on hop off bus, which makes life easier for tourists. There are stops at the main attractions and everyone who buys the ticket to get on the transport chooses where to disembark. It is perfect for those who have few days, as it is a quick and practical way to visit what is most important. 

For an amazing view of Lower leg, the aerial cable cars provide a privileged view of the city's sights. There are 840 meters of route with three contemplation stops, to see from above the Cascata do Caracol, located in a natural reserve of the municipality and the main postcard of the region. To give you an idea, the waterfall is 131 meters high and is impressive. It can also be seen at a viewpoint, which is inside the Parque Estadual do Caracol, where there are still trails and contact with fauna and flora to venture even further, with a dose of history, when visiting Castelinho Caracol, one of the first houses in the city that rescues the customs of German immigrants.

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Continuing on the nature walks, Ferradura Park is another one that cannot be missed on your itinerary through Canela. It is a space with many trails, trees, animals that provide that moment to breathe fresh air. In addition, it is perfect for travel photos, as it has spectacular landscapes and viewpoints. It gets its name because it is crossed by the Santa Cruz River, which has a horseshoe shape when seen from afar. 

Another option for those who want to continue admiring the mountain scenery is the skyglass, the largest cable-stayed platform in the world and the first steel and glass platform in Latin America. It is located in the middle of nature and at the top of its 360 meters the view is unique. 

Canela also guarantees a lot of fun for the whole family, with the Alpen Park, an amusement park that offers attractions for all ages. Among them, the sled stands out, which awakens the adrenaline of the visitors, as it can reach up to 40 km/h and the 50m high zip lines, to enjoy the exuberant landscape of the Serra Gaúcha. And, of course, there are also toy options for younger children. 

For those who want to take a trip to the most ancient times, the Steam World It's the perfect tour in Canela, because there people get to know the steam engines that transformed the history of humanity. The tour passes through different continents and shows how each country was impacted by these inventions. There are a number of industrial-age attractions, steel mill, scale models, paper mill and hydroelectric power plant.

Lower leg

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