Filled with palaces, castles, churches and historic cities, the Poland has been attracting more and more tourists in search of its rich culture and beautiful scenery that reminds us of fairy tales. Bordering with very touristy countries like Germany and the Czech Republic, Poland has easy access to the main European cities and can be a great tourist destination if you want to know a less explored side of Europe.

Marked by the shadow of World War II, the country was forgotten in the tourist business for many years. Today Poland offers a complete structure for tourists and cities like Warsaw, Krakow and the small Wadowice – birthplace of Pope John Paul II.

Cities to visit in Poland


The capital Warsaw, located on the banks of the Vistula River, was completely destroyed during the Second World War, as portrayed in the award-winning film The Pianist, by Roman Polanski, but over time it was rebuilt to the smallest detail and today its historic center (Stare Miasto) is a Heritage Site. of Humanity by UNESCO and offers attractions such as palaces, museums, restaurants and cafes scattered along the streets, as well as an efficient transport system.

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cities in poland

cities in poland



  • Lazienki Park – Main park in the city, it has paths for long walks and houses Lazienki Palace right in front of a wonderful lake.
  • Old Town – Surrounded by bars and restaurants, the old town is made up of several buildings with typical architecture, an ideal place to visit on foot.
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum – The Museum shows the whole story of how the Polish people rose up after the attacks of World War II.
  • Krakowskie Przedmiescie – Warsaw avenue that connects the old and new city, full of palaces, churches, beautiful hotels, bars and parks.
  • Castle Square – Castle Square is one of the main attractions of the city. Totally destroyed during the Second World War, it was completely rebuilt and is right in front of the main square of the old town.
  • Basilica of Saint John the Baptist – The oldest church in Warsaw, built in 1339.


Known as the jewel of Poland, the romantic Krakow enchants with its more than 1000 years of history. The city was once the capital of the country and capital of the Nazi general government during World War II. According to legend, Krakow was built on top of a cave that the body of the dragon slain by the mythical king Krak. Traditionally, the city is one of the main centers of academic, cultural and artistic life in Poland and one of the most important economic centers, receiving the title of European Capital of Culture in 2000.

cities in poland


cities in poland


  • Wawel Cathedral – Located on the same hill as Wawel Castle, the beautiful cathedral houses the bodies of Kings Sigismund I and II.
  • Market Square – Large place where you can find several restaurants, around it, in addition to some tourist attractions.
  • Cidade Velha – One of the most visited spots in the country, the old town is home to medieval mansions and historic churches. The site was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978.
  • Basilica of Santa Maria – One of the main postcards of the city, the church has Gothic architecture and every hour it plays a clarinet sound played at the top of the tower.
  • Kazimierz – Jewish quarter of the city.
  • Wieliczka Salt Mines – Popular walk 15 km from the city where there are dozens of sculptures made of salt, including a complete church, which took about 30 years to complete.


poznan is the 5th largest city in Poland and was the birthplace of the Polish state, being the first capital of Poland. Its name means "to meet", they say that the name was given to the reunion between 3 brothers who had not seen each other for a long time and the meeting took place where the city is today. In honor of this day, they named the city and it was from this event that Poznan and Poland were born.

cities in poland

cities in poland




Located in the province of Pomerania, the port city of Gdansk it has Germanic, Dutch and Flemish architectural influences. interesting sights. The city also has preserved fortifications, rated as the largest in Europe, a well-known destination in the country and a great stopover option if you are looking to explore Poland.

cities in poland


cities in poland


  • Church of Santa Maria – Largest church made of bricks in Europe, with a capacity for 35 thousand people.
  • Oliwa Cathedral – Built between the 13th and 18th centuries with a length of 107 meters, the cathedral is the largest church in Poland.
  • Artus Court – Formerly used as a meeting place for merchants and a center of social activity in the past. Today, it is a point of interest for numerous visitors and a branch of the Gdansk History Museum.
  • Gdansk National Museum – Located in a former Franciscan convent, it was built in the late 15th century Gothic style. This museum opened in 1872 and works of art from that era still form the core of the collections.

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