Beaches, culture and a lot of history, find out what the best cities in the interior of Pernambuco have in store

THE Brazilian Northeast attracts many tourists in search of paradisiacal beaches and very hot and in Pernambuco, that's what you have to spare! We've separated some tips on eight cities that are worth a visit (not just one, but several).  

Best cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco

Port of Chickens 

chicken harbor

Photo: Gustavocrocha / Wikimedia Commons

Port of Chickens is one of the most sought after destinations in Pernambuco when it comes to beach and sea bathing. With crystal clear sea, the coast is full of natural pools, with a wide variety of marine animals.

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The site is 50 km from the capital and is part of the municipality of Ipojuca. The main beaches in the region are: Praia da Vila de Porto de Galinhas, with more structure and close to the center; Praia de Muro Alto, Praia do Cupe, Pontal do Cupe and Maracaípe and Serrambi, the furthest away.

One of the most popular attractions is the buggy tour that visits all the beaches in the region from end to end. The raft ride cannot be left out either, with the boat it is possible to visit the natural pools that form at low tide. It's eye-popping! 


cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco

Best cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco. Photo: Paulo Humberto / Wikimedia Commons

Necktie is also known as the Switzerland of Pernambuco, a destination that is 82 km from Recife and has a differential: the region is very popular for the practice of ecotourism and extreme sports.

THE downtown Gravatá It is full of history and has a charming architecture, with European airs and super colorful houses. Don't forget to visit the main church, the municipal market and, of course, the furniture center to look for some old furniture. In the adventure itinerary, include some trails and waterfalls, such as Cachoeira da Palmeira, with waterfalls, spouts and natural pools; Serra do Contente trail to discover the beauties in the middle of the Atlantic Forest and Alto do Cruzeiro and Pedra Branca that guarantee a breathtaking view! 



Photo: Marinelson Almeida / WIkimedia Commons

Known as one of the 7 Wonders of Pernambuco, the municipality of Beautiful, which is 140 km from Recife, offers attractions for tourists in search of adventure and rest, also due to its peaceful interior city climate.

The Véu da Noiva Waterfall is a mandatory stop, not only because it is the largest and most famous in the region, but also because of its view: it is 32 meters high, ideal for those who like to practice zip lining or rappelling.

Pedra Redonda and Barra Azul and Paraíso waterfalls are perfect for those seeking contact with nature, but with tranquility. Don't forget to take the cable car ride, considered the largest in the Northeast, to have a 360° view of the entire city. 

Itamaraca Island

cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco

Best cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco. Photo: Hans von Manteuffel / Wikimedia Commons

Located 45 km from Recife, a Itamaraca Island It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Northeast due to its natural beauty. Its most famous points are Sossego Beach and Enseada dos Golfinhos, great for relaxing and enjoying the beach atmosphere.

B.Cplane's gold also worth a visit, it is a small island surrounded by vegetation and great for bathing. For travelers who don't miss an adventure, A Lagoa Azul is the ideal place, where you can go zip lining, pedal boat rides and kayaking.

Another option for those who want to spend the day is Praia de Jaguaribe, which has an excellent infrastructure of bars and restaurants.


cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco

Photo: Vanessa Lima / Wikimedia Commons

Maybe you've never heard of tamandaré, but surely you have heard something about the Carneiros Beach.

This is without a doubt the calmer side of the Pernambuco coast, a place full of beautiful landscapes and lots of nature. However, history is also part of the region and in the historic center it is possible to find some attractions, such as the Mirante do Oitizeiro, the Church of São José de Botas, the Church of São Pedro and the Chapel of São Benedito, located in Praia dos Carneiros, one of the postcards of Tamandaré.

The view is really photographic, with the coconut trees bordering the sea. The Fort of Santo Inácio de Loyola and the Lighthouse of tamandaré also worth a visit. 

Cape St. Augustine

cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco

Best cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco. Photo: Beto Quissak / Wikimedia Commons

Cape St. Augustine It is located just 52km from Recife, ideal for a day trip, as well as being a destination with beaches that please everyone.

Praia do Piva is much sought after by surfers, due to its rougher sea, whereas Praia de Gaibu is busier and appeals to people looking for partying. Now, if the goal is to rest and enjoy with the family, Praia de Calhetas and its zip line towards the sea are the best option. In addition to the natural beauties, the city hosts many historical tours in Vila de Nazaré.


cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco

Photo: Olinda City Hall / Wikimedia Commons

Beloved among many revelers, Olinda it hosts one of the most famous Carnivals in the world, but the city, which is a neighbor of the capital, is not the only party. Outside this period, it becomes an open-air museum, with numerous attractions, such as the historic center, or Cidade Alta, where the slopes of the city are, colorful houses, historic churches and many handicraft shops.

The Alto da Sé viewpoint is also not to be missed in the itinerary as it provides a 360 degree view of Olinda. 



Best cities to visit in the interior of Pernambuco. Photo: Janine Moraes / MinC

The land of forró, as it is known caruaru, is synonymous with party for hosting the greater Saint John from across the region. 130 km from Recife, it is a region that enchants for its culture and history. Upon arriving there, tourists find several museums, churches and monuments to learn more about the region. The Caruaru Handicraft Fair is a must! Impossible to leave without buying anything.

Another attraction is the Luiz Gonzaga Museum, for keeping the entire professional and life trajectory of the King of Baião. For travelers who also want a little contact with nature, Pedra do Cachorro is the best option, in addition to a beautiful view, the trail guarantees direct contact with nature. 

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