If you want to get away from the most famous routes in the northeast, it is worth including these 5 charming cities to visit in the interior of Paraíba in your travel plans.

Did you know that in addition to João Pessoa there is sensational places to visit in Paraíba? The state has many natural beauties, several museums and historical sites, incredible cuisine and a very welcoming people. So, if you want to get away from the most famous itineraries, read our tips on 5 charming cities to visit in the interior of Paraíba.

They are less than 200 km from the capital of Paraíba and are easily accessible by paved roads. In addition, they keep true treasures of Northeastern culture and stunning scenery, such as Pedra da Boca and Pedra do Ingá.

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And if you like a good party, you will find lively celebrations and authentic forró pé-de-serra in the cities of the interior of Paraíba, with emphasis on the largest São João in the world, held every June in Campina Grande.

Want to know more? So, continue reading this post and discover everything that awaits you in this special corner of the Brazilian northeast. With these tips, I'm sure you'll want to travel to one of these charming cities to visit in the interior of Paraíba.

See which are the charming cities to visit in the interior of Paraíba


cities in the interior of paraiba

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Located in the wild of Paraíba, Araruna is one of the charming cities to visit in the interior of ParaíbThe. It is 100 km from Campina Grande and 165 km from João Pessoa, with good access via the highways that cross the state.

The city, with an indigenous name, has colonial architecture, with several colorful houses. The historic center is full of old mansions that transport visitors on a journey through time. It is worth visiting Praça João Pessoa, built in the 1930s, as well as the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Conceição and Santo Antônio.

In addition, Araruna has several natural attractions of Paraíba, excellent for those who enjoy ecotourism and adventure tourism. One of them is the Mouth Stone, where it is possible to rappel or venture on the Pêndulo da Boca, a kind of swing on top of the large rock that offers an incredible view of the Serra de Araruna.

There are also many trails. The main one is the Caminho das Grutas, which leads to Pedra da Caveira, Pedra do Forno, Caverna da Zamboca, Cama do Caçador and Olho D'água. A very interesting tour that must be done with the help of a guide.

Finally, gastronomy is another highlight of the city. There you can taste the cuisine of Paraíba in charming and traditional restaurants. It is worth trying the pizza from Paraíba, which combines several local ingredients and is one of the flagships of Araruna's cuisine.


inland paraiba

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Located in the metropolitan region of Campina Grande, the city of Ingá is famous for its rock formations and petroglyphs – geometric images drawn on rocks. It is 40 km from Campina Grande and 125 km from João Pessoa. The main access is via the BR 408 highway.

The main attraction of Ingá is, of course, the visit to the archaeological site of Pedra do Ingá. The inscriptions on the rock can be seen easily – and even closely – and intrigue everyone who visits the site. Pedra do Ingá was the first Brazilian archaeological site to be protected and can be visited every day of the week. Take the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum, which brings together objects related to archaeological research, fossils and a replica of a mummy.

On the way to Pedra do Ingá, you will also be able to see curious rock formations, resulting from the action of the river waters on the stones.

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cities in the interior of Paraíba

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Another charming town to visit in the interior of Paraíba is Bananeiras, which is 70 km from Campina Grande and 136 km from João Pessoa. Located in the countryside of Paraíba, it is known for its old mansions and milder climate.

It has more than 80 historical buildings cataloged by the Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage of the State of Paraíba (IPHAEP) and, in 2010, it was listed as Historical Heritage of the State of Paraíba. It is an excellent destination for those who enjoy historical and cultural tourism.

Among the highlights of the beautiful architecture of Bananeiras are the Post and Telegraph building, from 1835, the Church of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, from 1861, the Colégio das Doroteias, from 1917, and the old train station, from 1922.

The city also has a very rich nature and many places for outdoor walks. One of the attractions is the Roncador Waterfall and APA. The 45-meter high waterfall is located in the woods of the Federal University of Paraíba in Bananeiras. In addition to cooling off in the waterfall pool, you can sample delicious regional cuisine at the on-site restaurant.


interior of paraiba

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Known as Roliúde Nordestina, Cabaceiras is one of the charming cities to visit in the interior of Paraíba. Stage for several cinematographic productions, the city breathes the seventh art. So much so that one of its attractions is the giant sign that imitates Hollywood, but in a very Brazilian way.

Among the main productions recorded in Cabaceiras are O Auto da Compadecida, Canta Maria, Beiço de Estrada, Por Trás do Céu, Viva São João and Madame Satã. To better understand how cinema developed in the city, it is worth visiting the Cinematographic Memorial, where there are photos of the recordings made in the destination.

Another attraction of Cabaceiras is the Museu Histórico-Cultural dos Cariris Paraibanos, which presents the history of the region's residents, as well as their customs. There you will find documents, pieces and handicrafts and materials of the Cariri Indians.

If you visit the city between May and June, you can participate in the Festa do Bode Rei, with several fairs, competitions, handicrafts and authentic forró pé-de-serra.

Campina Grande

countryside of praíba

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The second largest city in Paraíba is also a charming and incredible destination to discover. Campina Grande is located in the countryside of Paraíba and extols the Northeastern culture in its festivals, sights, art, gastronomy and customs.

Known as the largest São João in the world, the city is taken by tourists for the festivities that last throughout the month of June. And in the other months of the year, it is a great option for those who want to immerse themselves in the culture of Paraíba in a well-structured city and with several options for tours.

Among the main attractions are the People's Park - where the largest São João in the world takes place -, the historic center, Vila do Artesão, Sítio São João, Açude Velho, the Central Fair, the Children's Park, the Velha, the Municipal Theater, the Museum of Popular Art of Paraíba and the Clementino Procópio Square. In addition to the monuments Luiz Gonzaga and Jackson do Pandeiro and Pioneiros.

Did you see how many amazing tour options to do in the interior of Paraíba? It is worth visiting each of these charming cities and getting to know more about the culture of this welcoming and festive people from the Brazilian northeast.

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