Check out a list of cities that have the best nightlife in Brazil

The huge country offers everything: spectacular natural beauties, impressive fauna and delicious cuisine, plus one of the best nightlife on the planet! It doesn't matter if you love dancing samba or just want to relax on a tropical beach, Brazil has something for you. From stylish rooftop bars and sexy nightclubs to idyllic islands almost unknown to tourists, here are some of the best cities in Brazil to explore nightlife.

Rio de Janeiro

No wonder Rio tops the list. The biggest party in the world, Carnival, is celebrated every year in the city, with an influx of people from all over the world to participate in the revelry. If Carnival is on your list of things to do before you die, make sure you plan well in advance because hotels and hostels fill up at lightning speed!

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If you can't go to Carnival, don't worry. The fantastic nightlife of Brazil's postcard city still has much more to offer. For a taste of Rio's most effervescent underground scene, check out Circo Voador. And if you want to taste a Merlot, Rio has several elegant and hidden wine bars. Wherever you go, dress to shine! Rio is a city that loves his own fashion almost as much as he loves samba.

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Sao Paulo

It is very likely that your first contact with Brazil will be in São Paulo, as most international flights land here. Try not to be too impressed by the city's imposing, cosmopolitan complexity. Leave your bags and head out to discover São Paulo on your own. Check out the sophisticated clubs — nightclubs in São Paulo where you can drink champagne and listen to cutting-edge techno — or listen to live music in one of the many underground spaces in the Center.

São Paulo is also known for its flagship casino, Cassinera. So hone your gamer skills before the trip. If you don't know much about betting, there are many sites that offer a series of casino games for you to play live and practice before going as if you were in a real casino.


Florianópolis' popularity has grown enormously among locals and tourists. Escape São Paulo and Rio and feel the superior energy of this island, a perfect combination of sophistication and charm. Relax in Florianópolis beach clubs and taste signature cocktails, enjoying a unique tropical view. If you are more interested in a friendly game of billiards accompanied by a beer, the Black Swan Club is the place to be.

Florianópolis combines the best of both worlds: intense nightlife and relaxing island energy. The name of this coveted destination still doesn't enjoy the same fame as Rio and São Paulo, so now is the time to enjoy it!

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Beautiful island

Ilhabela hasn't been spotted on the tourist radar yet, so it's quite likely that you have this amazing place all to yourself. During the day, it is a dream for adventurers, with many waterfalls and trails. At night, you'll find several beachfront options: live music, beach bars to relax and fantastic restaurants. Among the favorite places are the Hippie Chic Beach Bar and the Sea Club, where you can taste delicious fish and seafood, caught in the region.

Ilhabela is still an unknown pearl, frequented by natives and tourists who know the most popular places in Brazil. If you want to relax, but also love nightlife, go to Ilhabela.

If you love the best nights out, you will love Brazil. From Carnival to the best boutique cocktail bars, the country has something for every taste and every budget!

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