The cities listed below offer very good financial incentives for people to live there. And don't think that these cities are in a state of calamity, at war or with some negative point. The reason for these cash incentives is usually caused by the population deficit.

Niagara Falls, United States

The North American city, which is on the border of Canada and the United States, has a serious problem of population deficit and to combat this, it offers to pay up to 22,300 reais for those who live there and move the city. There are neighborhoods for these people and in some cases their studies can be paid for by the government.

Photo: Flickr - krikea

Photo: Flickr – krikea

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ponga, spain

In 2007, this city had only 50 young people and to repopulate the region, it offers 3,000 euros, about 10,600 reais, for couples to live in the city. Currently, the city has less than 700 inhabitants.

Photo: Miguel Ramos

Photo: Miguel Ramos

Utrecht, Holland

This city, in addition to offering money for you to live in it, will let you be part of a study. Utrecht does not have a problem with the lack of people to move the city and offers the value of approximately 1000 dollars, for people to live and participate in a study. This study will observe how is the productivity of people who receive economic incentives from the state without having to work.

Photo: Flickr Shengwu's photo

Photo: Flickr Shengwu's photo

Saskatchewan, Canada

This one is for people who want to start a family as quickly as possible. In Saskatchewan, the government offers about $10,000 a month for you to live with your family for 7 years. The city, like most others on this list, also faces the problem of low population.

photo: Robert Lindsells

photo: Robert Lindsells

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Curtis, United States

This city doesn't pay you in cash, but in property so you can build houses and live in it to bring more people to the city. It also suffers from having a small population and that's why it created the Arrowhead Meadows Free Lots program, which is a neighborhood close to Arrowhead Meadows, a famous golf course nearby.

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure


If you dream of making snowmen and don't mind the cold, Alaska could be your perfect place. The Permanent Fund Dividend Division offers an amount to each Alaskan resident if he meets the requirements. They have already offered almost 2000 dollars per person.

Photo: Disclosure

Photo: Disclosure

Kansas, United States

In the State of Kansas, you can earn in many ways, as each county has its own way of encouraging new arrivals. Some offer housing incentives, others give you tax-free for 5 years, and the vast majority offer around $15,000 in student loans.

Photo: Dave Toussaint

Photo: Dave Toussaint

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