Serra Capixaba: Go up the mountain and enjoy all the charm of these incredible cities to discover in the mountains of Espírito Santo

THE Holy Spirit it is a versatile destination and, in just a few hours, you can go from the heat of beautiful beaches to the charm and chill of the mountains. Discovering the cities that make up the Espírito Santo mountain range is a great tour and the best: very close to the capital Vitória.

formed by Serra do Caparaó and the Serra do Castelo, a mountain region of Espírito Santo reserves many beauties both for those who enjoy the typical romance of the cold of the mountains even for those who prefer to venture amidst waterfalls, trails, viewpoints and many other ecotourism attractions. History and good gastronomy are also a landmark in mountain towns, which carry a strong German and Italian influence.

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visit the cities in the mountain region of Espírito Santo It is a good option for a day trip from Vitória, since only a few kilometers separate it from Vitória. The best way to access them is by car, following the scenic scenarios of the BR-262.

We separate three amazing cities in the capixaba mountains for you to visit:Domingos Martins, Blue stone and New Immigrant Sale. The tip is to start with the most distant one, which is Venda Nova do Imigrante, then Pedra Azul and, finally, Domingos Martins, which is closer to Victory. But if you wanted to stay longer – and you will – it is worth spending a few nights in the region and enjoying the cozy atmosphere, in addition to all the natural and gastronomic experiences that it has in store.

Domingos Martins

cities in the capixaba mountain range

Photo: Marina Machado Vieira / Flickr

If you want to breathe a little fresh air amidst the exuberant nature of the mountains, Domingos Martins is a city that you cannot miss in the region of serra capixaba. A little more than 50 km from Vitória, the municipality is known as the “City of the Green” because it has the second largest Atlantic Forest coverage in the country and offers one of the three best climates in the world.

Domingos Martins also carries a strong influence of German, Pomeranian and Italian immigrants, who arrived in the city around 1847 and who until today maintains a strong influence revealed in the culture, attractions, customs and gastronomy of the city. The Casa da Cultura and the Historical Museum have a collection of photographs, documents, objects and furniture that belonged to immigrants and descendants who colonized the municipality.

One unmissable tour in the city is the Trem das capixaba mountains: the trip starts in the city of Viana and ends in Araguaia, making a stop in Domingos Martins. The total route is 46 kilometers and lasts approximately two hours between bridges, waterfalls, tunnels and other charming places. From Domingos Martins it is possible to travel to Viana, Marechal Floriano and Araguaia.

Festivals are another strong point of the city and take place throughout the year. In July there is the famous Domingos Martins Winter Festival, which brings together great names in classical and popular music in national and international presentations. Blumenfest, on the other hand, is the city's flower festival and always takes place in October, bringing together a show of colors and shapes.

Blue stone

cities in the capixaba mountain range

Photo: Yuri Barichivich

Pedra Azul is not exactly a city, but a district that belongs to Domingos Martins. Despite this, there are 55 km that separate the two places. The main attraction of the place is, without a doubt, the famous Pedra Azul, a rock formation that, due to the sunlight, can change color up to 36 times a day, including the famous blue color. Next to it is the also known Pedra do Lagarto, which has a shape similar to that of a lizard.

Another must-see is the well-known Rota do Lagarto, a road with several charming restaurants and inns, as well as wonderful views of the rock. For those who visit the place in mid-July or August, there is the possibility of seeing the cherry trees that decorate the place in bloom, forming a unique look.

In the region is also the Pedra Azul State Park, which has a total of 1240 hectares, of which an area is open for visitation and trails. Among the most famous routes are those that lead to natural pools, the one that goes to Pedra do Lagarto itself and the Mirante one. The surroundings also have several attractions aimed at ecotourism such as zip lines, tree climbing, horseback riding and ATV tours.

New Immigrant Sale

cities in the capixaba mountain range

Photo: Marina Aguiar / Flickr

Known as the city of agrotourism, Venda Nova do Imigrante is very close to the Pedra Azul State Park, making it a great base option for those who want to enjoy the park. With all that charm and charm of small towns in the interior, it was populated by Italian immigrants at the end of the 19th century and maintains this influence to this day, whether in gastronomy, customs, festivities and attractions.

One of them is the traditional Polenta Festival, a celebration of the typical dish of northern Italy that takes place in October in the city and attracts many visitors willing to taste the delicacy. Another traditional celebration is the Italian Serenade, which takes place every year in July and where several groups of people go out into the streets celebrated to the sound of Italian music and visiting the homes of the residents, which offer typical dishes prepared in a wood-fired oven.

As for the tours, the main ones are aimed at agritourism. Several rural properties are open for visitation in themed circuits offering coffee, cheese, wine, jams, yogurt, cookies and other delicious gastronomic options. Venda Nova do Imigrante is a true paradise of authentic gastronomic experiences.

Bonus: Santa Teresa

cities in the capixaba mountain range

Photo: Publicity SETUR – ES

We could not fail to show, too, the beauties of another city not to be missed in the mountainous region of Espírito Santo. We are talking about Santa Teresa, a charming destination ideal for enjoying the mild temperatures of the mountains, just over an hour and a half from Vitória.

Santa Teresa stands out as the first Brazilian city founded by Italian immigrants, in 1875. This strong influence is reflected in several points, especially in the gastronomy, which offers a wide variety of wines, cheeses, pasta, jellies and other delicacies.

It was also in the city that the naturalist Augusto Ruschi developed several projects in favor of environmental preservation, which earned the city the nickname “The Sweet Land of Hummingbirds”, since approximately 40% of its territory is formed by preserved Atlantic Forest.

Among the attractions to enjoy in Santa Teresa is its charming historic center, with several buildings from the 19th century. XIX, including the Igreja Matriz and Rua do Lazer, which brings together several restaurant options.

Casa Lambert, which shows a little more the trajectory of immigrants in the city through the history of two Italian brothers who lived there. To further understand the legacy of immigrants, it is also worth visiting the Museum of Italian Culture and Immigration.

If your desire is to taste good wines, there is no shortage of options. The tip is to go through the well-known “Caravaggio Circuit”, a road that leads to several producers of wines, cachaças, liqueurs and much more.

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