With all the medieval charm, beautiful landscapes and incredible scenery, check out cities to visit in Tuscany from Florence

THE tuscany It is one of the most sought after places by tourists traveling to Italy. No wonder: the region, ancient land of the Etruscan civilization, brings together beautiful medieval cities with their historic buildings, houses, alleys, churches, villages and castles in a cinematographic scenario taken by green fields, sunflowers and vineyards that escape the view. All this added to the best local cuisine and undeniable cultural importance, there seems to be no better place in the world.

Florence, the main city and capital of tuscany, is fascinating and one of the unmissable stops for anyone visiting the country. The city exudes art and culture, as it was where the Renaissance was born. With tourist attractions much sought after for their historical value, such as museums and old buildings, Florence it is also the starting point for other beautiful towns in the Tuscany region on short trips that can last as little as a day.

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In addition to famous destinations such as siena and step, there are many smaller towns that boast all the medieval charm combined with the beautiful landscapes of the Tuscany region that can be visited from Florence. Check out some of them!


the charming Lucca is 85 kilometers from Florence and it is the only big city – it has about 80 thousand inhabitants – that still keeps its beautiful medieval walls preserved. There are four kilometers of beautiful walls that can be covered on foot or by bicycle by tourists.

Among its geometrically designed streets, Lucca holds wonderful surprises and attractions. Lovers of lyrical music can check out the house where the famous composer Giacomo Puccini was born, author of works such as La Bohème and Madame Butterfly. Today, the site is a museum open to the public.

The city also reveals medieval buildings whose architectural designs are impressive, including the religious temples. It is not for nothing that Lucca is known as the “city of 100 churches”. An unmissable visit is the Duomo di San Martino (Duomo), a cathedral dedicated to Saint Martin. Another highlight to visit is the Roman amphitheater, built in the 2nd century AD

Few people know, but Lucca also has an important link with Brazil. The painter Alfredo Volpi was born in the city and emigrated to Brazil with his parents when he was just one year old.

Be sure to walk through the alleys and alleys of this charming city to enjoy its cafes, antique shops and restaurants with good and varied cuisine.

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In the heart of Tuscany, very close to Siena and 60 kilometers from Florence is the tiny Monteriggioni. Walking through its walls is like stepping back in time: the city, which is practically a castle, can be explored on foot in just a few minutes.  

Monteriggioni was built in the early 13th century and it served as a military post that defended Siena from the Florentine invasions. Walking there is like taking a trip back in time, as it still preserves its medieval buildings intact. Within its walls, there are many charming houses, some shops, a small church and restaurants.

During the month of July, on two consecutive weekends, the city holds the Medieval Festival of Monteriggioni. During the festivities, the impression is of living in the atmosphere of a 13th century village. People dress up in historical costumes and recreate the whole atmosphere of a true medieval celebration.

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San Gimignano

San Gimignano It is a great option for a day trip from Florence, as the distance between the cities is only 60 kilometers. San Gimignano It is a small and charming village nestled among the Tuscan hills that can be visited in a few hours.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city is famous for the large number of medieval towers it has, which symbolized power among the richest families in the region. In its heyday, the city had 72 towers, 14 of which are still preserved today and have become a must-see tourist attraction.

Don't forget to walk through the narrow streets of the city and visit interesting medieval architectural projects, such as Piazza del Duomo, a medieval square that is in the historic center and is currently one of the symbols of the place.

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There are 176 kilometers that separate Florence from assisi. The city is on top of a mountain and the view from the top is miraculous. And it's no coincidence: Assisi was the birthplace of two of the most revered saints in history, São Francisco de Assis and Santa Clara.

Because of this, the city is an important point of pilgrimage for religious and, among several medieval buildings that occupy the streets, there are imposing and important churches, such as the Basilica di San Francesco (San Francisco) and the Basilica di Santa Chiara (Santa Clara ).

Assisi is also very charming, so be sure to stroll through the beautiful buildings and stone houses, alleys, alleys, squares, walls and fountains that are scattered throughout the city and, at the end of the day, taste an incredible wine.

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