The region is full of beautiful cities that breathe culture and stand out with their impressive buildings. Among the most interesting destinations, Seville, Cordoba and Granada deserve special mention.

THE Andalusia it is the true representation of what the world imagines of the Spanish people. Warm-blooded people, who live with stories, religious tradition and a lot of joy. But modern Andalusia is also recognized for its large cities as seville and Malaga, where the modern intertwines with the great history of the region and along the Costa del Sol, an Andalusian resort with about 150 kilometers of beautiful beaches, where the “sun never sets”.

Many legacies of Arab rule survived the Reconquest and set the stage for Spanish, especially in Andalusia, in the southwest of the country, where you can feel the magic of a tale of the “One Thousand and One Nights” as you enter the fortresses (alcazabas), royal residences (alcázares), mosques and gardens.

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What is interesting is that these Moorish buildings and the medinas (typical Arab neighborhoods) in Andalusia they are next to Catholic churches and synagogues; This is because, when the Catholic Monarchs reconquered this territory, they expelled the Arabs and Jews who lived there and began the sumptuous constructions that characterize this period of Spanish history. The result was a great “mixture”, not only architectural but also cultural, as the Arab and Hebrew influences persisted.


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Think bullfighters, flamenco dancers and frilly dresses, narrow cobbled streets, delicious tapas restaurants and a nightlife that never ends. Seville has three spectacular buildings, considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in addition to surprising monuments, picturesque neighborhoods and a way of doing things that is in the Sevillian essence of living life.


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The historic center of the city revolves around the Cathedral Mosque, the largest and most beautiful mosque built by the Moors in Spain. It is also worth strolling through the narrow streets of Juderia, the Jewish Quarter, visiting the Alcazar gardens and looking at the panorama of the old town at sunset, from the Mauritanian bridge over the Guadalquivir River.


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Grenade is undoubtedly one of the most important cities in the Spain. In addition to having an excellent University founded in the 16th century, it is an important tourist destination due to the city's numerous attractions, especially the stunning Alhambra. The city, which was the last refuge of the Moors before they were expelled in the 15th century, was constantly attacked by Napoleon in 1812, and was almost destroyed. Nowadays, traveling to Grenada is essential to learn more about the history of Europe and the wars against people from Africa.


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Aromatic wine, raisins and Picasso brought international fame to the city. The house where the artist was born is now a fine arts museum. Alcazaba also attracts tourists with the ruins of the fortress and the Roman theater, the 16th century cathedral (still unfinished!) with a huge interior and statues of almost every saint.


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The city is beautifully situated on limestone rocks, forming a peninsula with the water of the Atlantic Ocean. The cityscape is dominated by palm trees and tall white houses with their flat roofs and viewpoints, towers that allow you to enjoy wide views over the ocean. Founded by the Phoenicians around the 11th century BC, the city is probably the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula.

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