Measure launched by the Municipal Department of Social Assistance, seeks to help up to a thousand low-income elderly people who live at risk in communities in Rio de Janeiro

City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, brokered by the Ministry of Social Assistance, will pay daily rates in hotels for the elderly in needy communities who live at risk. City hall teams are identifying vulnerable people who were already participating in the Family Clinics program, together with health agents. 

At this first moment, residents of Rocinha It's from Vidigal, in São Conrado, in the South Zone, aged 60 years or older, enrolled in the ESF program – Family Health Strategy, may be awarded the benefit.

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Free hotels for seniors

Rio de Janeiro City Hall creates program with free hotels for the elderly. Photograph: Rio diary

Free accommodation for seniors in Rio de Janeiro

The objective is to reduce the risk of contamination for low-income elderly people who live in places with many residents. Three hotels are already confirmed to participate in the program, with the capacity to serve up to 300 people from needy communities. On Wednesday (25), the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and the Department of Social Assistance visited one of the units.

According to published in G1, the city hall chose the hotels because of their proximity to the places that are most likely to be contaminated in the municipality. The confirmed units are located in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio, in Jacarepaguá and in Gamboa, Rio's Port Zone.

The folder also said in a note that “the team visits patients registered at the Family Clinic and forwards those interested to the Municipal Department of Social Assistance, which performs all the sheltering part”.

hotels for seniors in rio de janeiro

City Hall of Rio will pay daily rates in hotels for the elderly in communities. Photo: Florencia Potter / Pexels

Therefore, with the aim of ensuring greater control for people at risk, social workers have already started to make visits and send invitations to the elderly who are suitable for the program. Hotels, with daily limits of R$ 120.00, will offer daily meals, cleaning and laundry services. The City still estimates to expand the program to include up to 10 hotels in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, which can house a thousand elderly people.

Rio de Janeiro may pay for hotels for the elderly

Daily will have the limit value of 120 reais. Photo: Marcos de Paula / City Hall of Rio

City Hall has already started issuing invitations.

In this way, accommodation is being made through invitations, leaving it to the discretion of the elderly and the family to accept temporary accommodation. The entire cost of the program will be paid by the municipality itself and can be a measure analyzed to help companies in the tourism in Brazil.

Source: Rio de Janeiro's city hall

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