Louvre, Vatican, MIS and other museums around the world, temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, make their collection available online

In times of coronavirus, staying at home to prevent the spread of disease it's necessary, but it can get a little tedious. With the cancellation of events, such as concerts, and the temporary closure of museums, looking for entertainment alternatives without leaving home is always a good idea.

However, for those who appreciate art and culture, this moment can be a good opportunity to discover the collection of great museums around the world. Admiring the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, observing the features of the Mona Lisa and going back in time with the treasures of ancient Greece are among the possibilities to discover online.

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In addition to museums that make part of their collection available on their websites, the tool Google Arts & Culture also brings together dozens of virtual visits to art spaces around the world.

Thus, we separate collections below that can be visited without leaving home. Check out:

Pinacoteca di Brera

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Pixabay

Considered one of the most important museums in Italy, the Pinacoteca di Brera, in Milan, has an impressive collection, where it is possible to appreciate works by Raffaello, Bellini, Caravaggio, among others. 

Due to the coronavirus, the space will remain closed until April 3. However, the space invites visitors, who can check out part of its collection on the internet.

Vatican Museums

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Michal Osmenda/ Wikimedia Commons

You Vatican Museums form a group of museums that concentrate great works of the Italian Renaissance as the pieces of Raphael, Da Vinci, and Caravaggio. Therefore, despite being closed until April 3rd due to the pandemic, part of its rich collection, such as the Sistine Chapel and the Rafaello Rooms, can be accessed online.

Uffizi Gallery

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Pixabay

THE Uffizi Gallery, in Florence, is a palace that houses one of the best, oldest and most famous museums in the world. Thus, the place is responsible for keeping the main collection of Renaissance works of humanity, just because of this you can get an idea of its importance.

Closed due to measures to contain the coronavirus in Italy, in its virtual exhibition it is possible to read the tips of its curators and discover part of its precious collection.

Athens Archaeological Museum

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Pixabay

THE Athens Archaeological Museum It is the largest in Greece and has the world's largest collection of artifacts from antiquity. As all museums in the country, including the entire Acropolis that towers over Athens, will remain closed until the end of March, taking a virtual tour of their collection is a great opportunity.

Museum of Image and Sound (MIS)

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Disclosure

THE Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo (MIS) It will also remain closed for the next 30 days to contain the spread of the coronavirus in Brazil. The good news is that it also offers a virtual collection, providing access to content from the photo, audio and video collections.

Prado Museum

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Pixabay

THE Prado Museum, in Madrid, like many other art spaces in Spain, is closed due to the coronavirus. Its collection comprises more than 17,000 works, including works by Velázquez and Goya.

However, you can check out part of its collections through an online visit, where you can even search by name of the artist and work of your choice.

Louvre Museum


Photo: Pixabay

THE Louvre Museum, in Paris, is one of the most important art spaces in the world. Its collection has more than 380 thousand items, including La Gioconda, also known as Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci.

Therefore, despite being closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus, the Louvre offers a virtual exhibition in several rooms and galleries. 

British Museum

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Pixabay

Considered one of the oldest museums in the world, the British Museum, in London, has a collection of some of the most important works of antiquity.

The space also makes part of its rich collections available online, including treasures such as the famous Rosetta stone, which helped to understand Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the sculptures of the Parthenon in Athens.

Metropolitan Museum 

coronavirus museums online

Photo: Pixabay

THE Metropolitan Museum of New York (Met) it is one of the most visited in the world. Its extensive collections contain more than two million works, including paintings by Monet and Cézanne, as well as objects from antiquity.

Due to its temporary closure due to the coronavirus, another way to visit it is through its online collection.

National Gallery of Art


Photo: Pixabay

Finally, the National Gallery of Art, in Washington, offers more than 150 thousand works in its collection, including paintings, sculptures, illustrations, among others. Works by artists such as Rafaello, Velázquez, Tiziano, Rembrandt, among others, are among the gems on display.

For this period when people are avoiding leaving the house due to the advance of the coronavirus, taking a virtual tour of space is an excellent distraction.

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