If you are passionate about travel and coffee, you cannot miss these 5 special routes to discover in Brazil. 

Unsurprisingly, Brazilians are a big fan of coffee. It is impossible to forget that this drink, so dear and present in various moments of everyday life, also played a very important role in our history. During the times of the Brazilian Empire, the famous coffee came to represent the greatest source of wealth in the country and was our main export product for years.

In recent times, many of the scenarios from the heyday of coffee have seen tourism as an opportunity to rescue memories and rediscover its value. Today, many of them integrate complete itineraries in different regions of the country. Are historical cities, farms, farms, and museums that open their doors to tell our own trajectory, relive characters and, of course, carry out charming tastings.

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If you're in love with travel and for coffee, be sure to check out 5 special itineraries around Brazil.

Coffee Route – Paraná

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THE Coffee Route in Paraná emerged as an initiative to rescue the tradition of coffee culture in the State, promoting visits to places that rescue part of this history. There are more than 30 options of attractions within a radius of 200 kilometers distributed in 9 municipalities in Paraná. There are several possibilities of itinerary that make the visitor discover old coffee farms, gourmet coffee shops, museums and even plays that approach the theme. In some seasons it is even possible to participate in a harvest on farms in the region.

An example is the Guaicurus Ecological Resort, which is located 80 km from Londrina, in Santa Mariana. The place is a still productive coffee estate founded by Swiss immigrants in the 40's. Here, visitors can observe one of the largest labyrinths of cafes in the world, in addition to experiencing part of this history. The farm allows accommodation on site for those who want to spend a few days on a real farm.

already the Father Carlos Weiss Museum, in Londrina, rescues the history of the city, which was considered the World Capital of Coffee. In the collection, real coffee trees bring visitors information about the time when the region was responsible for about 51% of the coffee produced in the world. Inside the museum there is also a cafeteria, “the Armazém”, where you can taste and learn more about roasting, harvests and the type of coffee.

Green Coffee Route – Ceará

Sítio São Luís, in Serra de Baturité/CE.

Less than three hours from Strength, in the heart of Ceará's hinterland, is an oasis full of greenery and mild temperatures. THE Baturité Massif It is a region that has an environmental protection area covering more than 32,690 hectares. Coffee was introduced in Ceará in the 18th century and soon adapted to the climate of this region.

It is there that old houses and centenary farms are hidden that open their doors to tourists, a project known as Green Coffee Route. The coffee produced in this region, which passes through the cities of Guaramiranga, Mulungu, Pacoti and Baturité, is planted in the shade of ingazeiros, an Amazonian species that protects the plantations.

It is the case of Aguas Finas Site, which since 1939 has been improving its coffee production and today produces the differentiated Café Uchôa. The coffee is planted next to the native forest of the region, free of pesticides. Tourists can get to know this system through a trail carried out by members of their own family, who offer a lot of hospitality and stories to tell.

already the São Luís site presents a legitimate colonial mansion, the result of the heyday of coffee in the region, which is maintained by the same family to this day. Stories of the coffee cultivation tradition are revealed while the visitor is inserted into the historical context of the time. The tour offers, in addition to the information and incredible architecture of the charming place, an afternoon coffee with cake, homemade bread and fresh ricotta, all produced right there, in the best “grandma’s house” style..

Region of the Valleys and Coffee – Espirito Santo

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THE Route of the Valleys and Coffee rescues the colonial era and the traditions of immigrants who had a strong influence on the coffee culture of Espírito Santo. Comprising the municipalities of Vargem Alta, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Muqui, Mimoso do Sul and Marataízes, the route brings together natural beauties, waterfalls, beaches, mountains and valleys and a rich history that portrays from the beginnings of coffee production and export in the State to the present day.

muqui it concentrates much of the history of the coffee industry with its more than 200 listed buildings with 20th century architecture. In addition to the opportunity to take a beautiful and bucolic journey through time, the city is full of natural beauties with native forest and many rapids.

In southern mimoso this is where the historic farms of the coffee cycle are located. Don't forget to visit São Miguel Antiquary, located on the historic site of Sao Pedro do Itabapoana. The place is a must-see for antique collectors and art lovers.

Coffee Route in Santos – São Paulo

Valongo Station. Photo: Disclosure

Since the 19th century, the city of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, has been the largest coffee exporter in the world. Until today, material and immaterial landmarks of this legacy are present in its streets, as in the Coffee Museum. Installed in the palace where the former Bolsa Oficial do Café used to be, the space presents visitors with data and information about the history of the beverage in Brazil and around the world.

So is also the Valongo Station, ground zero of the construction of the São Paulo Railway, whose works began in 1860 and ended in 1867. It was on this railway, a true architectural relic that deserves to be visited, that much of the coffee was transported in the past.

In Santos, those in love with the drink cannot miss the chance to taste a very artisanal coffee, which has been in the city since 1912. King of Coffee, the most traditional roasting and grinding house in the city. The site maintains the original facilities and has been located for over a century at the same address in the heart of the Historic Center.

Coffee Valley – Rio de Janeiro

Vista Alegre Farm in Valença. Photo: Disclosure

THE Coffee Valley, located in Vale do Paraíba Sul Fluminense, rescues stories and scenarios from a time when the region produced 75% of the coffee consumed in the world. The route is a true journey into the past and features churches, roads and farms that have lived through this important chapter in the country's history.

The municipalities of Vassouras, Valença, Rio das Flores, Barra do Piraí, Piraí, Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin, Mendes, Paty do Alferes, Miguel Pereira, Paraíba do Sul and some districts are part of the route. In addition to the cities, the strong point of the route are the various farms that still maintain the charm and ostentation of the times of Imperial Brazil.

THE Vista Alegre Farm, located in Valença, it is one of the most important of the century. XIX. With its beautiful architecture, which was once the scene of a soap opera, it opens its doors and carries out historical visits that include snack and lunch, in addition to offering accommodation for groups.

already the Good Hope Farm, located in Avelar, municipality of Paty do Alferes, preserves a beautiful collection of furniture, porcelain, documents and objects belonging to the former owners.

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