Chat apps are very popular because of how easy it is to keep in touch with other people from anywhere in the world. Usually when people visit other countries it is necessary to buy another SIM card and pay some very high international roaming fees.

With that in mind, the operator Zeromobile, from Italy, created ChatSim, which allows (almost) unlimited access to chat applications in 150 countries and includes the main apps of the genre: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, among others.

The product does not offer any other cellular functions, but uses 3G and 4G networks to exchange messages. That is, it is not possible to make or receive phone calls, or browse the internet or use applications other than chat.

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To use the technology, it is necessary to acquire the ChatSim via the internet for R$ 50 (plus delivery fee) and pay an activation fee of more R$ 50. The service entitles you to exchange unlimited text messages and emojis. However, it is necessary to purchase special packages to use multimedia services, such as sending images, videos, audios and calls through the application.

The cheapest package costs R$ 50 and includes 2,000 credits to be used with multimedia data for a year (each feature consumes a certain amount of credits depending on the country you are in). Despite being very limited, the SIM card can be a great idea for travelers to keep in touch with friends and family when abroad.


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