Located on the famous Costa do Dendê in the south of Bahia, a Maraú Peninsula it is one of the most reserved areas in the state thanks to the difficult access to the region. This ecological sanctuary shows a variety of coastal ecosystems, natural pools, estuaries and the vast Atlantic Ocean with beautiful beaches, reefs, mangroves, natural fields and forest types of the Atlantic Forest with a varied fauna and flora. In addition to the coast, the peninsula also offers other types of attractions aimed at ecotourism such as waterfalls and ecological trails.

There are approximately 40 kilometers of practically deserted beaches. During low tide, dozens of natural pools full of colorful fish appear on the reefs. Big Bar is the biggest village in peninsula and still preserves the caiçara simplicity, despite housing the main inns, bars and restaurants in the region.

The peninsula has several good quality restaurants offering a huge gastronomic itinerary in houses specializing in all types of cuisine. The typical dishes of the region include banana with crab cakes, tapera, coconut shrimp and fish on a plate with octopus rice.

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THE Maraú Peninsula belongs to the APA (Environmental Protection Area), a sustainable use conservation unit of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve in southern Brazil. Bahia, which has a series of laws for the preservation of nature.

What to do:

Taipus beach

It is on Taipus de Fora beach and is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil because it has a one kilometer long natural pool with fish of all colors. There you can see reefs, corals and fish of all colors. In summer, dives are made with flashlights to observe the nocturnal marine fauna.

photo 2

Photo: Rogerio Knebel

Viewpoint of Morro do Farol

The highest point on the peninsula, at 51m high. From there you have a view of the entire length of beaches. The best way to get there is on foot, along the Taipu de Fora beach.


Photo: Dimas de Campos

Cassange Lagoon

With 5 kilometers long, the freshwater lagoon is separated from the ocean by a strip of white sand of only 300 meters, a great place to enjoy a bath.


Photo: Rita Barretto

Tremembé Waterfall

In Camamú Bay, in the midst of a sea of clear waters, forests, rivers and mangroves, the Maraú River falls into an amazing waterfall 30 meters wide by 5 meters high, forming a large lake, ideal for recharging your energies. and enjoy all the nature of the place. Meeting point of the river with the salty waters of the sea, the result is a refreshing bath at the ideal temperature.


Photo: Rita Barretto

Pedra Furada Island

Located 30 minutes by boat from Big Bar and 1h from Camamu, Ilha da Pedra Furada owes its name to a rock dug by erosion. The island is very small. It has a natural spring and a beach with crystal clear waters. There is only one restaurant serving typical food.


Photo: Rita Barretto

Other attractions to visit on the Maraú Peninsula:

  • Barra Grande beach
  • Cassange beach
  • Taipu de Dentro beach
  • Bombaça Beach
  • Hike to the Carapitangui River
  • red crown
  • goio island
  • Bela Vista Hill
  • Piracanga Beach
  • Ponta do Mutá

How to get:

By airplane:
The closest airport to Maraú is in Ilhéus which is currently served by daily flights. Another option is the Salvador airport.

Of boat:
To arrive by boat via Camamu it is necessary to take a road from Salvador by ferry and BA-001. At the port of Camamu there are two options for transport to Barra Grande and Taipus: regular boats and speedboats. Regular boats are cheaper but take longer. Opening hours are from 6 am to 5 pm.

By car:
There is access via the BR-030 from Itacaré (65 km from Ilhéus). After crossing the Contas river by ferry, it is necessary to proceed in a 4×4 vehicle, as the road has 42 km of potholes and little signage.

By bus:
There are regular lines from all over the country to Salvador, Ilhéus and Itabuna, from where buses leave for Camamu, where there is a port that serves the entire peninsula. It is worth calling at the bus station in the capital of Bahia.
Salvador bus station
Tel: (71) 3460-0000

When to go?

THE Maraú Peninsula It can be visited all year round, as temperatures in the region are usually quite pleasant. The rains are more constant in the months of June and July, but the tours take place normally.

Where to stay:

Nirvana Beach Hotel
Ponta do Mutá, Barra Grande
Maraú – Bahia
Tel: (73) 3258-6357

Viking Inn Boutique Hotel
Taipu de Fora
Marau - Bahia - Brazil
[email protected]
Tel: (73) 3258-6471

Villa Balidendê
Av. Vasco Neto, 5, Barra Grande
Maraú Peninsula – Bahia
[email protected]
Tel: (73) 3258-6347

Butterfly House Bahia
[email protected]
Tel: (73) 3258-4113

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