Chapada Diamantina has waterfalls, rivers, canyons and caves that form a unique setting to discover in Brazil.

One of the most beautiful places in Brazil, the Chapada da Diamantina, in the state of Bahia, is a giant stronghold of natural beauty. The place concentrates incredible formations such as rivers, canyons, valleys and caves, a full plate for those who are passionate about ecotourism.

To have an idea of such grandeur, more than 300 cataloged waterfalls in the region, responsible for almost all the springs of the Paraguaçu Basins It's from River of Accounts.

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There are so many places to be dazzled that it is difficult to concentrate them all in a single trip. It takes many days to get to know every bit of this giant green universe of 38,000 square kilometers.

To organize yourself when taking the tours, the tip is to stay in cities close to the main attractions, considering two or three as a base for getting around. For those who go by car, it is important to keep an eye on gasoline, as the places are far from each other and there are not always gas stations on the way.

A tip that makes it much easier when exploring the beauties of Chapada da Diamantina is to hire an agency to carry out the tours: the offer is great and in all the base cities there are accredited guides and transfers to the main attractions.

Check out a guide that we have prepared with the main tips to discover and be dazzled by the Chapada da Diamantina.

Cities close to Chapada da Diamantina


The charming Mucugê was the scene of the discovery of the first diamonds found in Chapa da Diamantina in 1844. Surrounded by mountains, 52% of its territory is covered by a dense native forest of the Chapada da Diamantina National Park and the Mucugê Municipal Park. The small town is the only one to present the only Byzantine cemetery in Brazil.


The small village of Igatu has signs of its history stamped on its buildings and on the peaceful lifestyle of the residents. The village has several attractions, such as the ruins of stone houses built by the miners and the trails that lead to various natural attractions, such as Vale do Pati.


Ibicoara is located in the southwest of Chapada Diamantina and, despite being less popular than other cities in the region, it has been growing and receiving more and more tourists, especially those who want to visit nearby attractions such as the Buracão waterfall.


The city of Andarai is right in the center of the National Park and is close to several attractions such as Poço Encantado, Pantanal Marimbus and Gruta da Paixão.

Palm trees (Capão Valley)

With an esoteric, unpretentious and hippie climate, Vale do Capão is part of the city of Palmeiras and is located in the middle of Chapada Park. Surrounded by mountains, the village is truly a fascinating place and gateway to attractions such as Cachoeira da Fumaça and Cachoeira do Morrão.


Charming and pleasant, Lençóis is the most structured city to receive tourists who want to visit Chapada da Diamantina. The historic city has good restaurants, numerous accommodation options, an airport and has the main tourist agencies that carry out tours in the region.


140 km from Lençóis, Itaeté is the starting point for attractions such as the Lapa do Bode, Lagoa Preta and Natal caves, as well as the Herculano and Ronceira waterfalls. In addition, it is a great base for those who want to know the Encantado well and the Blue well.

What to do in Chapada da Diamantina

Photo: Maurício Gomes de Oliveira/ Wikimedia Commons

Marimbus Pantanal

A swampland in the middle of the Bahian cerrado, the Marimbus region brings together calm waters amid water lilies and a horizon full of beautiful landscapes of Chapada da Diamantina. The tour is carried out by canoes or kayaks.

Buracão Waterfall

Considered one of the most beautiful in the region and with 85 meters of waterfall, the Cachoeira do Buracão is located in a canyon framed by leafy stones. Access is via a pleasant trail that borders a river.

Smokey Waterfall

One of the most difficult trails of Chapada da Dimantina, lasting five hours, is rewarded by a beautiful view of the immense waterfall surrounded by rocky walls.

Pai Inácio Hill

Chapada da Dimantina's main postcard is a delight for those who enjoy breathtaking views. There are 1,120 meters of altitude from where the tourist can observe a good part of the park, in addition to enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in Brazil.

Smoke Waterfall

Considered one of the biggest waterfalls in Brazil, the Smoke Waterfall impresses by its magnificence in its 360 meters of height. Access to contemplate the view from above the waterfall is through a trail of approximately two hours.

Blue Well

At the Blue Well, located in the municipality of Nova Redenção, you will be able to float in the blue and crystalline waters of a cave, which are even more beautiful when illuminated by solar rays, a unique experience. Access is easy and the place has a restaurant, parking and a craft shop.

Pratinha Grotto

On this tour it is possible to perform several activities such as zip-line, pedal boat, kayak and floating in a cave with incredibly crystalline waters, as well as swimming in a river with clear waters and several small fish.

Lapa Doce Grotto

If you appreciate the underground mysteries, you need to visit the Lapa Doce Cave, a huge place perfect to be dazzled by the immense formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

Enchanted Well

One of the most beautiful walks to do in Chapada da Diamantina, Poço Encantado is 60 meters deep and has impressive tones that stand out even more when illuminated by sunlight. It is not possible to float as in Poço Azul. Ideally, do both tours on the same day.

ÇByzantine emitter of Mucugê

With white tombstones, which imitate small Gothic churches, the Byzantine Cemetery of Mucugê had its origins in the early 19th century, when an epidemic of cholera and smallpox hit the region. At night, blue spotlights illuminate the cemetery and give the place a mysterious charm.

Pati Valley

For those who like trekking, Vale do Pati is one of the most beautiful in Brazil. There are several possibilities of itineraries that vary from three to five days, so the attraction is recommended for those who have days to spare on a trip to Chapada da Diamantina.

Other attractions in Chapada da Diamantina

  • Mucugezinho River
  • Devil's Pit
  • Roncador Waterfall
  • Always Alive Project
  • Living Museum of Garimpo
  • Torrinha's Grotto
  • Mosquito Waterfall
  • Mixila Waterfall
  • Halley well
  • spring waterfall
  • Sossego Waterfall
  • Serra das Paridas Archaeological Complex

How to get to Chapada da Diamantina

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By airplane

The fastest way to get to Chapada Diamantina is through Horácio de Matos airport, in the municipality of Lençóis, which receives regular flights from Salvador and is 20km from the city center, on the BR-242.

By car

From the capital of Bahia, take the BR-324 to Feira de Santana and then the BR-116 to the bridge over the Paraguaçu River. The next section is covered by the BR-242 until Lençóis.

By bus

For those who want to go by bus through the state capital, the three companies that transport Salvador to the region take about six hours. From Salvador to Lençóis it is 409 km.

Best time to visit Chapada da Diamantina

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During the summer rainy season, which runs from November to January, the waterfalls are full, however the trails can be slippery and difficult to navigate.

The dry season, from April to October, there is no rain and the waterfalls are less dense. For those who want to go trekking in Vale do Pati, the best time is in the middle of the year.

to find the Blue Well and the Poço Encantado with rays of sunlight that penetrate the caves and make the water much bluer, the ideal is to go between winter and autumn. However, both places are beautiful any time of year.

 What you need to know before going to Chapada da Diamantina

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– The attractions of Chapada da Diamantina are far from each other, so if you go by car, calculate the routes and how much you will spend on gas. The main cities have gas stations, except in Vale do Capão. Always keep the tank full as a precaution.

– Most attractions require physical preparation and the accompaniment of accredited guides in the region. Avoid going out alone so you don't risk getting lost or injured.

– Bring comfortable clothes and sneakers, repellent and always carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the trails.

– Bring cash, as access to banks is limited. Major cities have some branches and ATMs. Banco do Brasil (Andaraí, Lençóis, Mucugê and Rio de Contas), Bradesco (Andaraí, Ibicoara, Lençóis, Mucugê, Palmeiras, Rio de Contas and Vale do Capão) and Caixa Econômica Federal (Andaraí, Ibicoara, Lençóis, Mucugê, Palmeiras and River of Accounts).

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