Disconnection with a touch of luxury, this is the best way to sum up the experience in Búzios, a city located in Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro, 170 km from the capital. The rustic setting of nature contrasts with the chic resorts and restaurants in the center of the city, which are pure fervor in high season. A paradise for lovers of an invigorating sea bath, after all, there are more than 20 beaches on this piece of coastline so coveted by cariocas and tourists from all over the world. 

Attractions in Buzios


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what do you love about Búzios, in addition to its air of sophistication, is the diversity of its beaches. There are options for those who like to surf, those who prefer a calm sea, almost a pool to spend hours and hours relaxing, it has a wild, popular beach, a wide strip of sand, a small shore, in short, in this place it is difficult not to fall in love. 

Travelers usually start this caiçara expedition with the most famous ones, such as Praia de Geribá, the most popular, due to the bars located in its surroundings. It is also very popular for surfing, windsurf and to watch the sunset. Another option is Praia de João Fernandes, which has a very short sand and full of chairs and tents and which enchants with the crystal clear sea, which looks more like an open-air swimming pool. The duo Azeda and Azedinha is also a good alternative, as they are neighbors and are only divided by a stone strip. It is there that there is a large staircase, which is one of the postcards of Búzios. 

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Now, for those looking for a quieter and less crowded place, Praia da Ferradurinha, should be on the list. It got its name because of its horseshoe shape. It has a short strip of sand, with calm seas and crystalline waters, which facilitates the practice of stand up paddle and kayak. Praia do Forno is also worth mentioning, for being more hidden, most tourists stop visiting it. The sea is rougher and its sand has a pinkish hue, which is rare to find and surprises anyone who passes by. 

Visitors who really want an almost deserted place should go straight to Praia da Foca, which at every moment of the day offers a different view as it suffers a great interference from the tide and is located in the passage between two rock walls, which explains the character of exclusivity. Praia dos Amores and Praia de Tucuns, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want to contemplate a preserved landscape and little frequented by tourists. Now, for a remarkable experience, Praia Olho de Boi can be very interesting, as it is dedicated to the practice of naturism.

Another activity that cannot be left out in Búzios is the unforgettable sunset. Among the most popular spots for this contemplation, Praia da Tartaruga never disappoints, in addition to being surrounded by vegetation, the sea is calm and transparent and if you are still lucky, it is possible to find some turtles.

After an intense day from sea to sea, there's nothing like ending the day at Rua das Pedras, a place that offers numerous nightlife and shopping attractions to guarantee that souvenir. For lovers of good cuisine, Porto da Barra and Orla Bardot are mandatory stops, as they bring together a gastronomic complex with restaurants and bars with an incredible view. 



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