Want to discover a little more about the capital of São Paulo? We have separated 16 places for you to visit in the city 

We know that there are many cool places in São Paulo, some are calmer, others more agitated and vary from public to public. But the city has some spots that really deserve a visit by anyone, whether with friends, family or even alone.

To discover the best places to do tours in São Paulo, we have developed a list, ranging from outdoor activities to museums and cinemas. So, you can decide which place you want to visit according to your mood. Now just check it out:

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Cool places to visit in São Paulo

Ibirapuera park 

Photo: Rubens Chiri

If you're feeling excited and looking to enjoy the day outside, the Ibirapuera's Park It is one of places in São Paulo that cannot be missing from your list of attractions to visit in the city. First, because it has several spaces dedicated to the practice of sports and second, because in many parts of the park it is possible to sit on the grass and just relax.

Paulista Avenue 

Photo: Disclosure

With a reputation for hustle and bustle, Avenida Paulista is the hallmark of São Paulo. There you can visit MASP, go to Sesc Paulista, stop by the Conjunto Nacional and ride a bike on the cycle lanes that follow the entire route. It is one of best places to walk in São Paulo because it has several types of attractions, from cinemas to performances by street artists.

Sao Paulo Municipal Market 

Photo: Rubens Chiri

The famous “mercadão de SP”, known by any resident and desired by any visitor. The place brings fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and many imported products, that is, there is no shortage of things to try and buy. Remembering that nowhere else in the city is it possible to find such a delicious pastel, so enjoy!


Photo: Government of the State of São Paulo

Marked by eastern colonization, the Liberdade neighborhood is home to many traditional Japanese, Chinese and Korean families. It is one of cool places in São Paulo, as it contains a variety of interesting points to visit, such as restaurants, clothing stores, bookstores and markets with imported products. All this with traces of oriental culture.

Augusta Street 

Photo: via checkinsaopaulo.com

Another of places to walk in Sao Paulo that is traditional in the city is Rua Augusta. Known for hosting any type of public, due to the bustling nightlife. But there you can also discover different restaurants and, who knows, bars, shops and nightclubs.

Sesc Paulista 

Photo: Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton

With free entry, the Sesc Paulista dazzles any visitors. The place attracts numerous visitors with its view towards Avenida Paulista. At the top you can see the entire length of the avenue and still see the lights that illuminate the city that never sleeps.

Santander lighthouse 

Photo: Government of the State of São Paulo

Farol Santander is one of the great cultural attractions of the city, with exhibitions and collections, it also offers a skating rink for outdoor activities. But speaking of which, what really draws attention and makes the place enter the list of cool places in São Paulo is the viewpoint, which gives a panoramic view of the entire center.

Kantuta Fair 

Photo: Mariana Gonzalez

As well as the neighborhood of Liberdade, the Kantuta fair bears traces of immigrants, but in this case, Bolivians. The place is great for a walk during the weekend with the family, with several stalls selling typical food and handicrafts. In addition, in the central square, performances often take place and groups gather in Andean dances.

Cultural Pack 

Photo: Disclosure

if you want to meet cool places in São Paulo and don't spend a lot of money, you should visit the Cultural Pack. Located in the center, Matilha is a space that aims to promote the cultural productions of various artists. The place has an exhibition space, multipurpose rooms and a cinema with 68 seats.

Japan House 

Photo: Mauro Cateb

Always with free exhibitions, Japan House is one of the places to walk in Sao Paulo and as it is located at the beginning of Avenida Paulista, it has easy access. The purpose of the place is to bring people closer to Japanese culture, but in a different and innovative way, always bringing activities that involve knowledge.

Batman's Alley 

photo: André Deak

This is definitely one of the cool places in São Paulo to take lots of pictures. Beco do Batman is located in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena and is completely covered in graffiti. The artistic manifestations on the walls of the place attract tourists and residents of the city.

Grajau Buddhist Temple 

Photo: Marcia Minillo

Also known as the Quan-inn Buddhist Temple, the site is architecturally impressive and attracts visitors from all directions. It is possible to enter and participate in some meditation, but if you didn't want to, visiting the gardens just to see is also a viable option.

Viewpoint 9th of July 

Photo: Disclosure

On the street under the MASP is the Mirante 9 de Julho, one of the cool places to go in São Paulo. With an alternative atmosphere, the main attraction is sitting on the stairs and watching the rush of cars on Avenida 9 de Julho. The place is super romantic, so if you are looking for a trip for two, this should be a priority.


Photo: Disclosure

If you are tired of the atmosphere of shopping malls and traditional cinemas, you have to visit CineSesc. With different programs and some even free, you can discover even more about film culture. In addition, as it is located on Rua Augusta, it is easily accessible.

Jaragua State Park 

Photo: Helio Milani

Who has never heard of Pico do Jaraguá? This is one of places to walk in Sao Paulo because it houses the last traces of the Atlantic Forest in the city, so in addition to the panoramic view of the metropolis, it is also possible to enjoy nature.

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