Coronavirus: find out how to cancel your flight. Airlines are rescheduling flights without charging fines, check out the specific rules for each company

After the outbreak of the outbreak transmitted by the new coronavirus, travelers around the world were taken by surprise with the migration rules imposed by several countries around the world. If you want to cancel your flight because of the coronavirus, check out the flight cancellation policy of major airlines.

Procon-SP guides consumers who have purchased airline tickets or travel packages to seek the agency if they want to cancel or postpone their trip due to Covid-19.

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According to the chief of staff at Procon-SP, Guilherme Farid, it is necessary to negotiate with the contracted company, which, even though it is not to blame for the situation, cannot refuse to offer alternatives to its consumers.

How do I rebook or cancel my flight?

how to rebook or cancel my flight

Coronavirus: Learn how to rebook or cancel your flight. Photo: Miguel Angel Sanz / Unsplash


THE Latam suspended flights between Guarulhos and Milan from March 2 to April 16.

Affected customers can choose between three options: rescheduling the flight date (no fine or fare difference); full refund (no fine) or origin/destination rebooking, no fine and subject to fare difference.


All international flights scheduled through April 12 can be rescheduled to any date within one year. Changing the period has no fees.

It is also possible to choose between refund, cancellation and credit, in which the passenger can use the same ticket value for purchases on the Goal valid for up to one year.


TAP has already canceled more than 3,500 flights between March and May, most of them on routes that connect European countries.

In other destinations outside the mainland, the company decided to postpone its operations until December 31. Passengers who have a ticket between these dates will be able to choose between canceling or rescheduling their trip at no additional cost.


Passengers with flights to Lisbon, Porto or the United States in March 2020 can change or cancel their flight without rebooking costs, for dates until June 30 this year.

In case of cancellation (also without fees), the value of the tickets will be transformed into credit for future purchases at Blue.

Air France 

If you have tickets between March 31, for flights until May 31, you will have the option to postpone or cancel your travel date at no additional cost. Rebooking to the same destination and the same rate can be made until May 31st.

THE Air France also temporarily suspended flights to China, Hong Kong, Seoul and Taipei. All routes to Italy have also been canceled from March 14 to April 3.

Air Canada

THE Air Canada is changing bookings made before March 4th to travel through April 30th at no charge up to 24 hours before your flight.

Passengers may also choose to cancel the ticket, however the refund will be made in the form of a voucher with the same value as the tickets issued. 

Air Europa

All flights between Italy and Spain have already been canceled and will return after March 26. Those who bought tickets to Italy between March 11 and 25 have until November 30 to change their route without penalty.

American Airlines

THE American Airlines has just released a statement that it will suspend flights to Brazil and other countries. for travel between March 1st and April 30th, it is possible to rebook to any date up to December 31st or within 1 year of ticketing date.


Travelers with flights to any international destination in Avianca may change their itinerary in the same fare class without penalty. The trip can be made until December 31 of this year or until one year after the ticket issuance.

British Airways 

Change fees have been removed for all bookings made between March 3 and March 31. The traveler has the right to choose a new date and/or itinerary up to 12 months after the date of purchase.

THE British Airways will provide a voucher of the same value as the tickets for future purchases. Passengers who have had their flight canceled can choose to be refunded or rebooked.

Copa Airlines 

THE Copa Airlines has relaxed its change policies and guarantees that tickets booked between March 5th and 31st can undergo date or itinerary changes free of charge, other than the difference in the fare.

The agreement is only valid for flights between March 5 and June 15.


Those who purchased tickets before March 5, for travel until April 30, are entitled to choose a new flight date without additional fees – but travel must take place by December 31 of this year.


Those who purchased tickets until March 31, for flights until May 31, 2020, can postpone the date at no additional cost on any of the company's routes.

The flight to the same destination can be postponed until May 31, but there is also the possibility to change the country of origin or destination or even postpone your departure until after May 31.


Passengers scheduled to travel between March 1 and April 30 can reschedule their flight until December 31 of this year free of charge. There is also the possibility to change the ticket itinerary or even cancel the trip and use the value on a future flight.

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