Doubts, symptoms, prevention, canceled flights: find the information you need to stay informed about the coronavirus in Brazil and around the world

With the advances of the coronavirus around the world, many measures are being taken both in Brazil and abroad to contain its spread. Several initiatives have already been and continue to be carried out to minimize local transmission of the virus.

However, it never hurts to keep up with updates that arrive all the time. To help you stay informed, we've highlighted some important points about Covid-19.

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Useful information about the coronavirus

tourist destinations travel coronavirus

Italy: government of one of the main tourist destinations in the world launches a task force. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

If you still have questions about how to protect yourself and what the symptoms of the coronavirus are, we provide infographics illustrating disease care and reactions, as well as measures that the population must adopt on a daily basis to avoid contagion.

If you have any symptoms of the disease, the Ministry of Health has launched an app to serve the population with secure information about the new coronavirus. The app features descriptions of symptoms, prevention tips, forms of transmission and a map with the health facilities closest to each user.

For those who want to know about the progress of the disease in the world, a map created by John Hopkins University, in the United States, highlights in real time countries not yet affected by the coronavirus.

coronavirus in Brazil

After suspending the international bus travel for 60 days, the federal government announced the closing of Brazil's borders with neighboring countries. This is another of the actions taken with the aim of containing the advance of the coronavirus in Brazil.

Brazil also restricted the air entry of flights from Europe and Asia to contain the progress of the disease. The airline GOL announced the cancellation of all your international flights until mid-June. In addition, also canceled regional flights, keeping only the routes to capitals. Through the company, health professionals can travel for free to act in the fight against the disease.

Travel and flight information


Photo: Pixabay

Another point where it is necessary to stay informed is in relation to flights and travel cancellations.. Are you abroad and your flight was canceled due to air restrictions? Anac provided a online form that must be filled in by Brazilians in this situation.

If you've already purchased a flight and don't know how to rebook or cancel, some airlines are rebooking flights without charging fines: check the specific rules for each company.

Although it is not recommended to travel at this time, if you need, for reasons of urgency, to travel by plane during this period, you must be extra careful. In this article we explain how to protect yourself from contagion during a flight.

Attractions closed during the pandemic


Photo: Disclosure

To fight the pandemic, countries around the world have closed tourist attractions, as well as other establishments. The recommendation, in Brazil, is that people do not leave the house to avoid contagion by coronavirus. It is necessary to respect social isolation to contain the advancement of the disease. In a pandemic, the travels is one of the most affected and impacted, as tourists become potential agents for a global transmission.

In São Paulo, for example, water parks remain closed in the interior of the state, as well as beaches. In the capital, municipal parks like Ibirapuera, are also suspended for visitors. At the moment, all National Parks in Brazil remain closed also.

In addition, Brazilian municipalities are mobilizing to prevent tourists from accessing several cities.

Options to visit virtually during quarantine

Versailles Castle. Photo: 12019 / Pixabay

The days of quarantine are very necessary to contain the advance of the coronavirus in Brazil. For travelers, the moment calls for a truce in adventures – but that doesn't mean you don't have to miss out on discovering fantastic places around the world. There are options that take you to “travel” without leaving home.

There are, for example, several movies that take you to travel the world without getting off the couch. Some interesting moments are being broadcast to the world in real time, such as the aurora borealis phenomenon happening right now in Canada.

In addition, museums around the world that were closed due to the coronavirus now make their online collection. Finally, anyone who wants to make a virtual tour of the Palace of Versailles you can access the site and be enchanted by the beauties of the former royalty of France.

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