How is the coronavirus situation in Turkey? Follow information about travel, flights, borders and the reopening of tourism in the country

THE Turkey offers a wide range of attractions for Brazilians. Whether for its beautiful beaches, exotic mosques, historic regions, imposing mountains, cultural wealth or a rich and tasty cuisine, the country is able to please any tourist profile. 

But in the end, how is the coronavirus situation in turkey? This is an extremely important question at the moment, as many travelers are looking for information about its reopening.

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Despite registering a large number of cases at the beginning of the pandemic, Turkey managed to reverse the situation and became a great example of combating the virus. To give you an idea, the country was one of the first in Europe to launch a secure tourism certification system. 

Now, gradually and cautiously, the country is slowly returning to a new normality. To better understand the situation, we spoke to Simone Karaatli and Andy Sevinc, Brazilian women who for 10 years have been offering receptive services in Portuguese and concierge services for Brazilians in Turkey. Specialists are at the forefront of Kleos Turkey, a pioneer and certified company that carries out tours around the country. 

Coronavirus in Turkey: how did the country face the pandemic?

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THE Turkey was quick and effective in fighting the coronavirus. In early March, with the confirmation of the first cases, the country's government closed schools, offices, restaurants and tourist attractions, in addition to other establishments. Major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara have entered lockdown, and more distant regions, such as Cappadocia, carried out the isolation horizontally. 

 “The population remained alert and there was very effective communication from the government. As residents, in general, we always felt that the situation was under control”, Andy Sevinc explained to Guia Viajar Melhor. In addition, the government established decrees that provided for the collection of fines in case of non-compliance with protocols. 

Thus, the lack of definition in the country was carried out gradually. In May, commerce was reopened with restrictions. In June, the airports resumed activities, operating national and international flights. Currently, it is already possible to visit restaurants, attractions and travel to other cities within the country, always respecting hygiene and social distancing standards. “The use of masks in closed places is mandatory and establishments have provided gel alcohol”, added the Brazilian. 

Turkey travel and reopening

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But after all, how is the tourism in turkey? A number of measures have been taken to ensure the safety of visitors. Launched by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and designed by the public and private sector, the “Safe Tourism Certificate” was another security measure implemented in the country. 

The certificate introduces a series of measures, from transport, accommodation, installation and monitoring of the health status of passengers, to guarantee the safety of the tourist at the destination. “Turkey places great value on tourism and is one of the governments that most encourages local tourist activities,” said Andy Sevinc. To adapt to the new requirements, hotels and restaurants must follow 132 criteria to obtain certification. 

In addition, the government is still studying the implementation of a health insurance package for cases of Covid-19. In it, foreign guests visiting the country will be able to have medical costs covered in cases of the virus.  

Flight and border situation in Turkey

coronavirus in Turkey reopens tourism borders Turkey flights

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But what about flights and the reopening of borders in Turkey? THE Turkish Airlines, one of the main airlines in the country, announced that it should resume regular flights to Brazil from September 2nd, with operations between São Paulo and Istanbul. Initially, flights will have three frequencies per week, increasing to seven frequencies in October. 

For the time being, there is no restriction that prevents Brazilians from accessing the country. “Brazilian tourists who want to visit Turkey can now do so. Although direct flights are not yet operational, it is possible to reach Turkey on flights with stopovers in other countries. We advise passengers to always check the traffic rules in connecting countries,” Andy explained. 

Travel restrictions for Brazilians in Turkey

coronavirus in Turkey reopens tourism borders Turkey flights

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As mentioned earlier, there is nothing to prevent Brazilians from entering the Turkey. Since June 12, restrictions on access to the country have been lifted, without the need to carry out the quarantine. However, according to the Turkish government, at airports in Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, Izmir and Istanbul, and other provinces that attract tourists, visitors will have their body temperature checked upon arrival. 

Also, to carry out domestic flights within the country, it is mandatory to issue the HES code (Hayat Eve Sığar). This is a personal code implemented by the Turkish government to prevent passengers who have tested positive for COVID-19 on domestic flights. Thus, it is necessary to include the code before purchasing any air ticket in the country. 

However, it is very simple to obtain the HES, and it is possible to request it via SMS. The step by step can be consulted on the Itamaraty website clicking here

How are tourist attractions and hotels working in Turkey?

coronavirus in Turkey reopens tourism borders Turkey flights

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As for tourist attractions in the country, some Turkish museums and palaces are already open. However, a series of protocols must be followed to visit them, such as taking body temperature at the entrance, disinfecting hands and using masks, always with a limit of people at a time. Thus, the mosques are also strictly controlled for visitation. 

However, an advantage is that the Turkey offers many outdoor walks in more remote areas, ensuring virtually spontaneous social distancing. “Turkey is known as the largest open-air museum in the world with many attractions and open activities, as well as beaches, mountains, natural parks and others,” said the tourism professional. 

As for accommodation, hotels are also strengthening their hygiene and disinfection practices, in line with new government protocols. “Cleaning and maintenance standards have been raised to match the new demands. Restaurants also underwent changes in reopening, as did transport companies,” he concluded. 

Turkey: a beautiful and safe destination for post-pandemic Brazilians 

coronavirus in Turkey reopens tourism borders Turkey flights

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With pioneering security measures and a constant concern for the safety of tourists, the Turkey can be considered an ideal destination for Brazilians to visit after the pandemic. In addition to betting on responsible and safe tourism in its reopening, the country is also considered a cheap destination, especially compared to other European locations.  

Also, the ease of travel between cities, which are well connected, create an opportunity for those who want to know multiple destinations in a few hours of flight. “You can visit ancient temples, a culturally rich metropolis, underground cities, wonderful beaches and incredible mountains,” said Andy. 

To receive tourists in the country in this reopening, the agency Kleos Turkey is already adapted to this new reality, following all the protocols necessary to act in tourism. “Our vehicles are being sanitized with each use, we provide a personalized hygiene kit for our customers upon arrival. Our employees have been trained and are complying with all the standards required by the Ministry of Tourism”, he concluded. 

Kleos Turkey
Yukari Mah. Fatíh Cadd. No 71 – Uchisar / Cappadocia / Turkey
Phone: +90 (384) 219 2047/ +90 (549) 861 0050 (Portuguese)
Email: [email protected]

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