Green waters, calm seas with warm temperatures, cliffs, viewpoints, natural pools and large coconut groves are characteristics of the beautiful Costa do Conde, on the southern coast of Paraíba. Just 26 km from the capital João Pessoa, the busiest tourist route for tourists visiting the state meets all the expectations of a traveler looking for the northeast as their next destinations: deserted beaches, high temperatures, natural beauties and lots of coconut water!

Designed by immense curves that accommodate hundreds of coconut trees, this little piece of the northeast coast is surprising framed by multicolored cliffs that reach up to 40 meters high. Despite being little commented on among the tourist destinations that stand out in this region of Brazil, Costa do Conde, in fact, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the infrastructure of hotels, inns and restaurants, being easily included in the list of essential landscapes to visit in the North East.

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Frequented by travelers and locals, the Costa do Conde It undoubtedly has 7 wonderful beaches with unique features that are spread over 20 km. They are: Praia de Gramame, Praia do Amor, Praia de Jacumã, Caripabus, Tabatinga, Coqueirinhos and Tambaba.

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If you are looking for a place with a more rustic atmosphere, sandy streets, have a calmer routine and especially feel surrounded by preserved nature, the destination fits your needs perfectly. However, waking up early is essential in Paraíba, as the state receives the first rays of sunshine in the country. It provides shorter days that say goodbye with fantastic sunsets, another point that certainly deserves to be admired to the fullest.

In principle, the Conde Coast can be accessed in different ways, by vehicle (about 40 minutes by PB-008), public transport or through transfers offered by tourist agencies. In this way, during the route between the beaches that are part of the road map, landscapes always with the coast to the side are changing and increasingly impressing those who admire it along the road. First, be sure to check out the viewpoint overlooking the cliffs of the famous naturist beach of Tambaba. A perfect click that will be immortalized as a great memory of the beaches of Paraíba.

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Gramame beach

The first beach of Costa do Conde has a very extensive strip of sand where several natural pools are formed when the tide is low.

Praia de Gramame Costa do Conde south coast Paraíba

Costa do Conde – coast of Paraíba, Paraíba. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Love Beach

The main attraction of this beach is a perforated stone, that is, marked by an indigenous tradition where every couple who crosses the portal hand in hand will remain together forever.

Praia do Amor Costa do Conde south coast Paraíba

Costa do Conde – coast of Paraíba, Paraíba. Photo: via Flickr – Marcelo F

Jacumã beach

Praia de Jacumã has the best infrastructure along the route with hotels, inns, restaurants and bars. Therefore, the beach is surrounded by reefs that leave the waters without waves and calmer, suitable for children.


As it concentrates most of the inns on the south coast, Carapibus beach is quite busy. Therefore, several families enjoy the very generous area of attractions, including the natural pools.

Caripabus Costa do Conde south coast Paraíba

Costa do Conde – coast of Paraíba, Paraíba. Photo: Gustavo Albano


The great attraction of this beach is, without a doubt, the immense walls that form a huge stretch of the beach. The cliffs reach up to 40 meters, that is, leaving the beach looking wilder and inhospitable.


Costa do Conde – coast of Paraíba, Paraíba. Photo: Gustavo Albano

coconut trees

The best known of the beaches on the south coast, Coqueirinhos is surrounded by many beauties that form one of the main postcards of the state. Cliffs, canyons and coconut trees the beach has little infrastructure and is only very popular during the weekends.

south coast Paraíba

Costa do Conde – coast of Paraíba, Paraíba. photo: Max Levay


In addition to its natural beauties that delight any visitor, the site has become world-renowned for being the first of its kind in the Northeast to allow, since 1989, the practice of naturism with official support.

The state of João Pessoa has high temperatures throughout the year, the seasons are divided into only summer and winter, second to second only a season of more intense rains usually in the months of March to August.


Costa do Conde – coast of Paraíba, Paraíba. Photo: Edgley Cesar

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