Known as green Coast, the stretch that encompasses the south coast of Rio de Janeiro and the north coast of São Paulo, with all certainty, stands out for the beauty of its beaches and by the abundance of Atlantic Forest vegetation.

Therefore, the green Coast is the perfect place for water sports, underwater fishing and boat trips through beautiful beaches and islands. In addition, the cities have a very lively nightlife. Therefore, for those who will pass through the region, we have separated the main destinations of the route.

Main attractions of Costa Verde

salty sea

Maresias - SP

Photo: Roberto Takeda

Certainly, Maresias is the most famous beach in São Sebastião and the busiest on the northern coast of the state. This is because the beach is 5 km long and has an excellent tourist infrastructure, offering several options of hotels, restaurants and bars. In addition, the beach is also well known for its perfect waves, especially at Canto do Moreira, where surfing championships are held.

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Beautiful island

Ilhabela - SP

Photo: Cristina Yuki Ota Cabrera

Surprisingly, with 42 beaches and over 300 waterfalls, the wonderful Beautiful island attracts thousands of tourists every year. The island has 83% of its area preserved by a state park that makes the beach one of the most beautiful in the state. In addition, during the year, several events are held, such as the Gastronomic Festival and the Rolex Ilhabela Sailing Week, an ocean sailing competition that has been held for over 40 years.


Ubatuba - SP

Photo: Denilton Santos

the municipality of ubatuba It has more than 80 beaches spread throughout its region. The sea and Atlantic forest meet forming exuberant landscapes. Finally, the city still has several islands scattered along the coast, waterfalls and trails.


Trindade - RJ

Photo: Rodrigo Holanda

the beautiful village of Trinity is located in the municipality of Paraty. Its attractions are the Cepilho beach, the natural pool of Cachadaço and the stone that swallows, a small waterfall where it is possible to slide between the rocks in a hole.


Paraty - RJ

Photo:: Vitor Coelho Nisida

Undoubtedly, paraty It is the perfect setting to enjoy your vacation, as the city offers everything, such as cultural tours in its wonderful historic center and ecotourism activities – as the privileged region offers several beaches and waterfalls. Finally, the city is the stage for several events and has a fantastic structure of inns, restaurants and bistros.

Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis - RJ

Photo: Joachim Rembold

“If there is a paradise, it is very close to here.” This phrase was recorded in a letter by Américo Vespucci to describe the old Vila dos Santos Reis Magos, today, Angra dos Reis. It is one of the oldest Brazilian cities, discovered by Gonçalo Coelho, on January 6, 1502. Just 166 km from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis, surprisingly, it has 8 bays, 365 islands and 2,000 beaches.

Big Island

Big Island

Photo: Nelio Ricardo Aguiar

Certainly, the destiny of many Brazilians and foreigners. THE Big Island offers dozens of beaches that seem to have come out of movies and magazines, viewpoints, coves, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls and mountains make the place a true ecological sanctuary that merges with its more than 500 years of history, traditions and legends.



Photo: Disclosure Club Med Brazil

Located 100 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, Mangaratiba is the gateway to Costa Verde, serving as a bridge to some of the most visited points in the region, such as Ilha Grande and Ilha de Itacuruçá. Passage territory? None of that. The city is home to beautiful waterfalls, sophisticated resorts and remnants of the prosperity lived throughout the 19th century. After all, Mangaratiba is a small and calm town, very easy to get around. The boarding pier for Ilha Grande is right in the center of the beach, it is a must for anyone arriving.



Photo: Thiago HD

Finally, a quiet and cozy place. Itacurçá is well known for being the gateway to the famous Costa Verde, a region in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro that goes up to Ubatuba in the state of São Paulo, known for the huge area of Atlantic Forest in this stretch of the Brazilian coast. The municipality usually receives many tourists during the year, especially during the summer. In addition, many cariocas take advantage of the fact that the city is so close and find in Itacuruçá the opportunity to relax away from the busiest beaches in the capital.

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