Thinking about traveling alone but don't know how to prepare? Get inspired by these 10 safest countries for you to travel peacefully and without worries

When the vacation period or extended recess arrives, we always want to make that trip we dreamed of so much. However, many times, we do not have friends who can accompany us, and this presents us with a plan that can be very intimidating, especially when we do not know very well the destination where we are going to travel. But this should not discourage us to the point of canceling our plans, on the contrary: travel alone It can be very good and enriching!

Many women report that they felt unmotivated when they announced that they intended to have a trip alone. They often heard: “but isn't that dangerous?”; or “but are you really going to travel alone?”. Although they feel vulnerable at first, they guarantee: when you are with yourself in a new place, you come to know and trust you more.

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Evidently there was a lot planning. Researching the destination, its customs and how to get organized there, knowing how local transport works, where to go, where to stay, among other fundamental things to travel, minimize worries and fears. It is also always important to talk to people who have been to these countries and collect tips. Below is a list of the best countries to travel alone and have fun on the dreamed (and deserved) vacation.


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According to the World Economic Forum, Iceland is the friendliest country in the world, as well as welcoming women traveling alone. It is common to hear reports of women who had unique experiences in front of the bucolic landscapes of this Nordic country. Despite speaking their native language – Icelandic – English is fluent, thus facilitating communication.  


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Deciphering city maps and subways ensure a smooth stay in the world's busiest cultural country. The feeling of being safe is also given by the frequency of people on the streets and cafes, even at night. Even if you don't speak French, it's possible to get along with other people who are willing to help, in addition to always making friends in hostels or finding a Brazilian guide around the country.


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Many women report being the ideal country to meet people. Language is an enabler and there are many programs that offer stay at home for other women, thus lessening the worry. In Lisbon, for example, many people walk the streets even at dawn, attesting to the securitythe local nightlife. During the day, a world of discoveries awaits you in one of the oldest countries in the world. Portugal is also in the ranking of the best countries in the travel abroad alone.

New Zealand

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New Zealand is the nation with the lowest rate of aggression against women, reaching almost zero when it comes to travellers. Its scenario is divided into two profiles of travelers: the country is desired among those who are more adventurous and those who prefer a more peaceful trip, full of comfort and luxury typical of a first world country. It is worth mentioning that the New Zealand ranks third in the Global Peace Index.


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“Traveling to Holland always leaves good memories” says traveler. Studying the map of the city where you plan to travel is important, mainly because you can make your itinerary by bike, a good way to enjoy the landscape. The country has several facilities for foreigners. In Amsterdam, for example, there is a direct connection from the airport to the train, among other tips that will make your trip easier.


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One of the safest countries on the North American continent, Canada, receives thousands of visitors annually, and in 2017, Toronto recorded records of tourists who chose the city as a destination. Planning the route is important, as there is so much to do in Quebec The Toronto. The capitals present a cosmopolitan aspect, with a rhythm similar to that of São Paulo. Some destinations are essential, such as the CN Tower, where you can have a panoramic view of the city.


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Denmark ranks second in the ranking of the most peaceful in the world, according to the Global Peace Index and can be considered one of the most peaceful in the world. safest places to travel alone in europe. And indeed, when walking through the streets of Copenhagen, the feeling of security is visible. The strong tradition of the chocolate trade is an attraction that draws the attention of many travelers. The entertainment options vary between nightlife, daytime and cultural tours where you can alternate between visiting parks, museums, cultural centers and pubs.


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Traveling to Uruguay is so safe how passionate. Cities offer particular characteristics to each traveller. In Punta del Este has a buzz that draws the attention of those who want to meet people and relate. Already Jose Ignacio offers a tranquility as well as a safe place to be more alone. Montevideo offers an even greater sense of security, due to the cordiality of its inhabitants. One of the cheapest international destinations to travel alone.


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The fifth most peaceful and peaceful country in the world pleases travelers through mountainous landscapes and especially skiers and snow sports enthusiasts. The country is also recognized for being in fifth place in the Index Global Peace. Travelers report the friendly reception of its inhabitants, who are always willing to help foreign travelers.


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Germany is a popular destination for women tourists who want to practice the German language or get to know a very traditional and peculiar European culture. Many of these travelers report the receptivity that Germans have towards foreigners. It is very common for someone to start a conversation with you around a heater in some nightclub or even in hotels. But traveling to Germany is not just pleasant for its nightlife, even during winter, destinations like Munich and Berlin, make the trip an exclusive experience, passing through very busy places in public environments, guaranteeing an enviable sense of security.

Faced with these possibilities, it will not be the lack of company that will prevent you from getting to know fantastic places and having liberating experiences, increasing your self-confidence and knowledge. Did you like these tips? destinations to travel alone? Now just choose the country you like the most and start planning this trip.

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