Those who choose to take the walk through Lençóis Maranhenses, have the opportunity to discover untouched scenery and charming communities in the middle of the National Park.

There is no scenery in the world comparable to the fascinating National Park of Maranhão sheets, located on the coast of Maranhão. There are 155 thousand hectares of stunning landscape of a tropical desert with white sand dunes that reach up to 40 meters in height and freshwater lagoons formed during the rainy season.

THE Trekking through Lençóis Maranhenses is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Latin America, during the trip that lasts around 5 to 7 days, travelers will see amazing landscapes crossing this oasis cut by rivers and crystalline lagoons that meet gigantic dunes. On this route, adventurers will also have the opportunity to live in fishing communities inside the park, getting to know the daily lives of people who live in one of the most remote regions of Brazil. Smallholder families live modestly, working in fishing, farming and raising animals. Everything is very simple and equally charming.

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The beginning of the walk is through the charming town of Atins, the closest place to the area that corresponds to the Maranhão sheets, to get there it is necessary to take the traditional “voadeira”, a speedboat that fiercely cuts through the calm waters of the beautiful Rio Preguiças. During the journey, the visitor passes by paradisiacal beaches bordered by the ocean or river beaches, with fresh water, getting to know friendly villages that appear in the midst of the predominant nature of the region.

During the tour, the highlight is the Povoado de Vassouras, where the visitor sees several capuchin monkeys that live loose on the beach, in addition to visiting the community and lighthouse of Mandacaru and the beach of Caburé, a peninsula that allows bathing on one side. and bathing in the river on the other.

After entering the park, visitors go through 4 other communities: Baixa Grande, Queimadas dos Britos, Betânia and Santo Amaro. The villages are surrounded by the dunes and undergrowth of the National Park and serve as support for outsiders who follow this expedition.

At the trekking, when the visitor is already inside the National Park, the feeling of overcoming it is constant, but it is compensated by the panoramic views and the dips on the beach or in the clear water lagoons that appear along the way. Strong winds allow for a pleasant temperature throughout the crossing, even with the absence of shadows, heat does not become a problem.

Walk through Lençóis Maranhenses National Park. Photo: André Dib

Sunset at Lençóis Maranhenses. Photo: Arnaud Voyage

Entrance to the National Park. Photo: Brazil Ecotour

Lagoon in the community of Betânia. Photo: Nilton Ramos Quoirin

Queimada dos Britos Community. Photo: via Viaja Minas

If you want to do the script we indicate the  eco adventure, pioneers in the development of tourism in the region and one of the few agencies that offer personalized tours in the Maranhão sheets since 1998.


eco adventure
Av. Presidente Vargas, 26 – Porto das Barcas, Parnaíba – Piauí
Phone: (86) 3323.9595
Email: [email protected]

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