We separate the main cultural centers of the capital of São Paulo that deserve to be explored carefully on a visit to the destination

THE Sao Paulo City offers many tours and places worth visiting, among them the cultural centers. Many people think that visiting museums and galleries can be a little expensive, but in São Paulo it is quite the opposite. At cultural attractions are free and open to the general public, so they receive numerous visitors throughout the days.

We choose the main cultural itineraries in São Paulo thinking about location and ease of access, from the city center. So with one next to the other, you can close this list in just one day.

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Cultural tours in São Paulo

Itaú Cultural

cultural tours to do in São Paulo

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Another cultural itinerary in São Paulo is the Itaú Cultural. Also located on Avenida Paulista, the building has free exhibitions, the main one being for those interested in the history of Brazil.

The building's permanent exhibition is called the Brasiliana Collection, Espaço Olavo e Setubal, it brings together more than a thousand items that tell the country's history. It is a great place to learn new things, as the collection is arranged in chronological order, from the discovery of Brazil to the appearance of the first magazines and works produced.

Within this timeline it is possible to find paintings, engravings, old coins and original manuscripts. In addition to having a very large separate space for the fauna, flora and the history of the Brazilian Indians.

The other exhibits are not permanent, but tend to be more interactive, often relying on visitor participation. All provide mechanisms such as TV and headphones, which together explain a little more of what is being exposed.

As the building is very large, it also has theater, musical, audiovisual and literary performances. However, for those who want to explore these attractions even more, it is necessary to consult the information of the site.

IMS – Instituto Moreira Salles

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THE Moreira Salles Institute It is located near the Consolação subway, on Avenida Paulista, and offers the best galleries for those who love photography. The place is the stage for events, workshops and mainly exhibitions. In addition to offering movie theaters, with monthly schedules and a library open to the public.

It is considered one of the main cultural centers in the city of São Paulo, because its galleries are always changing, that is, the content and schedules don't stop. If you love this type of environment, you need to know that the rooms are also full of historical themes, which accompany the photographer's trajectory.

The building has another differential: it is very well located and offers a beautiful panoramic view of Avenida Paulista. Therefore, it ends up attracting people to the place, which also has a space for work and leisure.

MIS – Museum of Image and Sound

cultural tours to do in São Paulo

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Another cultural space that could not be missing from our list of tips is the MIS- Museum of Image and Sound. Known as the most pop museum in São Paulo, it does not have a fixed collection, so it always brings new things to its visitors.

It's not called Image and Sound for nothing, the museum mostly features exhibitions that provide sounds to contrast with what is shown visually, resulting in a much more playful sensory sensation for those who are there.

Another positive point is that many of the exhibitions count on the participation of visitors, that is, it is possible to touch and move the works without fear, breaking the standard conception that people have of museums.

The place is free and usually its more elaborate exhibitions have a long duration, in addition to being close to Avenida Paulista. Therefore, this place is part of our cultural itinerary in São Paulo.

MASP – Art Museum of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand

cultural tours to do in São Paulo

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THE São Paulo Museum of Arts, known as MASP, is one of the best-known cultural attractions in all of Latin America and cannot be missed on your visiting list. Currently, the collection has more than eight thousand pieces, being them by national and international artists. Big names like Di Cavalcanti and Picasso circulate the building's corridors.

THE MASP It is located in the center of Avenida Paulista and on Tuesdays it is a free tour, on other days of the week the price is R$ 15. When entering there is usually no queue, but when the museum opens its doors for an unprecedented exhibition, you may need to wait a little.

The building has a fixed collection of works, but every year it hosts different exhibitions to attract the public. In addition, it works with an exchange policy with other museums, so no matter how many times you visit the place, your experience will never be the same.

The galleries available do not only house paintings, there are also sculptures and photographs. Since, by varying the exhibitions, MASP brings different types of art, such as sewing, collage and other artistic styles, in an attempt to expand the conception of Art of its visitors.

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