From September 2021 to April 2022, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, in Curitiba, hosts the exhibition “Os Gêmeos: Segredos”, which brings together more than one hundred works by Gustavo and Otávio Pandolfo from São Paulo.

The show includes items such as paintings, never-before-seen sculptures, immersive installations and even scratch pads used by the brothers in their teens.

The presence of culture in Curitiba reaches an unprecedented level with the exhibition. The artists are famous for their unique trait, which brings influences from hip hop culture, with mentions of dance, music, muralism and popular culture. Used to creating their works in urban spaces, the creations have already passed through more than 60 countries, including Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Cuba and the United States, among others.

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The Pandolfos have already participated in several shows at institutions such as the Hamburger Bahnhof, in Germany, in 2019, with a project in partnership with the local group Flying Steps; in Canada, in 2014, at the Vancouver Biennale; in Los Angeles, at Moca – Museum of Contemporary Art, in 2011; in 2008, in Tokyo, Japan, at the MOT – Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo; in the same year in London, at Tate Modern; and in 2006 at the Milan Trienale, among many others.

Exhibition of the Twins in Curitiba

exhibition the curitiba twins

Photo: Disclosure

The event, however, did not go unscathed from receiving criticism from Niemeyer's great-grandson. This is because, to promote the exhibition, the artists installed some paintings on the facade of the establishment, which generated a confusion of opinions on social networks, with Paulo Niemeyer emphasizing that such an attitude was “a disrespect” towards the facade of the museum, designed by your great-grandfather.

The management, however, emphasized that when the exhibition the Gemeos in Curitiba was decided, commissioned the alteration in the structure, which was authorized by the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, which takes care of the cultural heritage of the state. As a result, the Foundation itself came out in favor of the Pandolfos and countered Niemeyer's claims.

The yellow characters on the museum's facade are nothing new in the brothers' work. In São Paulo, when they were on display, they adorned the façade of the Pinacoteca do Estado. When people from Curitiba learned that the images would be printed, they rushed to the museum's lawn to see Gustavo and Otávio graffiti live and in color. As for the facade, the more traditionalists have nothing to worry about, as it will be painted white again as soon as the exhibition is over.

the Twins

Photo: Disclosure

About the duo's work, an official release from the museum says: “Their works tell stories – sometimes autobiographical – whose plots involve fantasy, affective relationships, questions, dreams and life experiences. The Gêmeos maintain their studio, to this day, in Cambuci, an old neighborhood of workers and immigrants in the central region of São Paulo, where they spent their childhood and youth. From the 1990s onwards, his experiments – not only in graffiti, but also painting on static and kinetic canvases and sculptures – went beyond two-dimensional limits, culminating in the construction of his own universe that operates between dream and reality.”

Oscar Niemeyer museum

exhibition the twins in curitiba

Photo: Disclosure

The stage for the controversy over graffiti on the façade was inaugurated in 2002 under the name of New Museum. With the completion of the renovation and the construction of a new annex, it was reopened on July 8, 2003, with the current name in honor of its famous architect, who completed this project when he was 95 years old. It is also known as Museu do Olho or Olho de Niemeyer, due to the shape of the building.

The establishment focuses on the visual arts, architecture and design. Due to its grandeur, beauty and collection, it represents a cultural institution of international relevance. The set of two buildings, installed in an area of 35 thousand square meters (of which 19 thousand are dedicated to the exhibition space), is a true example of architecture combined with art. The first building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1967, faithful to the style of the time, and conceived as an educational institution, inaugurated in 1978.

The museum features many of the designer artist's signature elements: bold geometric shapes, curved sculptural volumes prominently placed to contrast rectangular volumes, winding pedestrian ramps, large areas of white-painted concrete, and areas with murals or lively paintings. Although rooted in modern architecture since his involvement with the international style, Niemeyer's designs have much in common with postmodern architecture and this is a building as contemporary as the artwork it displays.

The annex is reminiscent of a human eye and has given the museum a new identity. It was completed and opened to the public in 2003. Constructed of reinforced concrete, the 30-meter-tall structure sits above a pool of water and is connected to the museum's main building by a futuristic underground walkway. The annex contains a grand spiral staircase between its levels, and the two diamond-shaped “eye” facades of the building are constructed of glass and steel, which provide natural light.

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Oscar Niemeyer museum

Rua Marechal Hermes 999 – Civic Center – Curitiba | PR - 80530,230
Phone: (41) 3350-4400
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