The largest tourist resort in Mato Grosso do Sul offers several quiet places for those visiting the destination with children

With nature in abundance Beautiful, at the Bush Grosso do Sul, stands out as one of the best ecotourism destinations in the country. The tourist resort is just 300 km from the capital Large field and has so many tourist attractions that it fits any profile of traveler, from the most adventurous to couples with children small, seeking quieter attractions.

In Beautiful It is possible to stay in several well-structured inns and even resorts in the midst of nature, with comfort and a service that will meet all your needs and expectations during the trip. In the city there are several ideal programs for trips with children minors, but for safety reasons, some of them have age restrictions, in general, they start from 5 and 6 years old.

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Children over 6 years old can already perform some activities such as floating, which are the highlight of the region: wearing wetsuits (generally included in the tour), mask and snorkel, parents and children float down, following the current, in the midst of colorful fish and many aquatic plants.

Children above that age will also be able to enjoy tours such as trails, waterfalls and caves. For children under 6 years old, the city also offers spas to relax and enjoy the beauties of Bonito without age restrictions.

Municipal Bathhouse and the Sun

The spas function as a kind of club, with swimming pools, snack bars, courts and a complete infrastructure to enjoy all day. There are no age restrictions on these attractions, making them ideal for the whole family.

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River of silver

The tours have a small section where the visitor will have to take a walk with stops to observe the local fauna and flora. Then the float begins, lasting an average of 1h40min in clear water full of colorful fish!

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Cross buoy

The tour covers about 1200m of the Formoso River on top of buoys that follows the current of the clear water river and moves tourists through small rapids.

Photo: Mark Hillary

Figueira beach

A freshwater beach around a beautiful lagoon also with crystal clear water. The space has kiosks, sun loungers, bar and restaurant.

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