Traveling to Bonito, discover the main tips and discover the best tourist attractions in the region

when traveling to Beautiful (MS), you will be getting to know one of the main ecotourism destinations in the world. Forests, waterfalls, caves and springs form one of the most beautiful scenarios in Brazil, offering visitors a unique chance to enjoy exciting moments with nature and still have fun.

Before starting the adventure, however, it is important to pay attention to some tips that can make your tour even better. We developed, in partnership with São Jorge, tourism agency in Bonito which offers packages and tours in the region, a series of unmissable information for anyone planning a trip to the region.

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Bonito: when is the best time?

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A recurring question is about the best time to visit Bonito. One thing is certain: Bonito lives up to its name and enchants in any season of the year, however, it is possible to guarantee a better experience in certain months.

Between December and March, in summer, temperatures rise and rainfall increases, making waterfalls fuller and vegetation more exuberant. It is necessary to consider that the period is also the one that receives the most tourists and, consequently, the attractions are more popular.

In winter, from May to August, despite the milder temperatures, the waters of the rivers are more crystalline and perfect for the fluctuations, which are carried out with neoprene clothes to avoid the cold. During school holidays, attractions also receive a greater number of visitors.

Bonito: what to do in the city?

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Once in the city, it's time to know: what to do in Bonito? This can be a complicated task, especially for those who have only a few days in the city, as there are many attractions to discover and be enchanted by.

Among the main tours to do in Bonito is the Blue Lake Grotto, which can be combined with another attraction on the same day, as the visit only lasts a few hours. A very quiet trail gives access to the lake, which has an impressive blue water. The cave is also full of beauties such as stalactites and stalagmites.

Another tour that you cannot miss in Bonito is the Anhumas Abyss, but set aside a full day for him. Access is via a 72-meter high abseil, that is, it takes courage to face the descent. One thing is for sure: it is worth it, as you reach a lake of transparent water surrounded by a gigantic and untouched cave. It is possible to take a boat tour, floating and diving to be dazzled even more by the place.

THE Macaws Hole It is also an essential attraction for anyone visiting the region. 54 kilometers from Bonito, as it is further away, this attraction can be combined with another nearby one, such as the River of silver. There is a sinkhole, a depression in the ground that shelters several native macaws. Observing the animals, their colors and their life in their natural habitat are incredible moments that should be added to your itinerary.

There are several floating options to do and be enchanted by surreal landscapes even underwater, which yield great photos of Bonito. One of the most beautiful is the blue spring, which enchants tourists with several colorful fish and 7 meters of depth that allow to explore the place also with free diving.

Another place that is well known for floating in Bonito is the River of silver, which has incredible visibility due to its crystalline waters and ideal conditions for the observation of different species. already in natural aquarium in Bonito, the float is very calm, suitable for beginners, and its waters are so clean that they actually resemble an aquarium.

If you can't do without a good waterfall bath, the tip is the Waterfall Park, a complex that brings together seven beautiful falls, located approximately 17 kilometers from the city, which guarantee crystal clear baths and a unique contact with nature.

Bonito: how to book tours in the region?


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Did you know that Bonito is one of the most sustainable destinations in Brazil? More than offering beautiful places to tourists, the city is concerned with preserving them. Therefore, most attractions in Bonito have a daily visitation limit. Generally, before starting the tours, visitors are welcomed and instructed to enjoy the places responsibly. Everything is done in a very organized and safe way.

That's why it's no use trying to buy the tours on the spot: you must book them in advance with an agency that operates in the region. The prices of the attractions are tabulated and, in most cases, you can only access them with a voucher issued exclusively by one of the accredited agencies, as most places do not have a ticket office. It is also worth remembering that some attractions, such as the floating on the Rio da Prata and the visit to the Gruta do Lago Azul, are very popular.

Bonito: how to get around the city?

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In Bonito, the attractions are not concentrated in one place, they are spread over farms that surround the region and nearby cities. This means that you will have to make long journeys when doing the tours.

In this case, there are two options: rent a car in Campo Grande (the distance from Campo Grande to Bonito is 300 kilometers) or hire a transport service with agencies in the region. When renting a car, despite the flexibility and autonomy, it is necessary to have discipline in relation to the schedules of the attractions.

The second option, which is to hire a transport service in Bonito, is usually more comfortable and cheaper. Our tip for those who want to book tours in the city is the São Jorge agency, which also offers great hotels in Bonito. The company specializes in private services and bilingual guides that provide full-time support to tourists.

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