Known for selling utility products, Daiso stores offer items for camping and adventure at affordable prices.

if you live in Sao Paulo certainly know the Daiso Brazil, a famous Japanese chain that offers cute and practical varieties at very affordable prices. Entering a Daiso store is like being transported to a little piece of Japan, with such a variety of playful products with a modern oriental touch.

The good news is that, in front of those colorful shelves, the Daiso Brazil also offers a line of products for camping very cheap. They are simple accessories, but essential for those who are going to venture into nature, such as a pocket knife, folding chair, flashlight and thermal insulation.

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We separate some of these finds that we find in stores Daiso Brazil and that can save campers a lot on their next trip.

collapsible water gallon

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This accessory will become your best friend during your camping days. Compact, it transforms into a gallon capable of storing up to 5 liters of water, perfect for ensuring hydration during days in nature, without taking up too much space in your suitcase. The camping accessory, which costs R$ 24.99* at Daiso, also has a handy valve to release the water outlet. When it's time to leave, just shrink it and put it in your backpack. To accompany, there is also a very practical retractable cup model with carabiner to tie to the backpack for R$ 7.99*.

folding chair

Any good camper knows that folding chairs make all the difference when it comes to resting a little in front of the tent enjoying nature. The advantage is that they can be easily carried by a bag with a handle that comes with the product, and they are very practical when assembling. This camping product sells for R$ 39.99* at Daiso.

multipurpose knife

You know that cheap and more than necessary camping accessory? It's the knife. It's a huge help in many situations – and you can bet, you'll need it at some point. With its compact size, it can be easily transported and has many uses. The Daiso model costs only R$ 8.99* and comes with 6 functions: knife, corkscrew, bottle opener, screwdriver, can opener and Phillips screwdriver.

aluminum mug

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In addition to keeping the water fresh for longer, this aluminum mug comes with a hook that you can either attach to the roof of the tent or tie to your clothes during a hike. Did you get to the waterfall? Just take the mug, which costs R$8.99* at Daiso, and take the opportunity to quench your thirst, another cheap, different and practical camping product.

Headlamp (headlamp)

For those who venture into caves or trails at night, the headlamp is essential to efficiently illuminate the route, leaving your hands free. The adventure accessory, which costs R$ 9.99* at Daiso, replaces the hand-held flashlight and is attached to the head, making it easier to move around during nighttime activities. THE headlamp It is also important to signal your presence to automobiles in dark places and to avoid accidents.

cooling towel

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Hiking for hours on end under the intense sun can be very tiring, right? The refrigeration towel, a product that is very difficult to find here in Brazil, is a very innovative item. It works like this: when damp, the towel becomes cooler than the outside air, providing immediate relief while walking. This accessory helps keep your body at the ideal temperature, relieving the value and that feeling of discomfort. We found this essential product for long walks for R$ 7.99* at Daiso.

aluminum thermal bag

The thermal bag, in addition to being very useful and practical, is ideal for those who want to keep products safely stored and preserved. In outdoor activities, such as camping, the item can be very useful to preserve food for a longer time. At Daiso, a large aluminum cooler bag (39 x 30 x 14 cm) costs R$ 9.99*.

flashlight without battery

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Who never went through the perrengue of being in the dark because the flashlight battery ran out? At those times, hand-held flashlights can save the day. Just activate the "trigger" for a few minutes and that's it: you generate energy to light up any place. It even comes with a cord that can be tied to the roof of the tent. In addition, it is a more ecological product, as it does not require the use of batteries. At Daiso, this practical 2-LED camping accessory costs just R$ 8.99*.

aluminum thermal insulator

Cold, damp and uneven ground: you never know what you will find while camping. The aluminum thermal insulator helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent. Undoubtedly, this is another essential item for those who enjoy a little adventure with nature. This Daiso camping accessory measures 60 x 170 cm and costs R$9.99*.

compressed towel

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Have you ever heard of compressed towels? They are ideal products not only for camping but for any trip. Compact, they fit in your purse or even your pocket. To use, just put the towel in the water, it becomes an essential item that can be used in various situations. The 6-pack of large towels (23cm x 35cm) individually wrapped costs R$7.99* at Daiso.

So, did you like the cheap camping accessories that Daiso Brazil offers to save on adventure time? The products can be found in the 41 units of the network available in the capital of São Paulo, in ABC, in the countryside and now also in Curitiba.

* As these are imported products, there may be eventual changes in the values disclosed in this matter

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