Escape the obvious destinations and discover possibilities for amazing tours and very close to the city of light

Paris it is a universe of its own to be unveiled. THE city of light reserve attractions that require time to enjoy every bit of the city, every alley, every historic building and every garden.

And as if that wasn't charming enough, the city's surroundings reserve even more beauty, with perfect places to be contemplated on day trips.

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Escaping the obvious destinations for day trips like versailles, Disneyland Paris, Mount St. Michel or Loire Valley, there are very interesting places that are outside the mass tourism route.  

If you are planning a trip to Paris, you can't miss out on some charming – and lesser-known – possibilities that are just a few hours from the French capital and that reserve good doses of charm.

Go to Paris for the first time and want to take the opportunity to take day trips near the French capital? Some companies, like France among Friends, carry out several itineraries and have drivers who already know the region, in addition to the advantage of speaking Portuguese, everything to make the trip more comfortable and safe.

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round trips from Paris

Photo: Pixabay

There are only 38 kilometers that separate Paris from the charming Chantilly. The small town of just 12,000 inhabitants did not receive its name for nothing: it was there that the famous eponymous cream based on sour cream, so famous in pastry shops around the world, was born.

In addition to tasting the specialty in your homeland, you will be enchanted by the chatilly castle. The medieval building was erected in 1358, destroyed during the French Revolution and restored in 1882.  

THE Domaine de Chantilly, the complex where the castle is located, also houses a huge park and large stables, as well as a rich collection of paintings and a library with historical documents.


Photo: Pixabay

How about visiting a medieval town just 90 kilometers from the French capital? so it is provinces, known as the “city of walls”, due to the grandiose fortifications present in its surroundings.

Perfect for a round trip from Paris, the city was declared UNESCO World Heritage since 2001 due to the excellent degree of preservation of its architectural ensemble. Divided between Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa, a few hours of walking are enough to discover what the charming village has to offer.

Be sure to venture into the underground passages present in the city, which were once used for secret meetings of Freemasonry, a place surrounded by mystery.


round trips from Paris

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located approximately 60 kilometers southeast of Paris, fontainebleau is a city that enchants for its charming streets, restaurants and an imposing castle, the Château de Fontainebleau, the only one to be inhabited for seven consecutive centuries in France.

When visiting the sumptuous place, built over 700 years ago, it is possible to visit rooms that were formerly inhabited by famous monarchs and that still preserve the original furniture and decoration of the time. THE Fontainebleau Forest is the biggest of all France and also a tour option in the region for the more adventurous.


round trips from Paris

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You know that city so beautiful that it looks like it came out of a painting? giverny, 75 km from Paris, not only looks like it was the inspiration for many works by Claude Monet, an artist who lived in the region. In addition to painting his works, the artist also shaped the gardens of his residence, which were reproduced in many of his most famous impressionist paintings.

All this beauty can be seen in FClaude Monet foundation, one of the most visited spots in the region of Normandy. In addition to a visit to the house where the artist lived, it is impossible not to be enchanted by the beauties of the gardens, their colors, details and the feeling of peace they convey.


round trips from Paris

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

very close to Paris, approximately 10 km from the city of light, is Sceaux, a small French commune. Because of this ease of travel, the place is very visited by tourists who are staying in Paris and is a perfect destination for a day trip.

Among the attractions is the beautiful Park of Sceaux, designed by André Le Notre, the same architect who designed the famous Versailles and Tuilleries. There, a spectacle draws attention during spring: the Japanese cherry trees. At this time of year, they bloom and fill the park with color and beauty, a visit not to be missed.


round trips from Paris

Photo: Pixabay

The city, capital of the region of Champagne, it is just over half an hour by train from the French capital. Despite suffering the consequences of the Second World War, the city managed to preserve intact two of its most important patrimonies: the Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral, one of the most important Gothic cathedrals in France it's the Palace of Tau, where ancient kings were crowned.

After walking through the charming historic center of the city, be sure to toast with a good glass of champagne, as the city concentrates some of the main brands of the drink.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Just 90 km from Paris is another very charming destination to visit. chatres is a city that conserves many historical monuments, the main one being the Chartres Cathedral, declared World Heritage by UNESCO. For those who appreciate French perfumes, the city is part of the “Cosmectic Valley”, known as the region that holds the coolest cosmetics and perfume factories in the country.


round trips from Paris

Photo: Pixabay

Just over 200 kilometers from Paris it is Étretat, which despite being small in size, has one of the most stunning scenarios to see in a day trip departing from Paris. With landscapes on the edge of the English Channel, which separates the France gives England, the city is full of beautiful cliffs that adorn the region.

An unmissable activity in étreat is to walk the trails that lead to the rock formations sculpted by time. THE Gale beach is formed by small stones instead of sand and, surrounded by the cliffs, inspired artists such as Monet to create your beautiful works.


round trips from Paris

Photo: Pixabay

in the region of Normandy It is too Rouen, a charming little town an hour and a half away from Paris. Exuding art and culture, the city has a busy university life and charming streets with small houses in the Béchamel style.

From Gothic to imposing and beautiful Notre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral gains lighting that makes it more beautiful at night, ideal for photographic records. as beautiful as it is Gros-Horloge, an enormous clock from the 14th century, installed on top of a tower in one of the main streets of the city.


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