The deepest pool in the world, called “Deepspot” will be 45 meters deep and have a volume equivalent to that of eight semi-Olympic pools.

If you love swimming pools, especially the ones that allow for great dives, you will love the one that will be opened in the city of Mszczonow, Poland. That's because the pool, nicknamed "deepspot“, which means “deep place”, will be at least 45 meters deep, that is, it will earn the title of the deepest in the world.

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To get an idea of its depth, the structure will have 8 thousand cubic meters, which is equivalent to the volume of eight semi-Olympic swimming pools. Despite being built for professional divers, the project from Deepspot will also reserve a shallower space for beginners.

Another novelty is that even those who do not want to get wet can become a spectator of the depths of the pool from an underwater tunnel that is being built on site.

The project is quite innovative and, in addition to the more than a thousand tons of steel used to build the base, the pool will also have a kind of “blue hole”, which will lead to the deepest point.

The opening of Deepspot is scheduled for the second half of this year. As soon as it occurs, it will displace the current record holder, the “Y-40 Deep”, which is part of a resort in Italy and is 40 meters deep. 

Photo: Reproduction / Deepspot

But the conquest of the Poles will be short-lived: in 2020 the United Kingdom is due to inaugurate a new deepest swimming pool in the world, 50 meters deep, which will be called “Blue Abyss”. according to a article published on CNN, this pool, however, will function as a training facility for commercial athletes and astronauts.

Photo: Reproduction / Deepspot

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