If you are a confirmed chocoholic, you will love visiting these cities! Discover 8 destinations in Brazil that are perfect for chocolate lovers

If you can't go a day without tasting a chocolate and you also like to travel, we have good news: there are places in Brazil which are perfect destinations for chocoholics.

There are factories, stores and even cocoa plantations where it is possible to understand more about the production process of this much loved sweet. From the plantation to its arrival at the consumer, each step can be appreciated – and also tasted – by visitors.

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Several Brazilian cities stand out for the artisanal and industrial production of chocolate. And it's no wonder: Brazil is the 5th largest cocoa producer in the world. We have selected some places in Brazil that will surely make your life sweeter.

Penedo / RJ

Photo: Tonttulakki Chocolates

The only Finnish colony in Brazil, the charming boulder many attractions, including several factories and shops that offer the most varied types of chocolate. The mountain climate and low temperatures form the ideal setting for tasting fondues and delicious creamy hot chocolate. The prices and flavors are diverse, it is worth taking a walk to choose your favorite.

Campos do Jordão / SP

Photo: Boulevard Geneve

Campos do Jordão is one of the most famous cities in Brazil when it comes to chocolate. In addition to factories, “Brazilian Switzerland” also concentrates chocolatiers with different types, aromas and flavors of candy. Some of the most famous brands of chocolates are found in the city, which also promotes festivals in honor of the delicacy.

“The Chocolate Village” is a model of the city reproduced in…chocolate, of course. the famous franchise Cocoa Show also maintains its factory in Campos do Jordão. Although it is not possible to visit the production, the place has a small shop with exclusive souvenirs from the region.


Destinations in Brazil for chocolate lovers

Chocolate city in Brazil. Photo: Chocolate World

Gramado is such a chocoholic city that, in addition to several factories and stores, it even houses a chocolate theme park, the world of chocolate. The place brings together more than 200 handcrafted chocolate sculptures.

Places such as the White House, Mount Rushmore, the Eiffel Tower, Christ the Redeemer and the Statue of Liberty are some of the scenarios made of chocolate that make up the park. Can you imagine the aroma of this place? It is a true paradise for those who are addicted to this delight.

Vila Velha / ES

Chocolate city in Brazil. Photo: Guia Capixaba

Is at old village which is the factory of the traditional Garoto Chocolates. It is possible to schedule guided visits to the site to learn about the entire manufacturing process of iconic national chocolates. For those nostalgic, the tour has a special museum that relives the entire history of the brand. Of course, the tour also includes a delicious tasting.

Monte Verde / MG

Destinations in Brazil for chocolate lovers

Photo: Gressoney Chocolates

The charming and romantic city of Minas Gerais has many charms: one of them, without a doubt, is chocolate. There are factories and stores that offer an immense variety of sizes, formats, flavors and also values - from the cheapest to the most gourmet. When in doubt, it is worth trying them all to draw your own conclusions, but without forgetting the delicious hot chocolate to make everything even more cozy.


Chocolate city in Brazil. Photo: Pedro Moraes/GOVBA

Considered the capital of cocoa, there is no better place in Brazil for chocoholics who islets. There it is possible to walk along the Estrada do Chocolate, a path that leads to Uruçuca and which has more than 20 cocoa farms in the region. These places open their doors and lead the visitor to know the entire chocolate production process, from the plantations to its arrival at the consumer.


Photo: Disclosure

The city of Caçapava, in the Vale do Paraíba region, is home to the Nestlé chocolate factory. With doors open to visitors, the guided tour is carried out in small groups and presents the entire production process of the famous chocolates. Among explanations and curiosities, there are also the long-awaited tastings. At the end of the tour there is a Nestlé store with several products that can be purchased at a discount.

Combus / PA

Destinations in Brazil for chocolate lovers

Destinations in Brazil for chocolate lovers. Photo: Agência Belém

combu It's an island very close to Bethlehem and gained fame for the production of handcrafted 100% chocolates. There, everything is done in a very authentic way, with cocoa planted directly by small producers. Chocolate has become the second largest source of income for the population, behind only açaí.

The result is a product so tasty and unique that even the famous chef Alex Atala has incorporated the delicacy into the menu of his restaurants.

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