Fun, safety and lots of attractions: some Brazilian destinations are perfect for those over 60. Discover some options and get ready for the next trip!

For some time now, old age has been called “the best age”. And this change makes a lot of sense, since this is the period of life when people tend to take better advantage of opportunities, dedicate themselves to what they really like, rest and, of course, have fun.

In this sense, travel becomes a great option for those who want to enjoy the best of this stage of life. After all, who doesn't get excited about the idea of discovering new places, cultures, tasting new flavors and being dazzled by incredible landscapes? Of course, there is no ideal place or age to pack your bags and explore places out there. However, some destinations in Brazil are perfect for a trip at the best age, as they deliver safety, comfort, fun and unique activities. That's why we've put together a list of some of them that you should know about. 

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Tours for Seniors: A Great Reason to Travel

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Photo: Rosanetur

When we talk about trips for seniors, tours come up with a great format for tourists in this age group. This is because they already have a pre-defined schedule that allows the traveler to have more security and avoid worries such as hotel reservations, transfers, food, among other details.  

With tours for seniors, senior tourists have the entire itinerary already agreed, with the sole objective of having fun and enjoying the amazing attractions and tours around Brazil. In addition, tours aimed at a more mature audience also provide for the integration of guests, as many travel alone, making it a great opportunity to make new friends. There are, in Brazil, agencies specialized in offering this type of service, as is the case of Rosanetur, a company that is a reference in excursions for this age group. 

Check out some reasons to participate in a tour focused on seniors:

  • Pre-defined itineraries and tours;
  • Already scheduled hotel and restaurant reservations;
  • Transfers for already arranged tours;
  • Accredited guides who accompany, explain and entertain tourists;
  • Opportunity to make new friends;
  • Safety and comfort, as hotels and attractions have easy access and specific amenities;

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Lençóis Maranhenses – MA

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Photo: Rosanetur

Any photo or video of Lencois Maranhenses National Park cannot live up to what it is like to see the scenery of white dunes and blue lagoons appearing on the horizon. Despite looking like a destination for the young, the biggest dune field in Brazil is a perfect destination for those over 60. That's because there is no age to be dazzled by the various lagoons of crystal clear water, which acquire golden tones at sunset. Adapted 4×4 vehicles take visitors safely to the most paradisiacal scenarios in this region of Maranhão. 

Barreirinhas, the main gateway, has a handicraft fair and good local cuisine. It is also possible to take the opportunity to get to know the historic São Luís and explore its mansions with Portuguese architecture, from the 18th and 19th centuries.  

Lawn - RS

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Photo: Rosanetur

One of the most desired tourist destinations in Brazil, Lawn It is another great option in the city for those who want to take a tour in the elderly. Safe, charming and with a special charm, the city of Serra Gaúcha offers a bucolic and cozy look, with attractions capable of pleasing all types of travelers. 

In addition to several theme and fun parks, the city also offers excellent cuisine, a legacy of its Italian and German colonization. Its neighbor Canela also offers great options for walks in the midst of nature and enchanting scenery. However, it is in December, during Christmas, that the region gains a special charm, where its streets are filled with lights and decorations, in addition to having a special program dedicated to these celebrations. This is yet another perfect destination to enjoy for seniors.

Monte Verde – MG

Photo: Disclosure

Located in Serra da Mantiqueira, in the south of the State of Minas Gerais, green Hill will make you feel like you are in a little piece of Europe in Brazil. Surrounded by mountains, this small district of the city of Camanducaia offers charming cuisine, nature walks and excellent cuisine. Enjoying the chill of the region is just an invitation to enjoy the city, which asks for a lit fireplace accompanied by a hot chocolate. 

During the day, it is worth planning the various options of outdoor entertainment or taking the opportunity to visit places such as the orchid garden, the knitwear store, chocolate factories and cachaçarias. At Christmas, the city also gains a special charm, receiving various decorations, lights and special attractions. 

European Valley - SC

Photo: Rosanetur

THE European Valley, as the name implies, is a trip to another continent without leaving Brazil. The region, located in the Itajaí Valley, in Santa Catarina, still preserves much of the cultural heritage left by its German, Italian and Austrian settlers. It is possible to notice many traditions preserved to the present day, such as dialects still used by some residents, in the charming architecture and, of course, the abundant gastronomy. 

It is in the European Valley that the traditional Oktoberfest is celebrated in Blumenau, a typical festival that attracts thousands of tourists. In the incredible Pomerode, considered the most German city in Brazil, you can see several half-timbered houses, in addition to enjoying the Pomerana party, held in January and the city's Gastronomic Festival, which takes place in July. 

This Brazilian treasure is also a perfect destination for traveling at an older age, as it is also famous for offering many activities in the midst of nature, such as hiking in the mountains. For those who want to renew their faith, the region offers several Catholic sanctuaries, such as churches and caves. 

Capitol - MG

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Photo: Rosanetur

Known as the “sea” of Minas, Lake Furnas, in the city of Capitol, has gained prominence in recent years for delivering one of the most spectacular scenarios in Brazil. The huge artificial lake with greenish waters, surrounded by imposing canyons and waterfalls, invites for a refreshing bath or boat rides that allow you to explore all its beauty.

The city also offers other attractions, such as trails, hikes, natural pools and viewpoints. It is also worth taking the opportunity to visit the Serra da Canastra National Park, where the source of the São Francisco River is. The region is also famous for producing one of the best and tastiest cheeses in Brazil.

Serra Catarinense – SC

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Photo: Rosanetur

For those who love nature at its most imposing, the Serra Santa Catarina could be a great request. The region, which is home to 17 municipalities, is just over two hours from the state's coast. There, exuberant nature, formed by forests full of araucaria trees, valleys, canyons and other incredible scenarios, reigns. During the winter, cities like Urubici and São Joaquim, located over 1800 meters high, are some of the few places in Brazil that receive frost and fog, transforming the landscape. 

It is in this region that you can find some of the most beautiful panoramic landscapes in Brazil, such as Serra do Rio do Rastro, a road full of winding curves skirting mountains, Serra do Corvo Branco and Morro da Igreja, one of the highest points in the country. . On clear days, the privileged views of these places gain even greater prominence, making it possible to see even the coast. 

About Rosanetur

Destinations in Brazil perfect for a trip in the best age

Photo: Rosanetur

Specialized in itineraries for seniors, Rosanetur is a family-owned operator already well established in the tourist segment. The company offers several options for tours from Rio de Janeiro for the most varied national destinations, always designed with the well-being, fun and safety of tourists in mind. 

From hotels equipped with elevators to tours that allow access for people with reduced mobility, everything is designed to offer comfort and safety to the public over 60 years of age. The agency also offers exclusive services, such as transfer to the place of departure, accredited guides and health insurance for all customers. In addition, it also provides fun activities and always lively tours, which allow guests to integrate. 

Rosanetur Tours and Trips
Phones: (21) 2486-8031 | (21) 3464-9060
Whatsapp: (21) 96471-3330

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