THE caribbean It is one of the dream vacation destinations: islands and paradisiacal beaches, white sand, blue sea and lots of sun. If you want fun and excitement or tranquility and moments of relaxation, or even want to have a little of all the experiences, the region is certainly the best option.

In this way, to help you in the mission of choosing the best trip among the countless options of exuberant places, Guia Viajar Melhor has made a list of 40 must-see caribbean destinations:

Amazing destinations to visit in the Caribbean

Havana (Cuba)


Photo: Pedro Szekely / Flickr

The capital of Cuba is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. In fact, it represents well the entire history and culture of the country. Havana is a vibrant city, which goes beyond attractions in Habana Vieja (an ancient region with around 900 historic buildings). The nightlife is very busy, especially in the famous jazz houses. In addition, the Cuban people are very receptive, ensuring a pleasant stay.

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Varadero (Cuba)


Photo: Gabriel Rodriguez / Flickr

A paradise of warm and blue waters, Varadero is approximately 2 hours from Havana and offers tourists a great hotel network. In other words, from simple hotels to luxury resorts. In addition to pleasing those who like to enjoy a beautiful beach, the place is one of the ideal destinations in the Caribbean also for those who practice sports by the sea.

Montego Bay (Jamaica)


Photo: Mel Stoutsenberger / Flickr

Still little frequented by Brazilian tourists, Jamaica certainly has fascinating beaches and places with many attractions. The town of Montego Bay, located northwest of Kingston, is known as the tourist capital of Jamaica, with a turquoise sea and luxurious hotels. For music lovers, the tip is to arrive in the city in mid-July, when the Reggae Sumfest, the largest reggae festival in the world, takes place. Furthermore, the country is also known for harboring some of the most beautiful beaches in the caribbean.

Nassau (Bahamas)


Photo: Bodyalive NJ / Flickr

considered one of the best islands in the caribbean, the capital of the Bahamas is undeniably the main destination for those who want to discover the country. With beaches for all tastes and excellent hotel infrastructure, the city receives many tourists who even arrive on cruise ships. It is one of the most expensive destinations in the Caribbean, with beautiful beaches, a tourist center, resorts and a very lively nightlife.

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)


Photo: Ben Kucinski / Flickr

The famous landmark of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is made up of miles of white sand beaches, palm trees and crystal clear waters. The resorts are certainly an attraction on their own, with several leisure options for visitors, who also have trips to paradisiacal places. Like, for example, the Hoyo Azul cave. Another interesting experience is to taste the Mama Juana drink, typical in Punta Cana.

Andros (Bahamas)


Photo: Ky0n Cheng / Flickr

An archipelago formed by small atolls and three islands is the perfect setting not only for nature lovers, but also for tourists looking for quieter and more secluded places. Andros has lush flora and fauna, deserted beaches, freshwater lagoons and breathtaking landscapes.  

Bimini (Bahamas)


Photo: Disclosure

Located close to Miami (about 20 minutes by plane or 2 hours by ferry), Bimini is an ideal island for those who want to explore a charming and peaceful region. Above all, the northern part of the island is where tourists are concentrated, who take the opportunity to relax on the beaches or go diving.

Abaco Islands (Bahamas)


Photo: Disclosure

With almost desert landscapes, the Abaco Islands, located in the north of the Bahamas, are divided into two parts: Large Abaco and Small Abaco. In addition to beaches with traditional Caribbean features, there are charming villages of colorful houses that were once settlements of British loyalists. Like Hope Town, located on the island of Elbow Cay, which even houses a famous red and white striped lighthouse.

Exumas (Bahamas)


Photo: Pxhere

A group of islands in the Bahamas, Exumas is surprisingly an exotic place, with few tourists and a simpler hotel structure. One of the most interesting attractions is taking a tour of the islets, Exuma Cays, visiting places like Pig Beach, a beach with swimming pigs.

Margarita Island (Venezuela)


Photo: Don Perucho / Flickr

Located northeast of Caracas, Isla Margarita is primarily one of the cheapest destinations in the caribbean and has varied leisure options that attract all types of tourists. The beaches are the main attraction of the island, such as Playa Parguito, a stronghold for surfers and Playa de El Agua, the most popular in the area. The city of Porlamar is one of the main tourist destinations in Venezuela, known for being the commercial center of the region.

San Juan (Puerto Rico)


Photo: themateos / Flickr

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is a city that certainly combines history and a fascinating coastline. The streets of Old San Juan, historic district, conserve colorful houses of old architecture and the castles San Felipe del Moro and San Cristobal. For beach lovers, there are options for all tastes, such as the El Escambron resort, great for swimming and diving, and the trendy Condado Beach.

Cancun (Mexico)


Photo: Dronepicr / Wikimedia Commons

Due to its excellent tourist infrastructure, Cancún is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. In fact, there are many options to enjoy the city, from beautiful beaches to cave tours and nature reserves. Finally, take advantage of the location to visit the archaeological site of Chichen Itzá, one of the seven wonders of humanity.

Cozumel (Mexico)


Photo: Mariamichelle / Pixabay

An island famous mainly among divers, Cozumel is approximately 80 kilometers from Cancun, Mexico. Destiny is considered one of the best islands to visit in the caribbean, and one of the stops of the main Caribbean cruises, receiving many tourists throughout the year. In addition to paradisiacal beaches, the place has many leisure options. Thus, one of the must-see tours is to go to Chankanaab Park, in the south of the island, where it is possible to observe corals and swim with dolphins.

Tulum (Mexico)


Photo: Walkerssk / Pixabay

Known mainly for housing the Tulum Archaeological Site with the famous Mayan ruins, the city is 133 kilometers from Cancún and welcomes tourists all year round. They go in search not only of the Mayan history and culture, but also of its calm, rustic beaches, with white sand and blue sea. In addition, the city has cenotes – natural pools in cave-like structures –, which impress with their beauty and crystalline waters.

San Blas Archipelago (Panama)


Photo: Marc Veraart / Flickr

Set of 365 islands located east of the Panama Canal, San Blás is a true isolated paradise in the caribbean. The beauty is exuberant in its several islands of white sand and colored waters in various shades of blue and green. However, due to the difficulty of access, it is still a little explored place, perfect for those who like exotic destinations and for those who do not care about comfort, since there is no hotel structure and accommodation is made in straw huts. .

Oranjestad (Aruba)


Photo: Christian Cordova / Flickr

Capital of Aruba, Oranjestad is home to the largest concentration of hotels and resorts on the island. The city is very pleasant for walks, with colorful buildings, influence of Dutch architecture, in addition to some windmills. Undoubtedly, one of most popular and must-see destinations in the Caribbean.

Cayo Coco (Cuba)


Photo: BarbeeAnne / Pixabay

A tropical paradise in central Cuba, Cayo Coco is an island with luxury hotels and resorts. With many flamingos and mangroves, the place is sought after mainly for its beaches with clear waters, great for snorkeling. Playa Las Coloradas, surrounded by greenery and Playa de Los Flamencos are some of the most beautiful in the region.

Willemstad (Curacao)


Photo: Disclosure

One of the most colorful cities in the caribbean, Willemstad, capital of the island of Curaçao, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Furthermore, it is a destination rich in its architectural and cultural heritage, with a strong influence from the Dutch colonization.  

Saona Island (Dominican Republic)


Photo: Daniel Nicolae / Flickr

With tours departing from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, the visit to Sanoa Island usually takes a full day. Of splendorous beauty with the combination of sand and sea, it is an indispensable place to visit when exploring the region.

Saint John (US Virgin Islands)


Photo: Navin75 / Flickr

Beaches and diving spots are the main attractions of Saint John, surprisingly the smallest of the three main islands in the US Virgin Islands region. Trunk Bay is the most famous beach among bathers and divers, with an intense presence of corals and marine life.

Smith Bay (US Virgin Islands)


Photo: Gruepig / Wikimedia Commons

On the island of Saint Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands region, is Smith Bay beach. Also known as Lindqvist Beach, it is very quiet and has an exuberant nature. Also, sea turtles can be easily seen in the sea.

San Andres (Colombia)

Photo: Joao Carlos Medau / Flickr

Famous for having the “sea of seven colors”, San Andres, Colombia, has become well known by Brazilians in recent years. With quieter environments on one side of the island and more trendy on the other, the destination pleases all types of tourists in search of incredible beaches. In fact, another attraction of the place is the price, since, unlike other Caribbean paradises, traveling to San Andres is a little more affordable.

Los Roques (Venezuela)

Photo: Rodrigo Accurcio / Flickr

An archipelago with paradisiacal places, Los Roques is located 170 kilometers from Caracas, Venezuela. With beautiful greenish waters, the beaches of the islands are mainly sought after by young people and couples. Certainly, there are several islands that offer good infrastructure to tourists and are suitable for bathing and sports such as diving and kitesurfing.

Marigot Bay (Saint Lucia)

Photo: Joao Carlos Medau / Flickr

Located on the west coast of the island of Santa Lucia in the Lesser Antilles, Marigot Bay is perhaps probably one of the most beautiful bays in the world. caribbean. In addition, the city is also home to the island's main marina. It is a destination with infrastructure of hotels and resorts.

Long Bay Beach (Turks and Caicos Islands)

Photo: Disclosure

One of the highlights of Providenciales Island, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, is Long Bay Beach, the main point of kiteboarders. With 4.8 kilometers long and waters in an incredible shade of turquoise blue, the beach offers complete infrastructure to tourists.

Grace Bay (Turks and Caicos Islands)

Photo: RoadTripWarrior / Wikimedia Commons

The most famous beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Grace Bay, as well as Long Bay, is also on Providenciales Island. After all, considered one of the best destinations in the caribbean per various travel sites, Grace Bay has white sand and has no rocks or seaweed. In fact, nearly all of Providenciales' major resorts are on this coast, and much of the water sports activity takes place in the area.

Maudays Bay (Anguilla)

Photo: tiarescott / Wikimedia Commons

Fine and soft sand, sea with various shades of blue and a climate of total tranquility is the setting of Maundays Bay, beach on the British island of Anguilla. In addition to a breathtaking landscape, the place also offers a panoramic view of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten.

Canouan (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Photo: Disclosure

A destination still little explored, Canouan is a small island that belongs to the territory of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The island is protected by a barrier reef and has extensive vegetation. Even without as many hosting options as in others Caribbean destinations, tourists rely on luxurious resorts in the region.

Cayo Espanto (Belize)

Photo: via

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and coral reefs, Cayo Espanto is a private island that is home to a luxury resort. With an incredible landscape, the island has been frequented by several celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio, for example.

Devil's Bay National Park (British Virgin Islands)

Photo: Firdaushaque / Wikimedia Commons

Located on Virgin Gorda Island, the second most popular of the British Isles, Devil's Bay National Park is formed by a beautiful beach, perfect for diving. In addition, less than 15 minutes away on foot, the tourist finds The Baths, another natural attraction that features a collection of massive granite stones.

Sugar Beach (St Lucia)

Photo: Disclosure

Imagine diving into the sea caribbean amidst the mountain landscape: this is the scenario of Sugar Beach, a beach that is on the Anse des Pitons. The two Piton Mountains (volcanic peaks) surrounded by the sea occupy an area of almost 30 square kilometers and are considered above all as a World Heritage Site by Unesco..

Petit St Vincent (St Vincent and the Grenadines)

Photo: Firdaushaque / Wikimedia Commons

Private island with a luxury resort, Petit St Vincent, in the region of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, has hills, white sand and transparent sea, in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Caribbean. Finally, the resort offers privacy and luxury with leisure options amidst natural beauties.

Parrot Cay (Turks and Caicos)

Photo: Disclosure

Located between Providenciales and North Caicos, Parrot Cay is a private island home to a resort and exclusive home rentals. In other words, with a beautiful beach, lagoons and a forest, Parrot Cay is the destination for those who want privacy in a resort with several attractions and spectacular nature.

Maracas Bay (Trinidad and Tobago)

Photo: John Oseid

Very popular with both locals and tourists, Maracas Bay is located in the north of the island of Trinidad, in Trinidad and Tobago. The beach is in a mountainous region, providing not only a calm sea, but also beautiful landscapes.

Pigeon Point (Trinidad and Tobago)

Photo: Kp93 / Wikimedia Commons

considered one of the best beaches in kaibe, Pigeon Point is perfect for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling. However, as it is in a private area, an entrance fee is charged.

Miami (USA)

Photo: erikccooper / Flickr

Considered a shopper's paradise, Miami, Florida is a destination that is also known for its trendy beaches, museums and historic buildings. In fact, the American city is well frequented by Brazilians and tourists from all over the world looking for fun, shopping and excitement.

Seven Mile Beach (Cayman Islands)

Photo: Pete Markham / Flickr

The typical Caribbean setting of white sand and turquoise sea is found on Seven Mile Beach on the west coast of Grand Cayman. Bars, restaurants and the Royal Palms resort are just outside the lively beach.

George Town (Cayman Islands)

Photo: David Reber / Flickr

City that serves as the capital of the Cayman Islands, George Town is considered the commercial center of the region. This is where the duty free stores are, mainly for drinks, perfumes and jewelry. Among the tourist attractions are underwater tours in the harbor of George Town, art galleries and a museum.

Carlisle Beach (Antigua)

Photo: Disclosure

Located in Saint Mary Parish on the southern coast of Antigua, Carlisle Beach has a tranquil climate and is excellent for snorkeling, where you can find a wide variety of tropical fish.

Bequia (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)

Photo: Disclosure

The second largest island in the Grenadines, Bequia retains a simple, rustic atmosphere and British-influenced buildings. It is one of the calm destinations in the Caribbean, without a lot of traffic, great for relaxing on fine sandy beaches, snorkeling in the island's reefs and taking a boat trip to the island of Saint Vincent or a day trip to Tobago Cays, one of the most important diving spots in the Caribbean.

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