Destinations to visit in Mato Grosso: with a wide natural diversity and excellent structure, tourism in Mato Grosso is an excellent option for those who love ecotourism and want to escape the most popular routes.

Want to know what the tourism in Mato Grosso reserve you? Diversity, great structure of accommodation and services and, of course, attractions in extreme contact with nature. And it is not for less, the state that concentrates three biomes – Pantanal, Cerrado and Amazon – is an excellent option for those who love ecotourism and adventure tourism.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of 10 destinations to fall in love with Mato Grosso and want to visit it often. And, for those who think that the state's attractions are limited to the famous Chapada dos Guimaraes, the Pantanal and the nobles, it is worth checking out what other amazing places you can visit in this part of the Midwest of Brazil

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Destinations to fall in love with Mato Grosso

The rivers, waterfalls, caves, rocky valleys, viewpoints and majestic peaks are among the main natural attractions of Mato Grosso. And, in each of them, you can also come across countless species of animals and plants. 

If all this natural diversity were not enough, the state also has well-structured cities, with an excellent offer of services and several cultural tours. Therefore, there is no shortage of options for what to do when it comes to tourism in Mato Grosso. Check it out below.


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Photo: Cuiabá City Hall

Despite not being among the main tourist destinations, cuiabá is an excellent choice of destination in Mato Grosso. The state capital is full of museums, centuries-old churches and buildings from the colonial period that form a beautiful historic center.

Tree-lined and well-planned, the city has several green areas, great for outdoor walks. In addition, it is well served by restaurants that serve the best of international and national cuisine and bars that guarantee the excitement for those who enjoy the night. Finally, the hotel chain in Cuiabá is one of the most complete, since the city is very popular for business tourism. 

Chapada dos Guimaraes

chaopada dos guimarães

Photo: Shostakovis / Wikimedia Commons

Between the most popular destinations in Mato Grosso, The Chapada dos Guimaraes It is an impressive region, which holds incredible scenery in the midst of exuberant nature. Located 67 km from Cuiabá, this part of the cerrado is full of waterfalls, rivers, caves and rock formations that seem to have been carved by hand.

There is a lot to do in Chapada dos Guimarães, between bathing and floating in crystalline waters, visiting huge caves, walking trails through preserved vegetation and observing breathtaking landscapes from its various viewpoints.

Most attractions are located on the Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, but the surroundings also have interesting places to visit. Among the highlights of this region are the Véu da Noiva Waterfall, the Crista de Galo, the São Jerônimo Hill, the Kiogo Brado Cave, the Aroe Jari Cave, the Blue Lagoon and the Mirante do Centro Geodesico.


places to visit in mato grosso

Photo: Renata Menezes Severiano / Wikimedia Commons

one of the best known tourist destinations in Mato Grosso, the city of Nobres has several attractions similar to the famous Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, but with much more affordable prices. Among them are crystal clear rivers, caves and waterfalls.

nobles It is a destination for those looking for extreme contact with nature and the main activities to do there are floating in transparent waters and watching many fish, visiting caves and waterfalls that are great for refreshing baths and walking among the preserved vegetation, where you can find monkeys and macaws.

With a typical interior city air and simpler structures than Bonito, Nobres offers a lot of coziness and unmissable attractions, such as the Enchanted Aquarium, the Serra Azul Waterfall, the Lagoa das Araras, the Triste River and the Duto do Quebó Cave.


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Photo: Filipefrazao / Wikimedia Commons

One of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, the Pantanal is one of the destinations to fall in love with Mato Grosso. Perfect setting for ecotourism lovers, the largest floodplain in the world has beautiful landscapes and thousands of species of animals and plants.

100 km away from the capital Cuiabá, the part of the Pantanal that is in Mato Grosso offers several options for walking tours, with horses, jeeps or boats. In them it is possible to find alligators, herons, hawks, anteaters and jaguars, in addition to observing several species of birds. With excellent infrastructure to receive tourists, the Pantanal has a complete hotel network and restaurants that serve the best of regional cuisine.

Araguaia Valley

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Photo: tripempauta

The Araguaia Valley is one of the main tourist attractions in Mato Grosso. Located on the border with Goiás, this region is privileged by waterfalls, caves and freshwater beaches that form on sandbanks along the river – especially in the dry season. 

Formed by 34 cities, the Araguaia Valley is home to other tourist attractions in the state, such as Serra do Roncador and Serra Azul. In addition, it conserves several indigenous villages and is a great option for those who want to delve into the culture of traditional populations.


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Photo: MTUR

Cáceres is known as a destination for those who practice sport fishing. Bathed by the Paraguai, Cabaçal and Jauru rivers, the city has an abundance of fish, such as pacu and dourado.

However, its attractions do not stop there. Cáceres is home to several species of animals and is a great destination for ecological tourism. In addition, it has archaeological sites that yield great historical tours. Inside the city, it is worth visiting Praça Barão do Rio Branco and São Luiz Cathedral.


Mato Grosso

Photo: Disclosure

Anyone who thinks that the Amazon is limited to the northern region of the country is wrong, as a large portion of the fantastic forest is in Mato Grosso and is the ideal destination for those who love ecotourism and adventure tourism.

To get to know the Amazon in Mato Grosso, the tip is to stay in Alta Floresta, in the north of the state. In addition to having several options for hotels and inns, the city is home to the Cristalino State Park, an incredible place that is home to 60% of Brazilian bird species. 

Serra do Roncador

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Photo: Edevilson / Wikimedia Commons

Another destination to fall in love with Mato Grosso, Serra do Roncador is a stunning place, which offers beautiful landscapes and lots of contact with nature. It is 800 km long and its peaks can reach 700 meters in altitude. The name of the mountain was given due to the “snoring” sound that the wind produces when passing through the rocks of the hills.

Serra do Roncador starts in Vale dos Sonhos, Mato Grosso, and extends to Pará. One of the main tourist attractions in the region is the Dedo de Deus, a rock formation with several waterfalls, caves and viewpoints.

eastern spring

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Photo: via museumcerrado

Little known among ecotourism destinations in Brazil, the city of Primavera do Leste holds an impressive place that makes it an unmissable destination in Mato Grosso. Located 234 km from the capital Cuiabá, the region has a lagoon with crystal clear water that is great for diving: Lagoa Encantada, also known as Lagoa da Lua.

Other tourist attractions in Primavera do Leste are the Waterfall of Furnas, the Rio das Mortes, the Rio Sapé, the Rio Várzea Grande, the Rio Combuco, the Rio Café and the Rio dos Perdidos.

Campo Novo do Parecis


Destinations to visit in Mato Grosso. Photo: Disclosure

Campo Novo do Parecis is a destination for those who enjoy ecotourism and adventure tourism. With many natural beauties, the city is surrounded by waterfalls, rivers and rock formations that create impressive scenery, such as the Stone City.

Another particularity of this city is that a third of its territory is made up of indigenous lands and, among the tours to do in Campo Novo do Parecis, it is worth visiting some of its villages.

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