With wonderful beaches, monuments full of history and one of the best known carnivals in the world, the Capital of Bahia is an amazing destination, full of material and cultural riches. 

Salvador is a city with remarkable religious manifestations, examples of which are the traditional festivals of Iemanjá, a religious celebration in honor of the orixá that took place on his day, February 2, and the washing of the Bonfim staircase, which mobilizes thousands of devotees, which always precedes on the second Sunday after Three Kings Day, in the month of January.

The city has a historical weight with its churches, colonial buildings and important museums in the country. You will be enchanted every day a new discovery. As if that weren't enough, Salvador is also famous for its wonderful cuisine that has strong indigenous, Portuguese and African influences.

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THE Salvador city has an excellent hotel infrastructure and interesting attractions that cannot be left out of your itinerary. If you are planning to visit the destination, check out our tips and make the most of your stay in the region!

Different places to go out in Salvador


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Let's get away from the obvious because there are many other options besides the classic places to visit in Salvador. The incredible Terraço Glauber Rocha is one of them.

The space houses a cafeteria, cinema (by Espaço Itaú), bookstore (LDM) and an imposing terrace with one of the most beautiful views of the Bahian capital.

Porto dos Livros with its special view could not be left out of our travel tips. different attractions to discover in Salvador. Music, poetry, theater and various artistic expressions are mixed in Porto. With its large windows overlooking Porto da Barra, the space offers more than 15,000 books, magazines, vinyl records, CDs and DVDs. The vast cultural program of the place also has a soiree on Sundays.

Visiting Salvador and not eating acarajé on the board of some famous Bahian woman is a crime, just as it is unacceptable to visit the Bonfim Church and not tie a ribbon to your arm, make three knots and make three requests. The most famous acarajés in the city are close to the main postcards of Salvador, such as Acarajé da Cira, in Itapuã, and Acarajé da Regina, located in Largo de Santano, in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood.

Also visit Ponta de Humaitá, a place that offers a beautiful view of the Bay of All Saints, and also houses the Monte Serrat Fort, considered one of the most exquisite military works of the colonial period in Brazil. Take advantage of the attraction's privileged location and enjoy an unforgettable sunset in the lower city of Salvador.

And how special it is to visit the Casa de Jorge Amado in Rio Vermelho and discover the place that inspired this great author. It is a familiar place, to go with time and be able to fully appreciate the life of our dear Jorge Amado, Casa is an incredible place that deserves to be explored.

out of the circuit different attractions to discover in Salvador, is the basic and unmissable program: visit the Mercado Modelo and go up the Elevador Lacerda. The tour can end with a nice walk through the colorful streets of “Pelô”, combined with a visit to the Casa de Jorge Amado and the UFBA Afro-Brazilian Museum.

Different restaurants to discover in Salvador

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The Pelô Bistrô Restaurant, located at the Hotel Casa do Amarelindo, has exquisite cuisine with a mix of French and Bahian delights. Everything is impeccable there, apart from the menu, there is the tropical garden with a stunning sunset that calls for a good drink at the panoramic bar at the end of the day.

Casa di Vina Restaurant was the place where Vinicius de Moraes and Gessy Gesse lived their love story. A corner of poetry and passion certainly has an inviting cuisine. Mediterranean and Bahian food with dishes prepared by Gessy Gesse itself fill the eyes and conquer the palates.

And if you are a wine lover, be sure to visit the Alfredo Restaurant with its menu of more than 50 wine labels at your disposal. The restaurant's menu is sophisticated, its original creations are top-notch with options for pastas, risottos and meats, all in an elegant atmosphere that makes the restaurant one of the best choices.

Went to visit Shopping Salvador and got hungry, but this time you don't want fast food and are looking for a cozy atmosphere to enjoy good food with a drink, so the ideal place is Camarada Camarão. The menu is vast, the delights are numerous and its prices are affordable, recommended by those in the know.

Ristorante Di Lucca has two units in Salvador that offer artisanal pasta and different types of sauces, it is usually always full at lunch time, so it is interesting to arrive a little earlier to guarantee a place. The highlight is the parmigiana that is successful there.

What to do at night in Salvador

different places in salvador

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If you are looking for nightlife and bars in Salvador, Rio Vermelho is your place. With its many bars, restaurants, clubs and acarajé stalls, the neighborhood is considered the most bohemian in the Bahian capital. Take the opportunity to taste typical foods from Bahia, such as acarajé, vatapá and shrimp bobó.

The neighborhood of Santo Antônio Além do Carmo, located near Pelourinho, is famous for being a stronghold for artists and for housing many establishments and cultural spaces. In some bars you will have an incredible view of the Baía de Todos os Santos and Cidade Baixa, in the region you can also find atelier and art exhibitions. A must for anyone who wants to enjoy the night with lots of fun and culture.

The Museum of Modern Art of Bahia (MAM-BA), at Solar do Unhão is known for the beautiful view of Salvador and for hosting one of the coolest cultural events in the city, Jam at MAM, a meeting of local musicians who play improvised. every Saturday, from 6pm, in the museum parking lot.

Now if your idea is to party, dance and enjoy a lot, the ideal place is the Pra Begin Music Bar, one of the most traditional bars in Salvador's nightlife. With a varied program, the house pleases all musical tastes with country music, samba, pop and axé shows. And if you get hungry at Pra Begin you can taste the traditional filezinho with fries among other options on the menu.

If your taste is more electronic then Amsterdam Rio Vermelho is waiting for you, the house is strong in the electronic scene but also includes funk and reggaeton programming for you to dance a lot. On Thursdays the party is open bar, enjoy in moderation.

There will be no shortage of places to go out and options to do in Salvador, make your list, plan ahead and make the most of your trip.

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